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  1. This seems like it's not the first time they reissued them. Maybe the third time or so? Also, check out the Crusher Joe tank! Looks pretty cool.
  2. Would those decals even be usable after all these years? They must be decades old.
  3. The decal set doesn't include the honeycomb pattern. http://www.macrossworld.com/macross/models/hasegawa/haseoptiondecals/Has_ModelGraphic_Option.jpg
  4. That looks great! How did you do the honeycomb pattern?
  5. Looking good so far! Are you gonna build one of them gear up?
  6. @peter please let me know if no one else can accommodate you. I won't charge you. I'd be happy to help. I'm not sure if I have three though.
  7. I love using this technique but @MechTech is right. You have to give plenty of drying time. It's a tricky process and I'm still learning but so far I'm pleased with the results. The first time i tried it, I had a seam that looked perfectly sanded flush. After a few days though, the seam developed an indentation all along it where the "glue goo" had evaporated. So yes, lots of drying time.
  8. I can't believe it's only at 4000 yen. Really nice find.
  9. Looks like HLJ's not taking any more orders for the Low Vis.
  10. That's awesome! I've never seen someone build that scheme yet. I've only seen it in Model Graphics. It looks great!
  11. @peter I'm surprised you had good decals from those older Hasegawa kits. Maybe I'm not storing them properly and the decals are degrading? I'll have to look into this. I'll be sure to avoid that AMT Star Trek kit. That little Enterprise B kit you're working on looks challenging! All that prep work would scare me away. Thanks, @Thom This is the 1/72 Strike/Super Gerwalk kit. Today I got more decaling in. Finished them all but will hit them with more decal softener tomorrow to get them to really sink in. I got some panel lining in, too. All that's left is a gloss coat
  12. Got more work on the Super Gerwalk today. Decals on the fast packs. This is a newer kit so it was a pleasure to discover that the decals behaved nicely. On some of the older Hasegawa valks, the decals just rip apart no matter how careful you are. I bought some Micro Set but haven't had the chance to try it yet.
  13. Got mine today! BBTS for $349.99. After tax and shipping, that'll be about $380. Really happy with that price.
  14. You guys are displaying some amazing creativity! With @pengbuzz's diorama and @peter's custom wing damage. And @Thom, your Ampere looks like it's coming along nicely. All these StarTrek builds! You'd think I was in the wrong place! Maybe I need to check out some episodes and see what all the popularity is about... Anyhow, I just finished a paint sesh. Got my clearcoats in, some base white sections, and a bit of blue and aluminum for my R2.
  15. Every collector should have a separate room for each genre of figures. I'm thinking my 5 bedrooms may not be enough! Time for a bigger house! I love that whole Carbon Freezing Chamber setup there. I'm realizing you need to add backdrops for your displays or else it just looks bland.
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