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  1. It's a stinker. I saw it last night. Beautiful visuals but cheesy dialogue. My gf was wanting to like this movie so bad and she was really disappointed.
  2. What product are you using for the decals? Microset? Mr. Mark Setter? Maybe use warm water instead of hot. Sometimes when you let the decals sit in the water too long the tiny bit of adhesive completely disolves. Sometimes while applying the decals you can use a paintbrush to manipulate them instead of your finger or a toothpick. I'm not sure what else would be the problem. Guys?
  3. Been working on a few kits of my own lately.
  4. Holy guacamole! Arbit, that looks amazing! Great job!
  5. Red, white, and blue! I see what you did there! Nice!
  6. arbit! That Nausicaa is so kickass! The paint looks great! Lookin real good so far.
  7. That's it. I'm buying one. I've always wanted to get one and if you say the sculpt is gorgeous then I'm in.
  8. Nice!
  9. Looks great! The gear up looks good. It's hard to get that just right. Your decal situation scares me. I have lots of kits sitting around waiting to be built. I'm wondering if I'll have problems like that too.
  10. It's definitely a must buy if you don't have very many of the back issues. There are lots of really nice images in there.
  11. I have to agree with peter. I spent a buncha money on a book that had stuff that was a compilation of stuff I already had.
  12. Ok, i got talked into it. Pre-ordered the Milia.
  13. Want to pre-order but scared of a premium version down the line... What to do???
  14. Pengbuzz, that's some amazing creativity there! It totally works! Can't wait to see it finished.
  15. Really nice! It looks like you straightened the legs out. Great job especially on that little detail.