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  1. Wait a minute... For a minute there i thought i was on tfw2005 and not macrossworld :P .... jokes aside, that looks really awesome! I have yet been able to finish my kit... I only worked on the cockpit back in december, and haven't touched it since
  2. I'd be interested in this "B" sheet... I've been wondering if I should just frisket film trace and mask the skull, apollo, and un spacy logo... but decals would be so much easier... once you set up a price I'd like to know
  3. I received my vf-1 today. Very excited! Opened it up, and looked at the runners, and quickly put it in storage before my wife could see it, hahahahaha. Just kidding, I don't have a wife... I had to hide it from my girlfriend... just kidding, she walked in the house as I was trying to hide it.... I dunno why, but it seems more glorious than when I saw it at Yellow Submarine in Akihabara, my GF agreed as well... perhaps cos it is mine, and not just something to gawk at. Hopefully I can work on it during my Xmas break (a perk of being a teacher I suppose)
  4. Hey tekering, glad you are warming up to the kit. With your initial assessment of the vf-1 it got me to second guess my purchase, but the more I looked at the initial photos you posted it actually made me more excited for it... esp seeing the runner for the figure... can't wait to see how you paint yours! I may paint it white, and then give it the ol' Kakizaki green markings (only cos green is my favorite color). Now to wait patiently for CDJ to ship the thing...
  5. I was just charged right now. Paid for it... It stings a little, but then again I make sure I have money for things I need before I buy things I want Question: how much paint do you think will be needed on this? What are your guys/gals preferred paint brands? I usually build/paint 1/100 macross kits, 1/35 military kits, or anime/custom figures. I used to solely use Vallejo paints, but a local shop stocks Gaia Notes, and Mr Color, so I've been using those, and will likely use that on this kit
  6. So, I'm back in the US without a second vf-1 (didn't have the money or space in my suitcase for this monster, or maybe I'm not hardcore enough)... will have to wait for CDJ to ship/upcharge shipping Anywho, I got to see the model in box (and in box with a box) at Yellow Submarine in Akihabara's Radio Kaiken... It's big.... it's heavy... I was giddy... it made me really wish I had brought another suitcase. I got all my model supplies ready
  7. I have yet to see the VF-1 at any shops here in Tokyo (amiami, yellow submarine, volks, yodabashi, etc) ... perhaps today will be the day! Also, it's a bit funny to see that unboxing thread on twitter... a slight chortle was expressed
  8. I wonder if Hobby Search shipping estimator would work https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/ems EMS for 11.2KG is $146 Possibly... possibly :P
  9. Woo! According to the Goodsmile website the vf-1 will be released on the 21st of November https://www.goodsmile.info/en/post/4788/Release+Dates+and+Changes+for+November+2018+Products.html Two days after I arrive in Japan! ...Sadly I had preordered this monster on CDJapan (well, not too sad cos the price was just too good)
  10. The kit is now delayed to October... as per Goodsmile news: http://www.goodsmile.info/en/post/4771/Release+Dates+and+Changes+for+September+2018+Products+Scale+Figure+Delay+Apology.html and product page: http://www.goodsmile.info/en/product/7226/PLAMAX+MF+25+minimum+factory+VF+1+Super+Strike+Gerwalk+Valkyrie.html I'm a bit bummed about the delay; however, I guessed it would happen... Goodsmile has been delaying quite a few of their releases as of late... maybe they produce too much for their own good? :P
  11. Goodsmile has listed this for release in Jan 2019 Amiami: https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail?gcode=FIGURE-041875 Now if only they would release Figma versions of all the SDF characters... and Plus as well :P
  12. milhouse

    Hi-Metal R

    That sucks that that happened... Amazon will likely do a refund just talk to one of the reps on an online chat, and they should refund, and maybe ship it BUT... the main reason I am posting this is to tell you to delete your third picture... it has your address visible!
  13. milhouse

    Hi-Metal R

    I couldn't help but order 2 vt-1's from amiami.... but display options got the best of me... here's to hoping my girlfriend doesn't give me an earful
  14. milhouse

    Hi-Metal R

    *Drooling intensifies*
  15. milhouse

    Hi-Metal R

    I log in more often than usual just to look at this image. I can't wait to order one... or possibly two, so I can have it in fighter and gerwalk mode (with each mode displaying the different characters). Nah, I can't do that... got to remind myself: "one for my shelf, and one for someone else...." Any who, I'm too hyped
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