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  1. So is this info still valid for the The First Reboot?
  2. Is the art for the reboot completely drawn from scratch or did Mikimoto reuse art from the The First (2009)? If so, does the character and mecha design change significantly?
  3. Is this two different manga now or more of a "remaster"?
  4. Are they going to retcon Kahless as being one of these proto Klingons that look closer to the organism Worf devolved into? Or maybe they co-existed with the Post-TMP Klingons just as they presumably coexisted with the TOS Klingons. If Kahless is a post-TMP type Klingon it raises the question why would these proto Klingons would follow him.
  5. According Japanese Wikipedia, M-MSV was published in SD Club with the title "モビルスーツコレクション 大河原邦男MS最新設定集", does anyone have evidence of this (e.g. a page from SD Club that shows this exact sequence of characters?).
  6. Is Japan the only place where the legit Macross Delta disks are licensed? Are the official Japanese blu-rays region free?
  7. She wouldn't have "remembered" any of it it since she was born afterwards. So those stills weren't memories of the events but memories of images of the events (i.e. paintings of the battle and wedding photos) and you are most likely be right about Mirage seeing the movie, though.
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