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  1. Bandai DX VF-31

    Dude I absolutely feel the same way....... I had 6 1/60 of my valks in my collection stolen... Now I only have 2 the kit kinds and 2 HMR I want to collect Dx Chogokin Delta figures so bad but with the prices and the fact they don't sell them here in America im over it!
  2. Bandai DX VF-31

    At least you're able to get one I have none and it sucks because by the time I'll be able to afford one they will be up in the 400 500 dollar range.......
  3. Need 1/48 dimenstions

    Any chance you ever get those measurements? Thank you
  4. Need 1/48 dimenstions

    Yes thank you either one would work yamato or hasegawa
  5. Need 1/48 dimenstions

    I'm including a picture if anyone could please tell me the following info in inches or cm dont matter thanks because I do not own any 1/48 or know anuone that does
  6. Hi-Metal R

    This is what I use tackle box from wap mart.... Its only 3 bucks one side for max the other for milia when I get her lol
  7. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    Macross Vf-1a kit
  8. Has anyone done it can it be done?? Please let me know
  9. Yamato 1/60 Regult

    Yes but yamato macross toys are more than toys. Is that not why we are all so obsessed with them?
  10. Someone please give me a hand

    Is there anyone out there that make this part for me please
  11. Kinda done!

    More to come!
  12. Please help replacement part

    Hello I have lost my back wings on my unassembled kit can anyone please help me with a replacement I am also looking for a pilot I misplaced him as well thank you very much
  13. Im working on this now for a couple weeks I am trying to stretch the time out its the only one im probably not going to get one for quite awhile.......
  14. My Dilmma Of Collecting Macross Toys

    Im bored sitting here in my room messing around with my VF-1 toys I have been collecting since October of last year and I got to thinking. Damn these are all I ever wanted in a toy! They are Jets! they Transform! i mean come on they are cool! I have been wanting to get back into models and messed around building some gundams but they were just not doing it for me then I saw that Yamato had these build your own VF-1 No way AWESOME so i found two that were resonibaly priced 100$ each. They are very fund to build One of mine is done the other still a WIP. Well here is my Dilmma I cant find anymore! Since October I have spent around 2K on these things 8 VF-1's and one Super Strike armor and 3Flight Pose stands. The only other two i can find is the VF-1D on ebay its 250.00!!!!! and a VF-1S also on ebay 170.00!!!!!! I just have hit a brick wall and dont know what to do..........
  15. My Custom 1/60 Yamato No Paint Build Kit! Work in progress

    Some otrhers im working on the rest now