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    Happy Birthday, Minmay!

    Belated for two months, but her soul remains in my custody, regardless of obnoxious threats from Ishtar, Sharon Apple, Basara Nekki, Mylene Jenius, Sara, Mao, and Sheryl nome, and the infamous Ranka Lee. But we all knew the events that unfolded in the year, especially when her parents are disappointed that Beijing lost to Sydney for the 2000 Olympics weeks before The second one next year
  2. Another to board the Megaroad-01, like Nelson Piquet Sr.
  3. honmono

    Misa: Coffee For one?

    Another example of Finesse, in comparison to a Ferrari. Her curves stroke the perfect chord of harmony, in which Minmay, The bridge Bunnies, Claudia, Millia, didn't have at all
  4. honmono

    MW Outage 11/4/2013

    Eh, Shawn...looks like Exedore, Breetai, Gamjin, and Bodolza are to blame!
  5. honmono

    My Review of Macross Flashback 2012

    All erased when the Megaroad-01 suffered an Amelia Earnhardt-style disappearance weeks before the Rio Olympics. Even with an intentional cruise to the black hole in the centre of the milky way galaxy was considered as the culprit, the fans keep on debating up to this day, some coming up with a separate Zentradi ambush, an accidential and irreversible shutdown of the NAVCOM systems, Hiraku/Misa/Miku/Minmay/Kaifun escaping to a "safer planet" by the escape pods, all of those keep on being debated independently from Studio Nue's original remarks.