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  1. Just to make sure I’m not doing something wrong, none of the DX VF-1Js on Amazon japan can be shipped to USA, correct? Every time I try to check out, I get a message saying that the purchase cannot be shipped to the USA. Kind of weird because I set the filter to international shipping eligible items and a handful of DX valks populate. But when I get to the shipping screen, I get the error.
  2. besides the condo and gf, the other spending would be r/c cars and heli: losi mini lst, losi lst, tamiya tnx, ae tc3, losi xxx-s, kyosho evolva, and esky honeybee 2.
  3. thanks for the research, 411, and support from you MW guys. i'll keep you updated as to what occurs. agent-ghq, if everything works out fine, i'll let you know so you can make your purchase if you want. thanks again, chris
  4. i ordered a yamato 1/48 vf-1a hik from these guys for $135 eight days ago. i used paypal and sent the money to them. i received a follow up email from paypal confirming the order. i also received an automatic email from botcollector indicating that i should be receiving a second email from them confirming my order. i haven't received that second email yet. additionally, i tried emailing those guys requesting the confirmation and a tracking number...no dice. they haven't returned my emails! has anyone dealt with these guys before. do they come through with the goods but are just really poor at emailing. help! i think i'm screwed. i have filed a claim via paypal but i'm not sure what they'll be able to do. i guess sometimes paying more for these valks at more established sites is really the way to go. darnit!
  5. hey twoducks. i too am a newbie to this. i started in january with my favorite valk the vf-1j hik. now it's all downhill from there. my girlfriend has limited to two valks a month. welcome to the addiction!
  6. i'd like to place an order for 1 vf-1d conversion. thanks.
  7. probably a longshot but here i go anyways. does anyone have a canopy for a yamato yf-19. i tried hlj but i don't think they can help me.
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