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  1. Posting this here because I don't think it deserves its own thread... yet! Still, the FOX live action series was great so an anime can work. That being said I'd pay real money for a ROBOCOP vs Terminator film too. Terminator Anime Series Coming to Netflix From The Batman Co-Writer https://www.ign.com/articles/terminator-anime-series-coming-to-netflix-from-the-batman-co-writer
  2. I see Newegg has a lottery system to get a card now. Insane. I'm glad I quit gaming when I did, this is a ridiculous time to be a gamer. And since I'm not gaming I was looking at selling my RTX 2060 since I could possibly get more money back that I paid for it but I can't even find a worthy budget card to replace it with, ugh.
  3. Lots of short of trailers out of China. I'll still watch it but the film looks nothing like the 2014 version which gives me a kinda bad vibe. We shall see...
  4. I'm sure this movie will be cool but I'd love to see a CLOVERFIELD like version of Godzilla too. Any fans of the original Cloverfield here?
  5. Watched this over three nights. Good SFX but it's too long and too... Korean? Noticed Kim Tae-ri is in it and she was really good in The Handmaiden that another Macross forumer recommended in this thread.
  6. The original film had a great soundtrack for the 1990s. Amazing how bad the second film was, almost walked out of theater.
  7. We finished The Queen's Gambit on Netflix, way better than expected and was never boring. That being said they should make a modern day version of the film and call it THE ZERG RUSH!
  8. Well dang but I didn't even know there was a teaser trailer already too, lol.
  9. Reminds me too much of Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn. Was that their intention?
  10. Godfather pt. 2 Aliens Austin Powers sequel Road Warrior Lethal Weapon 2 Back to the Future Part II Blade Runner 2049 <- fight me on this if you dare TRON: Legacy <- debatable I can go but it just seems hard to screw up a sequel like WW84 when they had as much time and talent available to them. Maybe it just lacked effort?
  11. Watched Aquaman on HBOMax this week and it was way better than WW84 and made me realize again how awful WW84 was. Sequels are typically better than the first film but WW84 proved the opposite in a lame fashion. And we still have Patty Jenkins crap Star Wars film to look forward to, ugh. Disney fired the wrong woman this week.
  12. The Elephant Man is on PRIME and watched it last night, first time in decades. Great movie, love the classic and gothic black & white filming. One of Lynch's best films!!
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