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  1. Finished the last season of DARK last night. One of Netflix's best series, a intense time travel mind bender of a story! You're missing out if you hadn't seen it yet.
  2. Finished Dorohedoro. Good bloody crazy stuff! Can anybody recommend similarly violent anime on Netflix or Prime right now? Already watched other violent anime like Attack on Titan and Berserk there of course.
  3. STARCHASER: The Legend of Orin, the greatest Star Wars rip off is on Amazon Prime so go watch it now!! I remember watching it in 3D at the cinema and enjoyed the heck out of it. https://www.amazon.com/Starchaser-Legend-Orin-Joe-Colligan/dp/B07D3HFDVM/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=starchaser&qid=1593525302&sr=8-1
  4. I remember how hot Mia Sara was back in the 1980s, especially after LEGEND. But now... makes me really appreciate my wife that is ten years younger than me
  5. I made a ton of money selling my ammo during COVID back in April, about $2K profit. The ammo I sold was mostly green tip 5.56 and 9mm HP. I can't use the green tip in a indoor range and I already have plenty of 9mm HP already so might as well make the money while I could I have enough ammo for a SHTF still
  6. Right. I think what I'll do is temporarily cancel a service while I watch another. For example, stop Netflix while I watch HBO MAX or HULU for a few months. Besides money I just don't have the time for watching shows on multiple streaming services.
  7. Another streaming service I have no interest in. GG Peacock.
  8. Its really Disney's fault. Outside MARVEL most of their recent live action films have been complete crap. That being said, I'm still hoping MULAN will be a good film.
  9. We finished the second season of OZARK on Netflix last night. It's a great series but does anybody here that watched it thinks it resembles BREAKING BAD?
  10. If I was single with no kids I'd love to play Cyberpunk 2077 when its released. Alas, I quit gaming earlier this year so I guess I'll wait till the retirement home, lol.
  11. Check out Joel's TIGERLAND if you hadn't seen it. It stars Colin Farrell's in one of his earliest roles and is really good in it too.
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