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  1. FInally got home and opened it. LOVELY! Almost double the price of the Bandai VF-29, but the quality justifies the pricetag (not really haha). Hmm.. received mine from Amiami and no bubble wrap; however, box and valkyrie both in near perfect condition (nothing is perfect). Very very very very very glad I pulled the trigger on this. I now have bought two valks in two months lol.. Btw is the gunpod supposed to be army green? Mine is gray...
  2. Exactly. Mine was delivered to my office and the postman was waiting for me with a Visa/Debit machine.. The smile remained though I can't wait to go home! Should I take a half day? EDIT: No more Amiami.. HLJ or Nippon-yasan (even with higher shipping, I still save on taxes)
  3. Variants ok. Just give me the damn booster!! I was just trying to look for a second hand one.. not much luck haha.
  4. +1. I really do not want to use this term but YOLO! Haha.. I'm not suggesting to become a hoarder. Just get the ones you really like/love. For me, I fell in love with the YF-19 ever since I laid eyes on it watching Macross Plus. So damn sexy. Haven't justified buying it at a aftermarket premium and fortunately, this time around I was able to preorder "at cost."
  5. I hope they release a fold booster especially for this though. So yummy. I couldn't afford one back then as a teenager..
  6. ^ Thanks for your update and valuable source of information regarding reliability of the vendor. I trust them as well as my experience was smooth and the service was efficient.
  7. Here is the final update on the journey to getting my first Macross valkyrie. The wait to get off work was long and arduous. But well worth it. I was like a child opening a present on Christmas day. Full of everlasting joy. Unwrapping and getting my hands on my new toy. Ah!!! Orgasm lol. Inspected the YF and have no complaints besides the wings (the tilting thrusters?) not being stiff enough. Anyone have a remedy for that? Otherwise, I'm very pleased. Looks like I picked a good one to start with. In summary, it was a great experience without any hiccups. Thank you again for all
  8. @Pedro.. Definitely! It's only noon right now.. EDIT: @namsdraug.. I was just thinking how insanely awesome it would be if they sent me the VF-4G they have selling for 90000 yen lol.
  9. +1 I've touched on this in another thread as well. I know it's frustrating for some but such is life (myself included; just work harder!). We are here to share the love.
  10. I'm new to the forum, but already I've seen many heated debates in past threads in regards to how people spend. Everyone let's just stay on topic which is our mutual love for Macross and of course the Valkyries!
  11. UPDATE: I have received my YF at work today! So excited. Haven't unboxed in fear of no will to work thereafter. Thus far, everything has been smooth with NY. I did opt for EMS as I hate sleepless weeks of waiting (cost offset by no happy hour for a week or two). I will post a final update when I inspect my new baby. CANT WAITTTTTT!
  12. @Macrossjunkie.. Your Isamu is so sick bro. Wish that was stock haha.
  13. Wow that is some mad skillzzzzz with Lego......
  14. Well I can make an arbitrary macrossworld account lol. I live on the west coast and won't be sleeping that early. I'll preorder a couple if I can on this non personal account. If I don't want them I'll put the username and password up here for those who want it.
  15. Been staring at the pictures a lot and actually I prefer the color scheme of Isamu more and I'm not too crazy about the jack sparrow I mean ozma. I might wait it out too....
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