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  1. Bravo! Excellent! It looks great!
  2. 1/48 Battroid would be at the top of my list.
  3. They just re-popped those a year or two ago it seems. I already picked up my copies last time. Hasegawa, give us something new!
  4. Do you think they'll have the actual booster in stock soon? I've always wanted to pick one of these up but I'd hate to buy the launch vehicle then never find the booster.
  5. Is there any major difference between these kids logic miniatures and the robotech rpg tactics miniatures?
  6. This is great! I've been waiting for this for over a decade!
  7. This is an epic build! I love all of the extra little details you're asking. A little bit of extra effort goes a long way!
  8. The kit is only 5 and a half inches tall when complete. Seems tiny for the price. I don't know how I would justify that purchase.
  9. I like the sculpt so far. It's got the beefier legs and nice detail overall. As long as it's not too expensive I'll pick up a few.
  10. From the looks of it, she'll be quite a beauty when she's all put together. I'm wishing I had ordered one of these.
  11. @derex3592 That old Q-Rau kit is coming along nicely! That mockup shot is awesome. I can't wait to see it finished. @pengbuzzYour hangar turned out great! I love all the little details you put in. And to think it's all scratch built. That just blows my mind. @anubis20Your ghost looks really cool. I love that flat red finish. Good luck on your Hasegawa kit. We're always here to help if you get stuck on something. @UN_MARINE Your SDF-1 is super impressive. From an engineering standpoint, I like the parts breakdown. It seems like it would go together nicely. I like how you proportioned the head. @ChronocidalI hope you figure out that cannon. That print is just disappointing! I'd be punching the wall in frustration if that were my print.
  12. Brett, that's very nice of you to offer but I couldn't put you to all that trouble. Thanks for the offer, though. I'll just take MechTech's suggestion to take Sanity is Optional's suggestion.
  13. @MechTech and @Chronocidal, thanks for the replies. I'm totally against scratch building the piece. I'm terrible at it. As far as ordering the sprue, I'd probably just leave it as. It just seems like such a simple shaped piece. That's why I was thinking along these lines. BTW, MechTech, I always admire your work! You're on this whole other level!
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