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  1. Somebody lucked out and got a 1S Roy for 20k on Mandarake. I wonder what was wrong with it. I'd buy one for that price even with a beat up box. They paid maybe $250 after shipping?
  2. Not much to report. I have various builds on the bench. A 1S Gerwalk, f14 tomcat, fighter valk 1A Max, sandrock, and a Legioss fighter.
  3. Mechtech, I'm astounded by your level of technical ability. You always scratchbuild the coolest stuff! Great work, as always. Loved the pun! When I read it, my face lit up.
  4. Thanks, mechtech! I'll check out the biography. I'm a big fan of Miyazaki. You guys got me looking at all my paint. I went through and found only a couple of jars out of over a hundred went bad. Some of them are really old! Like from the 90's.
  5. Wow, lots of cool stuff going on here. Thank you for the tips on the compressors mechtech! I currently have a 1/72 Legioss in the works.
  6. Wow, @TMBounty_Hunter are you a data scientist? That graph looks like it was made in R studio. I guess it's proved now, Hasegawa does nothing but repop kits! Awesome work!
  7. 4200 yen for that tiny kit, ouch!!! Only 11cm.
  8. What happened? Was the paint not sticking?
  9. VF-1D Yessssssss!!!!!
  10. I paid a premium for that black aces kit about 5 years back. Oh well.
  11. I had to look up what epistemology is. Awesome drawing!
  12. I think that must be the same mold Hasegawa uses in the Macross Zero F-14. The upcoming reissue will look like that so everyone beware.
  13. @derex3592 A Cat's Eye! What's your plan on the canopy? You mentioned a fit issue earlier. @Convectuoso I like decaling a lot but that kit looks like it has many, many decals. Sometimes, when there are too many, you enter "decal hell". Does that particular kit have lots of decals? Anyway, work started back up for me a few weeks back so no progress on my builds. Right now i have: 1/72 vf-1a max theme 90% done 1/72 vf-1s super gerwalk hik theme 50% done 1/72 f-14 tomcatters theme 90% done 1/72 zentraedi soldier 30% done 1/100 arii vf-1d trainer theme 30% done
  14. That is epic! It just goes to show, you can never have too many missiles! Seriously, just amazing. That armored vf-1a hangar scene you posted in the beginning would make a great diorama.
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