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  1. Not really, they are his designs and I get he wants to do right by them. As I said in the interview though, he clearly wanted to talk more about it but couldn't and he was indeed disappointed that they hadn't contacted him yet. He was a genuinely lovely guy with an obviously active mind. I really wanted to show his thought processes on design too. Simply because the best way of showing that someone has stolen your idea is that they can't explain the thought process in terms of its conception. So the whole section on how Macross came about was to show that really and then follow it up with examples of how people had copied him.
  2. Yep, been around here for aaaaaages and I've also known Graham for a good while too.
  3. Cacophanus

    YF-30 in SRW

    It's a good unit in BX too! Need to get around to reviewing the game at some point...
  4. Cacophanus

    Macross Δ (Delta) - announcement thread

    The new variable fighter definitely looks like a follow on from the YF-30, which makes a lot of sense considering it got a DX Chogokin. I did a quick news piece on Forbes about it too: http://www.forbes.com/sites/olliebarder/2015/09/25/upcoming-macross-delta-anime-shows-off-its-new-art-and-logo/
  5. Cacophanus

    New game announced- Macross 30

    But that's still wrong as he is currently investigating the planet throughout the course of the game.
  6. Cacophanus

    New game announced- Macross 30

    That's not right though, as he is currently investigating the planet. That's why he gets shot down in the first place, as the NUNS faction don't want people finding out about Ouroboros' secrets.
  7. Cacophanus

    New game announced- Macross 30

    It's not though, as it states he is investigating the planet - which he is doing. So it's not at all wrong.
  8. Cacophanus

    New game announced- Macross 30

    Wasn't really bothered about covering the characters stuff, as I was more curious about the core gameplay mechanics (something Kotaku omitted). Especially as it's a game review, not Macross narrative review. On the investigative element, I disagree (as Leon does investigate the planet throughout the course of the game) and it doesn't bother me so will stay as is.
  9. Cacophanus

    New game announced- Macross 30

    Such as? It's the same as on Macross Compendium too: http://macross.anime.net/wiki/Macross_30:_Ginga_o_Tsunagu_Utagoe
  10. I will try to do the VF-25S (Ozma's) tomorrow, as it's late here. Overall, the model kit (assembled and painted) does look more accurate to the show but you can't play with that really. This is very much a toy to be handled quite heavily I think, so the finish isn't as pristine as a kit. The glossy finish is very nice though and I am very happy that all three modes look good too!
  11. Here are some pictures of the VF-25F up close. I apologise up front about the quality of these images as my camera isn't great. It's also worth noting that empirical analysis of these photos isn't recommended as I'm still getting to grips with the the toy and as such the transformation may still be a little messy (sorry!)... These catches cause some issues as they often come unstuck if you try to pose the toy too much. It's not a big issue, as they reconnect fine but it can be a tad annoying. This is as flush as the legs get in fighter mode, they do click into place though.
  12. Durability wise it feels very sturdy and very much a "toy", so whilst the Yamato 1/60 toys have a better finish they are more display pieces that have to be handled with greater care. A lot of this is down to the usage of diecast in the joints, so it doesn't feel weak in any way. In terms of stuff breaking, not so sure on that yet. I'm very careful generally with toys and the only slight thing I've noticed is that the cowls on the legs that house the smaller fins sometimes don't quite click into place properly. You have to swap the hands out for the transformation as far as I can see and the gun holder is purely functional for fighter mode, so it's not housed anywhere in battroid. Thus far, the more I play with it the more I like it. Once you get used to how the transformation works it begins to click I think. I still haven't really found anything glaringly awful with it either but I'll post more later (hopefully with pictures!). As proof that I have them at least here's a happy photo of me...
  13. I'm in Japan at the moment so managed to pick both the VF-25F and VF-25S today (which also turns out to be my birthday!). It was released first thing this morning and pretty much ALL the shops in Nagoya sold out of them by lunchtime. The transformation is a bit fiddly and whilst the diecast parts are nice, I still feel the 1/60 Yamato toys are better. In the flesh it's a lot less chunky than in the photos we've seen as well. Glad I've pre-ordered my VF-25F super packs for March!
  14. Cacophanus

    Macross Ace Frontier for the PSP.

    Thought people here might be interested in this: http://www.gamesetwatch.com/2008/10/column...across_pion.php I left out Macross VO because I wanted to cover the console iterations.
  15. Cacophanus

    Macross Ace Frontier for the PSP.

    Yeah, but those people are crazy. The new 3000 looks amazing compared to the 1000 and 2000 models. The interlacing issue is only something you notice on older PSone games that are being emulated, as it retains the interlacing rather than interpolating the fields (which is arguably more faithful). Macross Ace Frontier looks fantastic as it's being rendered progressively.