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  1. I think that must be the same mold Hasegawa uses in the Macross Zero F-14. The upcoming reissue will look like that so everyone beware.
  2. @derex3592 A Cat's Eye! What's your plan on the canopy? You mentioned a fit issue earlier. @Convectuoso I like decaling a lot but that kit looks like it has many, many decals. Sometimes, when there are too many, you enter "decal hell". Does that particular kit have lots of decals? Anyway, work started back up for me a few weeks back so no progress on my builds. Right now i have: 1/72 vf-1a max theme 90% done 1/72 vf-1s super gerwalk hik theme 50% done 1/72 f-14 tomcatters theme 90% done 1/72 zentraedi soldier 30% done 1/100 arii vf-1d trainer theme 30% done
  3. That is epic! It just goes to show, you can never have too many missiles! Seriously, just amazing. That armored vf-1a hangar scene you posted in the beginning would make a great diorama.
  4. Gabe Q

    1/55's revisited

    I saw a big increase in the number of chunkys for sale recently. Maybe there will be a re-re-release coming up soon? Maybe for the 40th anniversary? Who knows...
  5. Gabe Q

    Hi-Metal R

    Now there's something I've never seen before! Not the best look for the valk but I'm awarding points for originality.
  6. @Chas Here you go. Looks like this kit has now made it to the backlog pile. Once you've opened the bag, you've officially started the kit.
  7. Ok, I'll get on it.
  8. @Chas I guess I can open up the bags and scan them for you. Would it be all three sheets or just a certain one?
  9. I have the green 1/72 Aoshima Legioss repop. The decals are sealed in the bags though.
  10. @MechTech The level of detail on those torpedo tubes is astounding! I pored over those pics appreciating every little detail. However, I'm a bit disappointed that there are only 15 side tube bolts instead of 20. Jk... @derex3592 Your shuttle is coming along nicely. It looks great so far. So many Star Trek fans among us builders here. I never got into it but the shuttle you're building looks really cool. Anyway, I recently won this SDF-1 kit on ebay and it included a complete variable vf-1d kit! Score of all scores! Hopefully I can actually get to building either or both of these soo
  11. It's a cruiser mode kit. I took a pic but i don't wanna derail this decal thread.
  12. @MechTech I saw your post about this kit in another thread and that's why I hunted down the SDF1 kit. I'm glad you talked me into it!
  13. It was a model kit. The 1/5000 ROBO**** version. Funny thing is, it included the complete trees for an old imai 1/72 variable vf-1d. There was even some old ROBO**** coloring book pages and an extra set of decals for the ship. All for under 50 bucks shipped. It was a pretty nice surprise.
  14. @MechTech Thanks. I won an ebay auction for an SDF-1 and this extra decal sheet was included.
  15. Does anyone know what kit these decals are from?
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