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  1. Thanks, i put the order in, so i guess we will see if everything goes through well. I'm in the Us, so i think shipping will be ok. I didn't see to get charged tax during the transaction, so that is a plus too. Thanks for answering!
  2. does buying form amazon work just like buying form amazon here?
  3. Go through your credit card if its an option. No matter what you do, you'll be dissatisfied with their response. Just dispute the charge if possible.
  4. wave vf-4g 1/72 scale model kit $55 shipped within US
  5. Mostly finished with this. Thinking of selling it, so Haven't glued all the parts and base yet , but I am pretty happy with it. It was a great kit, but a pain in the ulo.
  6. yep, doooooooooooope. i like all my valks with grey military schemes
  7. Yeah, the only way to get your money back is to get the credit card to do something about it. Keep in mind that nippon wont even allow you to get something cheaper with your credit. They want you to spend it all at once and wont allow it. This is why i never shop with this a holes.
  8. $255, price includes shipping and fees within the US
  9. USD Shoot any offers. I'm gonna put this stuff in evil bay anyways. I'll charge actual shipping cost All toy items displayed but in top notch condition. Shipping to US only, paypal either friends or you pay the fees. vf-4g 1/72 wave------------------$50 1/6 wolfking Miyamoto Musashi--------$120 1/6 (SAMURAI metal armor figure) Series of Empires Japan's Warring States Oda Nobunaga 1/6 Scale Figure----$300 (Everything is present except his ponytail, unless I find it) Metal build eva 01 and 02--------$300 each, complete but eva
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