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  1. Asia outside of Japan instant sell out. Lots of stock available for the US.
  2. I am curious to know. Does the bluefin server crash the instant the PO is active? And does the Metal Build figure get sold out in a flash the moment the PO is up? This is what happens to the Asia sites when Metal Build POs are up. I hope those of you with access to Bluefin have an easier and more relaxed experience during your PO.
  3. All of the Asia sites for P-Bandai outside of Japan are instant sell outs for Metal Build items. Only in the Japan site can the PO stay open without selling out for between 30mins to 2 hours, depending on how popular it is in Japan. As for those that Bluefin carries for the US, not sure how fast they sell out but the window seems to open longer than it does in Asia.
  4. Metal Build Gundam and DX Macross are probably the most recession proof franchises that Bandai has. My rant: I only wish Bandai made more than enough for everyone. I don't care if they flood the market so much so that they have no after market value. I just want to get them easily for my own collection.
  5. Discount or not makes no difference for Metal Build Gundam currently. It will still be an instant SOLD OUT when PO opens.
  6. So Anime Export has now followed the likes of Nippon Yasan to keep stocks and sell at inflated prices after item release? Looks like another shop has joined the dark side.
  7. If pinoy78 is a Filipino, have to hand it to his/her resourcefulness to get at least 40 pieces of 1S in japan
  8. Guess there are places in Japan where no one cares a hoot about the DX VF-1S
  9. Let's hope Bandai reissues this soon with the correct tampo. For all we know this one with the error print might be worth more in the future.
  10. Did amazon Japan ever reopen sales for the 1S? Seems very unlikely now.
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