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  1. Really excited about this project. The amount of work is amazing and the fact he had to start all over again two times is impressive. Seems he is trying to replicate the bandai version. Hope he sells the files at a reasonable price or provides them for free like the optimus he previously made. However seems we will have to wait, ┬┐2022 release perhaps?
  2. Hi, after knowing it will have english text I'm definitively grabbing one. Amiami seems the best place to grab one so fat, is there any other good option?. Also, are any delays expected with shipping as the release date falls in the christmas season?
  3. Maybe I am the only one thinking this but, first thing that came to my mind when seeing the head was the bird human from M0. Also, the sensors and the overall shape seem quite alien to me. Maybe it's a wild thought but to me seems like some sort of protoculture aircraft. Would make sense as Delta has a lot of elements of the protoculture compared to F and Seven.
  4. Ordered mine yesterday , will see if the claims that half of it are just a rip off of the 25 book are true.
  5. The translation was better than expected, the problem with japanese seems to be the gamatic. Beeing mostly descriptive books you can get I woud say 90% of the content. However I tried to translate other stuff like interviews in the gundam thunderbolt books and could not understand anything. Regading the books themselves, the amount of interesting stuff is impressive. I hope someone scans the vf-31 book one of these days so we can get a translation.
  6. Yeah, also a good tip is translating the pages individually, bulk translating is quite unreliable. Also there are some plugins that allow you to merge all the pages into a single doc in order to have a nice pdf.
  7. I recently found a good way to translate these books if anyone is interested. If you scan your book yourself or find the PDF version online, google drive allows you to extract the text and translate it quite easily. The result is not perfect, but you get a general idea of the contents. So far I've been able to translate the vf-19, v-0 and vf 25 master files and they are fantastic, specially the small stories they throw in like the spica incident, the final battle of the sv-51 or the first contact with the vjara.
  8. Been cheking mandarake and can't semm to find it in stock.
  9. What is your source for the original kawamori pitch? Would like to know more.
  10. Just built my 262 a month ago, compared to the other macross bandai kits, it's definetly sturdier than the 31 and 25. So far I haven't experienced the same problems I had with the 31.
  11. I found it Pretty cool, animation is a bit lackluster, however more effort seems to have been put into this one than the other clips for the concerts. The plus OST is as wonderful as ever and some vakyrie porn is welcome from time to time, overall, the grittier tone reminded me of Zero. The best part is the photography, the shots of the f22 with the itano circus, the small t90 in comparison to the deltoids, the remake of the SDF opening shots, all are amazing. It's anachronistic as hell but it is not the first macross production with conflicting canon XD. However, with the characte
  12. Hi, in the last podcast when you guys are discussing about the eve of war short, something was said along the lines of Itano ┬┐Criticizing? the franchise in previous interviews. I remember that in another episode Gwyn was comenting con the Plus blu ray and noted how Itano was constantly cursing and complaining. Is Itano actually critic with the franchise or is it just a misunderstanding on my part? Thanks for keeping up with the good work guys. I hope I can sometige get my hands on those extra contents, Itano bringing back the grit into macross seems something quite interesting.
  13. After trying to find ambriod pro Weld where I live, what resulted in a complete fail an, interesting opportunity appeared in front of me. One of my friends recently bought a 3d printer and if I could get a 3d model of the piece maybe I could print a new one. It is a little bit risky because it is a little piece, but if it woks maybe it would be a new beginning for making custom model kits and stuff. I will update soon with the results! After trying to find ambriod pro Weld where I live, what resulted in a complete fail an, interesting opportunity appeared in front of me. One of my friends rece
  14. Recently during cleaning operation a small part of the joint of the left wing of my armored messiah broke apart. Trying to glue it became a disaster because the wing if too heavy even without the armored packs. Asking Bandai for a replacement part also didn't worked. The piece is the I-1. It is a problem because this kit is the only transformable alternative to the expensive dx chgoking toy. So, in order to sum up I will just say. Macross fans you are my last hope. I am a quite noob user here so if there is any mistake of if I break any rules I apologize in advance , I'm very
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