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  1. RC Helicopters/Planes

    My daughter has been watch Cars 3 every day, sometimes twice, since it was released on Netflix. Sphero has this ultracool Lighting McQueen remote control car that I would have loved as a kid. Sometimes I think about buying one for myself, especially since they are dropping in price. https://www.sphero.com/pixar/lmq
  2. The Road to Hasbroverse

    I doubt we'll see much change in quality. As bad as the last films were they made money and that's all the studios care for. Good example is the recent Star Wars films.
  3. Battle Angel Alita

    I liked the original anime and manga but I loved the trailer. I'm still super excited for this movie but I suspect it'll do poorly in the box office no matter how well reviewed it is, just like Blade Runner 2049
  4. Battle Angel Alita

    Alita just got pushed back to December. I was really looking forward to seeing it this Summer http://variety.com/2018/film/news/james-cameron-alita-battle-angel-moved-back-1202696666/
  5. Black Panther, in theaters Feb. 16, 2018

    Got out tickets for Black Panther next week at the Alamo Drafthouse. Thankfully they have showings where talking is allowed plus infants as we'll be bring our almost two month old son with us.
  6. R. I. P. John Mahoney

    He was also the voice of the General in The Iron Giant.
  7. Venom - The Movie

    I expected worse. Still, I think I'll skip the theater and just catch it on streaming instead.
  8. Death Wish (2018)

    I want to see this but will probably have to wait till it comes to Netflix or Amazon Prime.
  9. All things NASA & SpaceX. Past, Present & Future.

    My cousin and his family watched it take off in Florida, posted some some nice video and photos on Facebook. They also witnessed the SpaceX rocket explosion in 2016 IIRC. That video was intense!
  10. I got nothing to add except that I'm envious and if this is for a business trip then eat eat eat!
  11. 1/18/08 Cloverfield

    Just occurred to me this film was more Event Horizon than Cloverfield plot wise. Still dumb and a waste of good acting talent.
  12. Yamato 2202

    I wonder if Funimation is already subbing or perhaps dubbing season 2.
  13. 1/18/08 Cloverfield

    Just watched it. The ending was so dumb it made my head hurt, literally. LITERALLY! So dumb that it tempted me to cancel my Netflix account too.