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  1. While I can't say it hasn't been frustrating, NY has always come through for me in the end. I got my 31As. I've got my super parts and missiles. Wasn't when everyone else got theirs, but they did turn up. They aren't amiami or HLJ or Manda, but they're not nin-nin ;-). So while I pre-ordered this one at HLJ because that was the first place I found it, I'd have ordered it at NY if that had come up first.
  2. https://www.hlj.com/1-60-scale-kanzen-henkei-vf-4-a-lightning-iii-hikaru-ichijyo-use-premium-finish-aca82155 Up at HLJ in Premium Form
  3. Hard to take a bad photo of this one
  4. I know the feet should go back more, but so tight, so scary.
  5. Not as yet. I'm sure there is a byzantine reason for it that makes complete sense to someone somewhere, just like I'm sure at some point the revision to HLJ's website made complete sense and someone paid to have that work done rather than it being some sort of punishment.
  6. Interesting (and kinda frustrating) that the premium version hasn't turned up on NY yet. I've not used From Japan, but I'm wondering if I might need to just jump in that pool to get the PE of this specific Valk.
  7. The trick with NY might be the following - use the following exact phrase as the title of a new ticket: "Change shipping method" I'd launched a few tickets around the premium VF-0D and hadn't got anywhere, then went back to the email they sent me at one point asking if I wanted to change shipping. Within 10 minutes of using those exact words I had a response. I'm betting they have a filter for those words on incoming tickets. Use them, get routed to a human for immediate assistance. Use your own creative version (I used "upgrade shipping" and "can I use UPS") and didn't get anywhere.
  8. I still remember a valk pre-order where almost no one posted that they got one and there was much swearing until a few days later NY posted them at mark up. I've found that subscribing to their email notification about when it is available is useful, you'll either get a notice when it reopens or when it becomes available on release day. I can't imagine what 25 Ozma re-release would be like, but it would probably be so horrific it would open a portal into some sort of hell dimension where karaoke was mandatory and the only selections on the screen were 80's boy bands.
  9. Last few pre-orders I've noticed something about amiami. 15 minutes to the second after POs open (and they've shown as sold out) they come back up. And for the last 3 pre-orders that's where I've been able to get my Valks. Just sheparded the 1S through after half an hour. Same with the 29 and the 1/48 before that.
  10. If only the people running the websites would start to scale out their web service about now, they'd be able to take the load.
  11. Have 4 sets of SSPs that I ordered through NY using EMS as shipping. After having challenges with getting stuff shipped from the USA to Oz (stuff from BBTS taking 6-8 weeks whereas it used to take 4) lodged a ticket with NY and paid the extra to get it bumped to UPS. Got shipping notice today. I know for Oz at least that with there being almost no passenger planes in and out of the country, most of the normal shipping methods involve extraordinary delays as there was a heavy reliance on the cargo holds of passenger planes.
  12. There is the original reissue (not the 2020 one) available on NY https://www.nippon-yasan.com/figures/14805-macross-f-dx-chogokin-yf-29-durandal-valkyrie-saotome-alto-custom-reissue.html (it's just 34K yen and doesn't include the full set)
  13. It blipped back up on AmiAmi about 15 minutes in. Managed to shepherd it through to checkout over the next 30 minutes. I swear they are running their webserver off a Raspberry Pi 1st edition. (just got email confo)
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