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  1. My wife is a huge Harry Potter fan so I wonder if she'll want a PS5 for Christmas
  2. Re-watching the series with my almost 6 year old daughter. She calls it the Baby Yoda Show
  3. Agreed though my daughter has discovered Phineas & Ferb and is now obsessed with it! I still have no idea what the show is about, lol.
  4. You're thinking of the strongest Avenger. That was Hulk
  5. I'm suddenly nostalgic for the original DUNE and all things David Lynch right now. Lynch was such an awesome director back in the 1980s that made weird cool. Wild at Heart is one of my favorite movie of his. Couldn't find it on streaming (VuDu, Google, etc) so I had to order the blu-ray.
  6. Reminds me too much of the original film which tells me how good David Lynch did with it. Either way... I expect this film to do poorly because of COVID and the audience is derp.
  7. Saw Tenet this evening. It's good though it's as close as we'll get to Nolan directed James Bond film. That being said Nolan should look at making a sequel with the Protagonist's character.
  8. We just finished the first season of BOSCH on Prime. It's a really good cop series that holds our interest. Lots of good actors and characters too.
  9. I'm not upgrading at all since I quit gaming, LOL. Though if I was still gaming the new cards look mighty tempting for making Cyberpunk 2077 look extra pretty.
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