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  1. Pengbuzz, that's some amazing creativity there! It totally works! Can't wait to see it finished.
  2. Really nice! It looks like you straightened the legs out. Great job especially on that little detail.
  3. You forgot the yo!
  4. Love the, "Yo!"
  5. It looks amazing so far! Looking forward to the rest!
  6. Yes! Thanks! This helps a lot!
  7. It's great to see you posting. Judging by your previous work from years past, this one took you a whole hour to build. Seriously though, it looks great.
  8. Carpet Monster strikes! Nice looking build nonetheless.
  9. Well that was fast! It's not on sale anymore.
  10. Enquiring minds want to know.
  11. Does it matter which type of Bare Metal Foil you use? I see they have aluminum, copper, ultra bright chrome etc... I mean, are they of varying thicknesses or anything?
  12. Is there any chance at all that I can find an Armored VF-1J for under $200 shipped? I really want one but can't justify paying more than double the retail price. I managed to get a Regult (awesome) and Glaug (awesomer) and have the Monster on the way. It seems that if you miss the preorders on these, you're priced out forever.
  13. Just got my payment request from HLJ. $220.17 American Dollas! I'm gonna leave it in private warehouse for a while.
  14. Yeah, I noticed that my purchases were getting more and more expensive... When I end up paying for that Monster, it's gonna hurt a little more than I was expecting.
  15. Almost 60 bucks for a small 1/72 scale kit, ouch! I've built the Hase f14 kit and it is not the easiest kit to put together. I'm not sure how popular it was but I think I'll pass.