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  1. I re-bought Crysis so I wouldn't have to deal with the physical discs and finding patches anymore. It's a game I like to replay after a graphics card upgrade and after ten years it still looks amazing.
  2. Anybody make any Black Friday game purchases yet? I want Hellblade but don't think it's priced low enough just yet.
  3. RAMPAGE Movie

    Looks good but will we see the monsters eat people out of buildings to regenerate health?
  4. I wonder how much money Wargaming is making with their model? I'm playing World of Warships which is free to play but you can buy stuff to increase XP and special items such as ships and skins without it feeling unfair to those who don't pay. I put a few hundred dollars into this game but I know it goes to making the game better with new updates and content. Plus I love the game so its worth it. Perhaps EA should have thought of this model at first because its hard for a community to complain about a game that is free.
  5. I wonder if anyone lost their job at EA over this.
  6. To clarify my point is that if Battlefront didn't look like Star Wars would you still play it? The gameplay matters.
  7. The real problem with the Battlefront games is if you took away it's Star Wars skin would you still play it?
  8. Lord of the Rings TV series coming to Amazon

    I don't think you can compare LOTR to GoT. One has orcs and elves, the other has wieners and boobies
  9. Lord of the Rings TV series coming to Amazon

    Another big question is where will it be filmed? If they want to retain the Peter Jackson look the series must be filmed in New Zealand with WETA doing the effects. I visited the WETA Cave in Wellington, NZ back in April 2011. It was small but very cool though it's probably grown since. Here is a couple of photos we took inside.
  10. Lord of the Rings TV series coming to Amazon

    My big question is will the series have the look of Peter Jackson's films or will it be completely fresh?
  11. Yamato 2202

    Their site is odd. Doing a search on 'Yamato 2199' doesn't bring up the series. They actually have the show titles as 'Star Blazers.' Very bizarre.
  12. Yamato 2202

    Well they can't dub all the episodes that quickly so they have to release them as they are completed I guess. That being said I thought the dubbing was good though I prefer the original Japanese voice overs. Still, its nice to have a choice as I hope to watch the series again when my children are old enough.