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  1. Going through the vault on Disney+ and watched The Black Cauldron for the first time. While it was very well animated I can see why it did horribly in the box office. Disney had a lot of cinematic flops in the 1980s and its amazing they survived it.
  2. My KRISS Vector is OK with that Using a drum mag on a GLOCK handgun would be a good should workout though, lol.
  3. MAGPUL just announced new 50 round 9mm magazines for Glock and EVO. Dat $120 price tho! I may get one for my KRISS Vector but won't pay $80 to $85 for one. https://www.recoilweb.com/magpul-expands-drum-mag-line-to-cz-scorpion-and-glock-based-pccs-156513.html
  4. Keaton is in it, very interesting.
  5. Great second season and I'm glad it's set up for a third, can't wait. The show has outstanding special effects too, I can't think of a show that does it better.
  6. Looks good, especially for a sequel to a film released in 2018! I look forward to more movies directed by Krasinski.
  7. First episode in and wow, the special effects in this series is amazingly realistic looking. Hands down one of the best rebooted series ever too. Up there with Yamato 2199.
  8. Syd Mead was the kind of artist that inspired me to draw when I was young.
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