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  1. So instead of a all female cast we get all kids? Where is the comedy?? This looks too much like Stranger Things and will bomb just like the last reboot.
  2. I have a decent size two car garage and measured it's length, its at about 210 inches which is too short for most trucks including the Tesla Cybertruck at its current length of 231.7 inches. I could park in my driveway but having a parked car in a garage in during Winter or rainy days is really nice. Plus I have to think about the fast charging location in or outside my garage too. So at this point the Ford Mustang Mach-E may be my next vehicle. I'm just hoping I can get that $7,500 EV tax credit when I buy one in 2023. Stuff to obsessively think about till then, lol.
  3. Could be Boba Fett but I doubt it after checking Temuera Morrison's roles in IMDB. Though it'd be mad cool if they did bring him into the series, maybe next season??? I wonder if we'll see someone from the Clone Wars TV series, this is Dave Filoni's series after all.
  4. Decent episode but they need to amp it up some. The drama for last two episodes is kinda weak.
  5. Yes, I want Jack Bauer to have his own movie! He gets better with age too, just like me! LOL
  6. Bryce Dallas Howard directed this episode. Though it's not very original she did nail some cool scenes so she does have a future in directing. Like father, like daughter!!
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