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  1. I'm a big mikimoto fan. I've met him a few times, and I don't think he'd mind a simple request, especially since it's a (sort of) commissioned sketch. I, personally, would not ask him to revert to a certain style since he's moved on, but IMO, a simple, "hey, I loved this drawing, could you draw something similar to this?" would be okay. BTW, the shared mumei/kabaneri sketch is fantastic. Would be ecstatic if he were to produce something like that. If anyone gets one, please share!
  2. Looks like he popped up in Raleigh a few years back. I prefer his DYRL/mid-80s art style. He once said his art has to evolve, good or bad.
  3. Sylvie's expression in the hanken is much different than the Mikimoto version. Maybe, for promotional materials, the marketing team preferred to depict Sylvie closer to her actual persona - a strong, resolute female officer. And maybe the illustrator was directed to Mikimoto's version as a point of reference? Theories!
  4. If it's in that poster, then it's appears legit. Don't think anyone would go to lengths recreating that shot. 2 reasons why it appears to be a production cel: 1) It has a background and 2) looks like all the other shots are from the TV episodes. At this point, only question the mikimoto reference. Feels more like Hirano or someone else on the key animation team. Notice the Milia side profile shot directy above. That was drawn by another animator.
  5. Looks odd to me as well. It doesn't resemble mikimoto's art style, and during that time, it was pretty pronounced.
  6. Here's my 2 cents on your thread (and sales in general) since there appears to be some need of validation. If I'm a frequent seller, as you are w 500+ transactions, my brand and reputation is paramount. The best sellers accept returns, no questions asked. If they want a partial refund, refuse. Your policy should have been advertised as-is/MISB and what you had is what they get. Most buyers expect this on auction sites. If they weren't satisfied, as a reputable seller, you should accept a return or give them the option of keeping it as-is. If it's the latter, they should pay for the return shipping. If the item was broken on opening the package, you, as a buyer, should now contact your seller and request the same level of service. Hopefully, they will be as reputable as you. If they aren't, then it's a future loss for them.
  7. Just got mine. Ouch, this month is going to hurt. Still some left here if you're still looking: https://www.bluefinbrands.com/rx-93-ngundam-mobile-suit-gundam-char-s-counterattack-bandai-metal-structure-bas57540.html?fbclid=IwAR0eUiUj3LzmvoWRH-JEDdYipcxEn528Z6y5BH_XzS_MmUbDf_U5UoxaSIQ
  8. I just took the plunge and bought the 1S + parts + missiles. Thanks to everyone here for all the helpful pointers and info! Assuming max and milia are next? or 1s roy?
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