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  1. Bump this; I completely forgot about this and still have the valk gathering dust. Anyone interested?
  2. Playing with the idea of selling my last 1/60 Valk. As in the title, this is the 1st release Arcadia Toy from 2013. It comes complete with the stand that was only released with this toy and the desirable water slide-decals unused. After I bought it, I was able to obtain some loose Yamato super/strike parts and added them to my toy. Box is in pretty good shape, has some dings but no major rips or anything. I'm mostly interested in $ to finance other hobbies. Negatives: Sticker sheet applied (I think I did a good job) but if you don't like it, you could always remove or add water slides
  3. DuffCon

    Hi-Metal R

    Wondering what are the odds that Bandai carries this line through other series, like a revival of the VF-19s/kai and maybe the VF-25 series. Would like it if I could "standardize" my Macross scale at 1/100
  4. i'm in the bay and can pick up if the current deal falls through
  5. DuffCon

    Hi-Metal R

    Geeze, save some for the rest of us!
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