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  1. Can you send me some pictures of the built kits. A few of the color option sounds really great
  2. Interested in GX-06 and 3Z mazinger Z. What are the conditions of the figures?

    WTB: VF-19S

    Send me a message. I have 1/48 stuff you want
  4. How many is in a complete set? I preordered a set from BBTS long time ago dont remember the detail.
  5. Thanks. Let me think about it. It is difficult to explain to my wife why a man in his thirties would collect these girls.
  6. Metal build Avalanche Exia Weapon Plus (Used only displayed complete with box and instructions´╝ë+Optional Parts (Sealed in shipper) 500 Metal Build Astray Gold Fram (Sealed bought from BBTS) 225 Metal Build ARX-8 Laevatein (Sealed bought from JApan the first release) 225 PM me for pic please
  7. Bandai never specify the scale but i think they are 1/60
  8. Bump Feel free to send me questions or offers.
  9. Hello, trying to get rid of the last macross stuff that I don't really need. I am in Texas and prices are before postage and paypal fees if you are not comfortable with friends and family option. BTW I am on straight shooter list and a lot of folks here has bought from me happily. Unless I specify, everything is opened and displayed with box, paperwork and all the accessories. I have not been in the market for a while so if you have a reasonable price in mind feel free to pm me. If you have Bearbricks in the 200%, 400% and 1000% scale, or Chogokin/Gokin mecha (no super robot chogokin
  10. Hello, I need to sell my Yamato SDF-1 in the 1/3000 Scale fully painted version (not the kit). You will receive the box and instructions and all the accesories. It was bought brand new and I have not touched the turrets yet. All I did was taking it out, installing the arms displaying it I am asking for 800 plus paypal fees and postage. I can get you pictures if you want after 10pm central time tonight but just let you know the box is in good shape and no major blemishes. I will also list an MIB VFX soon. The VFX has some minor issue and I will post the pictures and add a price. I on SSL and
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