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  1. Does anyone know if the big white number one on the chest will be printed on this time?
  2. Wow, that's terrible! There's a million things that can go wrong when painting. Hope it didn't set you back too much!
  3. @tekeringare all those ships in the same scale? Super impressive display! How do you manage to support the weight of that star destroyer?
  4. That's a great idea! A TV SDF-1 would be awesome. They can have a gimmick where the main gun is motorized to open up for firing. What scale do you think that would come in?
  5. It's a really nice day outside so I decided to move the work outside and start on a resin kit.
  6. So I'm just seeing this. The KO m&m are in stock right now at this place. Is this the reason I keep seeing the official Arcadia releases in stock at HLJ? I mean, it seems like this is really hurting Arcadia.
  7. @Lt. Z0mBe Nice work! I always admire and respect builders that can scratch build. What an original concept and masterfully executed. @pengbuzz Nice mod on that hasgawa valk! I'm glad to hear things turned around for you! I recently started a new build even though I have twenty something already in pile. I figure, it's gonna be a long haul so might as well. Anyway, here's my progress so far.
  8. Pengbuzz, we're all gonna be quarantined so be like me and set aside a few kits and get to building while we wait this out. I'm looking forward to my unexpected vacation.
  9. At least they have a good reason this time.
  10. Im really hurt because I feel this release is really difficult to acquire but I feel like I've been waiting so long, (decades). Here I am ready and willing to shell out thousands but no, too many hurdles.
  11. That's a Hasegawa 1/48 scale. Nice try, buddy. Although, a Kakizaki release would be great. I want to complete the vermilion squadron.
  12. It looks really nice but I can't justify paying that much money on it. After shipping it seems like it will be $2,500 or more!
  13. About how much will they be each week after the initial promotional pricing?
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