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  1. Finished The Dark Crystal series on Netflix. Wow, way better and darker than expected and not for the little ones either. Using puppetry instead of all CGI was a brave choice, Jim Henson would be proud! Hope there is a second season!!
  2. With the Verizon Up in their wireless app I was able to get the RAMBO 4 digital movie collection for free
  3. Best puppet movie evar IMHO! (NSFW)
  4. That plus the storyline is pretty deep, more so than the movie. My five year old daughter who likes the movie was bored with the series after five minutes.
  5. Second episode in... yeah, not for little ones. This is Game of Thrones lite which is a good thing.
  6. Then again... it could kill my love for all things Yamato. Seriously, I sometimes wonder if folk in entertainment purposefully destroy beloved franchises just so we don't ask for more sequels or reboots.
  7. IGN gave it a 10/10 score... https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/08/31/joker-movie-review
  8. I saw. Just hope it's better than 2202, way better.
  9. First episode in. Looks great and way more deep than I expected.
  10. Still looks good but I'm not interested in TERMINATOR like I used to. I think that ended when the FOX television series was cancelled
  11. This movie looks to appeal to non-fans.
  12. Signed up for Disney+. Good deal for $4 a month for three years IMHO.
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