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  1. Thanks for the tip. Hopefully I can finally get my VF-1S Focker's backpack fixed.
  2. Still looking for a recast BP-8 for a 1/48 valk. Anyone have one availble?
  3. Still need a BP8 recast for my VF-1S, anybody have one??
  4. Anything definate about when it's coming out? It was supposed to be out a month after the VF-1A low-viz2 originally.
  5. I need a BP8 recast for my VF-1S Fokker. Is Rohby still making them??
  6. muswp1

    2 seater 1/48s

    I don't see the heatshield being as much of a problem as redesigning the swing arm. I definately think that a two-seat valk is possible.
  7. I could have predicted this the moment I saw decals for "012" on the decal sheet on my VF-1A Hikaru. I'm just suprised it took this long.
  8. I wonder if it's going to have the full compliment of underwing weapons. With all the specialty valks coming out lately, I wonder if Yamato is eventually going to do a VF-1D??
  9. muswp1

    1/48 Gbp

    Has the armor set been delayed again or is it still due this month.
  10. muswp1


    Thanks for the reply, I'll PM him in August. I am just uncomfortable with the idea of using epoxy on the joint with the weight of the boosters attached to it.
  11. I'm in the same boat, courtesy of one of my friends who elbowed over my 1/48 Fokker in Gerwalk mode and snapped the left hinge off. Is Rohby or Neova still making these parts or am I out of luck.
  12. muswp1


    I guess I can join the growing group of broken part BP8's owners. A visitor elbowed over my VF-1S Fokker in Gerwalk mode and broke the left hinge point right off. Who do I need to contact to arrange for a replacement??
  13. Ok, this one has to be either joke... GI Joe Prototype Check out the shipping...
  14. I just received the Alt gunpods from Rohby, everything went smoothly
  15. No doubt discoloration: Yeah, I was just kidding. But that's probably the worst yellowing I've ever seen. I wouldn't pay more than like $10 for something in that poor of condition. Anyway, check out the price on this MPC Ben Dixon. Talk about overpricing to avoid eBay fees! That's too funny. You could get a case of those for that price.
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