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  1. Thanks @Corrinald for the deal on the Angel Birds. Toy is in mint condition and excellent packaging.
  2. Awesome sale from @warrhead. Purchased my first HMR. Love it. Thanks man!
  3. Please add @Vortech to the SSL. Sold a DX VF-1J at a good price and shipped the same day. Really good guy.
  4. Just to make sure I’m not doing something wrong, none of the DX VF-1Js on Amazon japan can be shipped to USA, correct? Every time I try to check out, I get a message saying that the purchase cannot be shipped to the USA. Kind of weird because I set the filter to international shipping eligible items and a handful of DX valks populate. But when I get to the shipping screen, I get the error.
  5. Bought a Yammie CF from cube. One of the good guys. A++++
  6. thanks to macross73. vf-0a and box are mint!
  7. ditto for kicker773. quick shipping and item was perfect! thanks MW
  8. want to thank PENACHOY for a very smooth transaction. A++++++++++++
  9. besides the condo and gf, the other spending would be r/c cars and heli: losi mini lst, losi lst, tamiya tnx, ae tc3, losi xxx-s, kyosho evolva, and esky honeybee 2.
  10. please add ghiblione to this list. prompt payment and clean transaction. thanks ghiblione. A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++
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