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  1. After my last experience with Nippon yasan, i decided to always go with Hlj if possible. To me they are the only ones that have consistent good customer service, and at the end of the day when something goes wrong , i have learned my lesson and pay a little extra for my pre orders for peace of mind.
  2. Too expensive for me, peeps seem to have a demand for them , but j can't justify the extra money for stickers. The upgraded paint job on something like the vf-0d , sounds more appealing. Regardless , I won't be spending the money , but Arcadia has earned some loyalty from me because I like the way they have significantly improved some of the old toys. I remember spending 300 something for a sv-51 that almost immediately desintegrated in my hands. So I would give them around that much as long as the toy is of a higher standard. But I think the price of the sv-51 is as high as I will go for any Macross toy at retail price.
  3. Good topic, im sure this is the first of other after effects. At some point it would make sense that manufactoring could get more expensive. Although I have a hard time picturing collecting anything if prices keep goi g further than what they are now.
  4. will you be able to buy this only at the arcadia site?
  5. looks good, but its too much, things are getting so expensive these days I am beginning to not care .
  6. Although clunky in many aspects number 2 and 3, went into heavy detail explaining how the concept of all knowing , omnipresent God like figures could actually exist in a world that we understand. In Greek mythology the gods were powerful but always had to whisper and Influence humans In order to shape the world as they saw fit(it isn't explained why, it's just the way it is). This idea relates to human free will. In the matrix , the god like me creatures that Influence the will of humans are programs so powerful that they could calculate the probability of possible outcomes and try to Influence the world as they see fit based on quantifiable Information. Bringing down the concept of a god to human terms, I think, is a pretty powerful message, and it is why I am a big fan of all the movies ,despite their weird dance scenes and the presence of waaaaaaay too much latex.
  7. I am actually curious about the building's fire safety situation. It seems strange that 1 person could set a fire that killed so many people so quickly in a building that should have exits for that kind of situation. It just doesn't make any sense. Crappy situation all around
  8. heeey, could you give some info on those king of fighters and street fighters figures? I've never seen those before!
  9. yeah, this one is going into the shopping cart.
  10. yep, just imagine getting screwed by nippon yasan for something this expensive...
  11. any of these stuff up for pre order yet? Also, a while ago on this thread, somebody posted a pic of a toy in development, i think it was a large scale vynil legioss. does anybody have any news on that? Cheers
  12. frankell05

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I would not recommend nippon yasan if you think the order might be cancelled. they do not give your money back and make it very hard to use store credit afterwards.
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