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  1. DuffCon

    Hi-Metal R

    Wondering what are the odds that Bandai carries this line through other series, like a revival of the VF-19s/kai and maybe the VF-25 series. Would like it if I could "standardize" my Macross scale at 1/100
  2. DuffCon

    Hi-Metal R

    Geeze, save some for the rest of us!
  3. With the caveat of limited examples I feel as the Arcadia is overall better; my Hikaru has much tighter arms and joints compared to my two v2 Yamatos (not that they are loose or anything)
  4. So I reached a odd place in my collection. Over the last 2-ish years I've managed to collect 6 1/60 Valks; 3 v2 Yamarcadia, 1 V1 Yamato and a couple others. So as we all know, over the last 2 years, the cost of the 1/60 scale has grown exponentially with no sign of relief. Some of the oddball VF-1 Variants will probably never be re-released by Arcadia as they seem to be concentrating on low run, high cost toys. So I got excited when the Hi-Metal R line was announced. Finally a chance to get things like the VT-1 / VE-1 / Etc for a "reasonable" price. Except that it's not that easy to get this line either, though it's possible to pickup the first releases around $100 so it still a hell of a lot better than the ~$250 Arcadia/Bandai entry fee. So here I am sitting around wondering if I should start getting Hi-Metal Rs. Right now, my game plan is to pickup a 1J GBP and check it out, if it's nice enough I would probably sell off my 1/60s and use the money to fund a 1/100 collection. Alternatively I really don't see my 1/60 collection going any further, especially when I can't afford to get any new pieces. I can justify a $100 toy every once in a while, but $200+? Not really. I guess my question to the group is: has anyone else done this? Were they pleased?
  5. DuffCon

    Hi-Metal R

    I have to say that i'm again very disappointed in this line. When it was announced I had high hopes of collecting a variety of VF-1 variants for something approaching a reasonable price (~$100). The first couple of releases were pre-order madness and now the aftermarket is jacking up the prices to near Yamato V2 levels. The 1S Hikaru is trending on eBay for $130, which is about what I bought my Arcada 1/60 Hikaru for in early 2014. (I found a dented box one at a discount) I love Macross and collecting toys; it's been enjoyable for a long time, but lately I feel like selling off my collection as there really is no hope of it going anywhere. Arcadia's ~$200 entry free for any toy is ridiculous and it's impossible to get any of these smaller toys at anything approaching MSRP. Sorry for the rant.
  6. DuffCon

    Hi-Metal R

    Sorry for being lazy, but does anyone know where one can get a 1J or 1S for a reasonable price?
  7. DuffCon

    Hi-Metal R

    What site was that?
  8. DuffCon

    Hi-Metal R

    The ability to actually buy it...
  9. DuffCon

    Hi-Metal R

    I'm reserving judgement until I get my hands on one, but it's pretty frustrating. Can't really order/preorder. Scalpers on eBay aren't a solution. It's kinda sucky that a $75 today is being resold for $125 or more, which is like a 200% markup!.
  10. Nice! I'm usually not a fan of weathering, but that looks awesome!
  11. i'm going to leave these right here... Love the 17; IMO it "cheats" a lot - a lot of panels to cover up robot parts, but that doesn't stop it from looking awesome.
  12. I guess where i'm going with this is: "will a spray booth prevent overspray from getting on my Valks"
  13. Agreed; unfortunately I have a small house, with a small garage with a small amount of the garage space to call my own.
  14. Sorry if this has been discussed before. I've recently begun playing with airbrushing acrylics. Right now, my work area is nearby my Valk Display (within about 4 feet) now I have done several painting sessions and haven't noticed an issue with overspray but i'm worried about getting paint on them. I've been looking at investing in a airbrush booth, but am wondering if this is necessary or am I just being paranoid? Further, those of you with booths, have you had issues with overspray?
  15. I use wooden toothpicks for a variety of modeling and also for prying tough things off. They tend to be softer than the plastic material
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