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  1. Holy frak this looks good! Netflix should be doing Star Wars, not Disney IMHO.
  2. Never read the book. Never played the game. However, I'll give this a watch.
  3. Showed the trailer to my almost five year old daughter and she loves it! Really wants to see the movie now. The director is really good so this may be better than it looks.
  4. Well, the good news is there will be a AKIRA anime series hopefully next year. I'm just hoping its produced well and follows the manga closely. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/akira-anime-series-works-director-katsuhiro-otomo-1222674
  5. First time movie I saw with Rip Torn was The Beastmaster.
  6. Bogus Journey was just like the Ghostbusters sequel. Not terrible movies but both looked like Hollywood cash grabs that made them less funny.
  7. Not surprised. He hasn't been well for sometime. RIP
  8. So... The big question is will McDonald's have Mulan Szechuan chicken McNugget sauce promotion for this movie too?
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