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  1. BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    CD-Japan is pay upfront for preorders right?
  2. BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    I have a fair amount of 19 toys, but I'm still rocking the original Yamato 1/60 for the YF-19. This is a really nice looking piece and might be a good replacement. That said, I have to imagine this is way more popular than anything from Delta and those were/are a pain in the ass to get. So I'd like to upgrade, but it's probably better for my sanity if I just don't even bother.
  3. Bandai DX VF-31

    Have yet to jump on the 31 wagon. Thought about it for several releases and even participated in some of the insanity around preorders. The CF one is the one I wish I had paid closer attention to. I like it way more than any of the hero options this go around.
  4. Arcadia 1/60 Super VF-1J Max & Millia Release

    I've loved the designs from Macross for a long time. But as a collector without an unlimited budget it's sometime tough to justify buying too many Valks when they are so similar. These guys are pretty great since the colors are so striking. It really helps make them a worthy addition to the shelves over a regular white 1J. It's certainly easier to sell the purchase to the fiance if they look appreciably different
  5. Arcadia 1/60 Super VF-1J Max & Millia Release

    I don't have any 1Js and this would be a mighty fine way to add a pair to my collection. I wonder how much of a treat these will be to get my hands on.
  6. Bandai DX VF-31

    I think I vastly prefer Mirage's unit over the other 31s. That said I already have the 31F pre-ordered and I don't really want to go through the insanity a second time. That said, I'm fairly certain the 31 is going to be a one and done for me so now I'm debating which one I really want.
  7. Bandai Sv-262 DX valk

    It's potential durability in the long term was part of the reason I let my preorder go and wound up not buying from HLJ either. I still like this design and I may bite on one of the Pope head versions despite my misgivings about longevity. I only hope some of the derping I couldn't shake with Keith's is gone with the other variants.
  8. Bandai Sv-262 DX valk

    Been waiting for Wotafa's review of this guy. Even though it's in Japanese he has a way of conveying what he means so even those of us who don't speak Japanese can figure it out. Also his transformations are usually super helpful and well shot.
  9. Bandai Sv-262 DX valk

    Man I go back and forth on this design a lot. I see some pictures and I love it and I see some others and I think it looks derpy as hell. The head area is what I flip flop on the most. I'm torn on whether I pay for my order or just let it go and accept the consequences.
  10. Bandai Sv-262 DX valk

    Lack of hip ratchets is a huge bummer for me. I don't have a 31 but I remember watching reviews and thinking that it was about damn time. Not having one in hand I can't say for sure, but it sure seems like it could have been done. Bandai puts ratchet joints in tiny Super Robot Chogokin which may not even have metal in the limbs that feature said ratchets. But on a complex, 200ish dollar Valk they can't carry that feature through the line. Maybe I'm nitpicking, but it has a big ass gun and big ass legs and ratchets at the hips and shoulders seem like a no brainier.
  11. Bandai Sv-262 DX valk

    It's tough for me to tell what joints are ratcheted from that video. Knees look like a definite, shoulders...maybe a soft ratchet and the hips/legs look like the might just be friction. For as leggy as this thing is I hope I'm wrong. But since I can't read what's in the video and the sound is missing I'm just guessing.
  12. Bandai Sv-262 DX valk

    Soooooo, HLJ shipped is saving me nearly 40 dollars in comparison to my amiami preorder. Ami might nuke my account for not going through with it butttttt I've never done business with them before and HLJ saves me money.
  13. Bandai Sv-262 DX valk

  14. Bandai Sv-262 DX valk

    Glad to see the video up. Time to give it a watch before bed.
  15. Your most recent Macross or toy purchase! General thread.

    That Kylo figure is the only Mafex product I've ever seriously considered buying. Most of their stuff looks way too spindly and oddly proportioned. Not sure if their products have just gotten better, or Kylo's design (with robes and all that) just lends itself better to the way they do things. For such a simple design, I've been really put off by most figures of him.