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  1. It looks really nice but I can't justify paying that much money on it. After shipping it seems like it will be $2,500 or more!
  2. About how much will they be each week after the initial promotional pricing?
  3. I've always wanted to design a 'hybrid' between the SDFM and DYRL valk hands. While the valk design has aged like a fine wine the past decades, the TV hands have not. These hybrid design fists could update the classic TV valk look without looking too out of place.
  4. I saw the teaser on your Insta. I'm very curious to see what that is.
  5. I have four copies of the kit. One from hlj and the other three from Hobby Search. None of mine included the photo etch. Where did you get your kits and how much were they?
  6. The kits do not include the photo etch parts.
  7. Bravo! Excellent! It looks great!
  8. 1/48 Battroid would be at the top of my list.
  9. They just re-popped those a year or two ago it seems. I already picked up my copies last time. Hasegawa, give us something new!
  10. Do you think they'll have the actual booster in stock soon? I've always wanted to pick one of these up but I'd hate to buy the launch vehicle then never find the booster.
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