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  1. How about for an autograph? Do we need tickets for that? Or you just line up after the panel?
  2. are there any vendors coming at the con?
  3. ill take 1 too. see u at the con
  4. can anyboy pm me his cel no to call? hope to see u guys at 11:30
  5. so what time r u guys gonna meet up? i might go this sat.
  6. ......and he's hoooottttteeeeeerrrr than graham!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. you got to give it to yamato bec their the only one who had the guts to produce toys based on a 20+ year anime. i could be wrong with all of this license dispute thing, but if your the only manufacturer who actually got the rights to produce these toys, its just natural that they want to earn more. thats why you invest on something. to earn money. thats just how it is. it basically comes down to you as a collector what is still ok and what is absurd. u dont really have to answer to anyone bec this is your obsession. heck, everybody has their own obsession. i dont understand why other people are so into cars, sports, etc., so i dont really expect people to understand me. the impt thing is when u ask yourself if its worth it or not.
  8. the only good thing that i bought was a signed copy of the valkerie book.
  9. rye23

    Japan TRU 1/48 Sale

    me too!!!! me too!!!!
  10. if u think thats insane, take a look at their vf-1s price: http://store.yahoo.com/tisinc99/mavfvafiroyf.html
  11. i dont have close- ups but here it is
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