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  1. I enjoyed it. Was an easy binge
  2. I am sooooo looking forward to this movie! I think the mountain monster could be Kumonga Kong was basically a teenager in the movie skull island. That's also why I believe it takes place in the past. And I'm a huuuuge fan of Battra so I agree the new Mothra design is awesome. I want all the toys!
  3. Oh cool! I would have never thought of that Edit: So do you cut the bottom out on the tupperware and glue it to the plexiglass?
  4. I too am waiting on the super ostrich
  5. https://awesomecollector.com/collections/bandai/products/gx-71-voltron-voltron-defender-of-the-universe-bandai-soul-of-chogokin Last chance! GO GO GO GO
  6. As a kid the only complete voltron I had was a KO my mom got me at the corner store. I had the Panosh Black lion and my 2 younger brothers each had an arm or leg. But we never completed him. I currently have the Playmates 84 that I haven't opened because I just can't bring myself to open something that requires destroying the package. I had the first toynami version but sold it years ago. I just bought a spare blue lion for the Playmates 16" that I plan on customizing
  7. So what is everyone's fav Voltron figure? and if it is SOC, then what is your second favorite?
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