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  1. For real lol. I mean, it's Roy, there's basically nothing in all of Macross that forces my wallet open like something related to Roy. The PO was dumb luck too. I happened to just check a thread minutes after he went back up on HLJ. I'm a little skeptical, but still reasonably sure they'll come through. Perfect, thanks. So a markup, but not one so egregious that it completely rules out the option.
  2. So, I've been away from the forum and from Macross collecting for a while now, but I managed to luck out on a Roy. Being away means I was largely oblivious to the TV Super set until after I had secured a pre-order for the 1S. It looks like NY is pretty much the only game in town left and I'm mostly curious what the 11k yen price looks like compared to what it actually retails for. I know NY is kind of a mixed bag, but I might roll the dice for the supers.
  3. For what it's worth, the Hasbro Pulse page says 5 per transaction. Presumably BBTS or any other retailer doing this could just place orders in batches of 5 as they come in.
  4. Got mine yesterday, but didn't have a chance to open it up and take a look. This is a pretty exciting release for me, I've always liked the 1J but for one reason or another never bought one. I still have my old 1/48 Roy 1S so at least this will have some company on the shelf.
  5. Well I doubt anyone remembers my post about the SDCC Megazord and how mine was missing ratchets in one of the shoulders. But, after nearly 5 months, I got my replacement Mammoth yesterday. The process was slow, but they totally came through for me. Now everything is nice and clicky and secure. Glad they were able to make this happen as the defect, while not the end of the world, did kind of rain on my parade a little. The piece really is quite nice when combined with the Dragonzord, which is likely how it'll be displayed most of the time.
  6. The only reason I said no Sazabi is because it's probably on my list to buy, along with Nu to display together. Appreciate the suggestions everyone! Gives me some things to take a look at. The Gelgoog 2.0 looks like a neat kit as well, so I'll probably going to look into one of those as well. The Dom is one of my favorites, but it looks like it hasn't gotten a 2.0 MG yet.
  7. I'm having the itch to get back into building Gunpla again. I'd say it's probably been a good 8 or so years since I actually built one. I kind of want to build something from Zeon as those designs have really grown on me over the years. The newer MG Sazabi seems like a potential option, but I really dig some of the Rick-Dom, Rick-Dias and Gelgoog kits. I know at least some of these are getting pretty dated at this point. Anyone have some suggestions for fun/well engineered kits from the older shows that aren't Sazabi? MG is preferable.
  8. I still need to get Xabungle and Brockary for my display, but I'm really excited their doing more from that series. I don't think I ever saw this show as a kid, but I've had the name of it in my head as long as I can remember. Scored an SOC Irongear (which is a wonderful release by the way) and started watching the show earlier this year which kind of kicked off the purchase of these Hi-Metal figures.
  9. Was hoping that new PG would be something more interesting, something that makes me want build another kit of that size and complexity again. Oh well, means I can just stash the cash I might of spent for when something more exciting comes along.
  10. So for those that have the Dragonzord, is there a way to collapse the chest closer to his body in fighting mode and I just missed it? Cause the front it looks pretty great, but from the side there is a big ass gap that looks pretty awful. As far as I can tell, the answer is no, especially since I haven't seen such a step covered in any videos. Still, it's really unsightly and pretty amateur hour for an SOC, even if it is still the best representation we are likely to ever get.
  11. That front view of Unit 01 is enough to get me to give this a big fat pass. The head and neck look super doofy and remove any of the menace it should have. That said, I feel like plenty of releases don't get the head and neck quite right, not really sure why this one is so difficult.
  12. Glad I happened to pop in to this thread in time to snag one. This looks so slick and I really do think I prefer a smaller collection of larger figures. Now my old 1/48 Roy will have a companion piece.
  13. For what it's worth he's a pretty tremendous piece. I actually found him fun to transform and he has some really interesting/crazy engineering. I said on TFW that I'd recommend him despite the risk. Though mine isn't broken, so take that for what you will. If you like Beast Wars and are a fan of Dinobot, this is still the way to go. I doubt we'll see anything better, at least not anytime soon.
  14. It's a weird situation with Dinobot. Without looking at mine (still at work), I couldn't come up with a reason why Takara would chose that plastic on that particular part. The softer, more flexible plastics throughout the figure make sense though. There's a lot of twisting and accordion...ing that needs to happen on this guy. I imagine we'd have people shearing their arms off and whatnot if something more rigid was used. I flipped mine back and forth a couple of times before reading the meltdown on TFW, but my ratchets are okay. I was gentle with it, but mostly because I went into the transformation blind (it's surprisingly intuitive believe it or not). I don't want to dismiss people's issues as this obviously is one to some degree, but it also isn't universal. I feel like the more expensive the figure, the more likely you'll have these kinds of issues. I shouldn't have to future hips or shoulders or worry about backpack tabs breaking or hips disintegrating or breaking the "neck" of my 19. But, iirc, all those issues have hit Macross releases in the past. High end, complex pieces can break, you're paying more for finish and engineering I'd imagine than durability. A problem, sure, but at least it's not a catastrophic one. He still can transform and can basically pose without issue from what I've seen of the broken ones.
  15. I think if you sign up for an account with DHL, which doesn't cost anything, you can release packages that need a signature by going online. It's what I do since I'm never home when they deliver. You can also leave specific instructions (I've asked them to leave it in the shade on a hot day, for example) and I've always had a good experience with them. UPS and USPS or more likely to leave the slip without knocking and Amazon's delivery guys will just throw crap at my front door.
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