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  1. To my eyes, what should have been an improvement over the Studio Series toy fails, at least so far as truck mode goes. The SS did a better job of making the hitch deck cleaner and more proportional- this looks stretched with obvious robot leg armor just hanging out. Easy pass for me. This is shaping up nicely. I hope it's not the victim of the QC issues that seem to have plagued MP releases of late, as this may be the first official MP I buy since Sunstreaker. I still wish they'd designed the feet closer to how XTB did theirs, and I wonder if that windshield is going to collapse close
  2. OK, I knew a 3P company was releasing Seekers that looked pretty similar to the official MPs a few years back, but I couldn't remember who it was. I bought a few of the original Kawamori-tweeked Seekers (Greenscream, Wally exclusive Starscream and Skywarp, IIRC). I intially wanted to pick up some MP-11 figs, as I preferred the more show/toy accurate depiction, but ultimately, I hated the high placement of the head so much that I never bought another official MP Seeker. When the MT version came along, I was intrigued, but as usual, I fence sat through the first releases, picking up Skycrow on a
  3. Surprised no one else has posted this yet. Zeta has a MP Seeker in the works. It looks a lot like MP-11. Not really feeling it. Still hoping that MT are going to rerelease their Seekers, but their silence of late isn't very promising.
  4. The one thing I have going for me so far as Voltron goes is that my wife was a fan, and even had a couple of the Lions, as a kid, and she enjoyed the Netflix show. She complains all the time about how much room all my stuff takes up in the house these days, and she's not wrong. So to answer the question of where am I going to put Unicron, not to mention a potential DX Voltron, I'm not sure yet. I was planning on building a big shelf next to my four CHUG shelves, but given the diameter and the weight, I think I want him on more solid footing. So, I'm going to have to do some much needed
  5. Terradive is a cool fig, and yeah, one of the better jetformers they've done over the years. Breakaway is a decent F-35 until you look at it from any angle but straight down. Fun toy, though, except when trying to monkey with his head inside the cockpit. I still wish they'd done more to streamline his legs in fighter mode. I initially liked '07 Dreadwing, which resembles a Flanker, but I couldn't abide his lack of proper hands. Until now, I never realized his exhaust augmenters could open. As hands go, it's a 'meh' solution. His fighter mode is pretty decent, compromised only by the bulbo
  6. DX Voltron is such a beautiful toy; I've passed on it twice, but dammit, I'm so tempted. I just don't know where I'd put this guy- no room. Classic Voltron is, well, classic, but I wish that Bandai had done the toys for the Netflix show- a DX version of that design would be awesome. I have the smaller of the Playmates Voltron toys that can still separate into the lions, and while it's a fun toy to play with, it leaves somewhat to be desired in materials and articulation. I wish there was a high quality offering. Just finished watching the Netflix show last night, and I thought it was
  7. The J-20 is such a good looking fig; I'm trying not be tempted, but so few jet-formers ever look this good. These are the first bot pics I've seen with the wings closed, and I prefer that over their splayed look. It's a cool feature, but I think they look better solid. I did bow to temptation for the helicopter fig, and I'm totally down for the Flanker. I'm hoping they show protos of the Flanker soon- the art looks gorgeous, and of course, the Flanker is a beautiful jet. I may not agree with Soviet ideology, but they can sure design a pretty fighter.
  8. Bumping Wanda for a moment, as I saw on Twitter that a live action Big Hero 6 is in the works in some form or fashion. I saw some folks speculating that it'll be part of the MCU, which will be a notable departure from the look and feel of the Disney movie, but more in keeping with its comic roots. The Disney film was my introduction to that universe, so I'm a bit biased towards it, and wouldn't mind seeing it done in live action (hopefully with a an actor of Japanese descent in the lead role). However, if they do go the MCU route, I'm curious how they'll work BH6 characters in there.
  9. I couldn't have said it more eloquently. In all fairness, I liked the animation direction, which used a lot of CG to make the characters look sharp. The designs themselves, overall, didn't grab me, and the few eps I suffered through turned me off to the series altogether. If I had to choose between watching RiD/UT or the Bay films, I'd pick the former, although I'd consider watching either as cruel and unusual forms of punishment. I will say, however, that the return to non-critter alt modes was refreshing, as much as I love BW. BW owes a great deal to the writers and VAs who brought the chara
  10. Although the triple changers outside of Springer, Astrotrain, Blitzwing, and possibly Sandstorm really don't interest me much, along with Tidal Wave, Broadside could be thrown in there, and possibly a Six-Shot. I'd be down with UM done at commander scale; that would give them the budget to make a really good figure. Despite being a lukewarm fan of UM, I hope it happens, and happens the way the designers seem inclined. We're sure to get a better toy if the designers themselves are personally invested. I've zero interest in the UT stuff and purely Japanese Transformers, but if they eventual
  11. OMG, dude. So funny. You should have italicized collective for those unacquainted to at least have a Google clue. And yeah, having been a helo fan since my early teens, I'm very excited to see this thing fly on Mars. Imagine the potential if it works....
  12. I'm totally down with partsforming on a gestalt. While I like and admire MMC for attempting to make their versions free of partsforming, concessions have to be made, and quite honestly, I don't expect that level of engineering to be applied to a mass market toy, regardless of scale. Truly, I don't even expect it if Takara eventually does a combiner in the MP line. It's one of those unique Transformers concessions that I think the vast majority of us, even ardent perfect-transformation fans such as myself, can forgive readily. And yeah, more G1 accuracy, please, although more in the Hasui tradi
  13. If they do go this route, and at this point, we have little reason to doubt Mike's source, then I'm definitely in favor of a more concentrated effort put into each combiner alone rather than trying to make a generalized mix-and-match system like they did with CW. If they take an approach similar to third party and craft each combiner as a singular team, and if they observe a similar quality standard as the WFC/SS'86 lines, then I think the final product will be more refined. Personally, I want a better Devastator than the CW version provided; it was a very compromised toy, and although T
  14. I'll chime in on the naming thing as well. I'm with Technoblue; I think the names Perseverance and Ingenuity are both fitting and relevant, given the hurdles faced by scientists and engineers in all phases of development, planning, and execution of a mission of this scope and complexity. Doing anything in space is fraught with difficulties, and given the fact that any overlooked minutiae might mean the difference between success or failure, perseverance is a definite trait embodied by such an ambitious project. I certainly don't envy the scientists' and engineers' stress levels in attempting s
  15. Huge congrats to NASA, especially the JPL team who oversaw her development, for once again creating a system of many parts with little margin of error and seeing it through to fruition. It's a hell of an achievement. Even if they were doing this for the fiftieth time instead of the second (for this style of rover), it would still be remarkable when one considers how many things must go right for it to succeed. Now that the hard part is over, the exciting part of the mission is only just beginning as they put Perseverance through her checks, get her warmed up, and deploy Ingenuity. Hopefully, e
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