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  1. Yup, got the email, put in my order, I'm good to go after missing out on the initial pre sale.
  2. I picked up one Toynami VF-1S GBP-1S set for sale. Cost plus packaging and shipping. I will go by first to pm me. I won't ship out until Monday at the earliest and will be paying FedEx/UPS to pack and ship as I am not local to SoCal. I probably won't check here again until around 4pm PST.
  3. Going to SDCC and I can try to pick them up if anyone is interested. Let me know, no guarantees. I like the box, but the toy itself looks cheap compared to the HMRs.
  4. Well, GX-88 sold out at AmiAmi now.
  5. Struck out everywhere for a Hikky VF-1S. I just happened to check AmiAmi and they still have the GX-88 available.
  6. 5 minutes.
  7. Might be the Super/Strike Packs go up June 7th I believe.
  8. Yup, both the Hikky VF-1S and SOC GX-88 Dairugger (Vehicle Voltron) go up today, at the same time.
  9. y'all got about 50 minutes to go.
  10. I do love the Hikky VF-1S and I already have him in Yamato 1/48, Arcadia 1/60, and HMR 1/100. I might try to get one of these solely to trade for a Max VF-1A, or end up keeping it.
  11. In for one. I live one hour ahead of Tokyo time so NBD for me. If I miss it, I will wait for the US version.
  12. Might have to try and pick these up at SDCC. Depending on limits, I might be able to pick up for anyone interested.
  13. Smiley424

    Hi-Metal R

    VF-1D is looking good! I have mine ready to ship from Anime Export, but I'm waiting on the DX Chogokin VF-1 Missile Set coming out next month and will ship them together. I already email them, but does anyone know how long Anime Export will hold items?
  14. I don't believe so, not on screen anyway. him and Miriya had the VF-1Js with Super Packs.
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