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  1. My guess is yes, as they're likely going to go the cheapest option possible. Either that or it'll be a very slight retool, as you said, to make the side panels more reminiscent of the actual Lambo. I think they made the Siege as close to source as possible to make any potential earth mode from it as economical as possible, so whatever they do to it to effect the change, I expect it to be minimal. It's already a good mold, so even if they just repainted the roof and windshield to make it more like the Lambo, I'd be fine with it, honestly. It would be nice, however, if they tried to make it look
  2. Y'know, looking back, I'm not sure now, as the box's window mostly showed the upper portion of Prime, and I don't recall the branding. The pics on the box showed him with all blue legs, and I can't remember if I was able to look down into the box to confirm it. My short term memory is rather poor, and I can't honestly be sure. The impression I had when I got home was that he was the version with all blue legs. I forgot to mention yesterday that Target had two copies of Ecto-1, but the price was $60 or $70 (I don't recall which, just that it was grossly overpriced), but secondary is up aro
  3. Thanks, Mike! The Target I went to also had Kingdom Optimus Primal, Cheetor, and the deluxe dino skeleton dude. They had a bunch of Cyberverse stuff, Kingdom Opimus Prime (the one with all blue legs), a number of SS Bayverse deluxes and MPM Bumblebee Movie Bee. I don't own a single version of Bee Movie Bee, so I thought about it for a second or two, but ultimately passed. I may come to regret it, but not today. I passed on the BW figs, as I have them all PO'd, and, having the MP versions already, I can wait. It gives me something to look forward to. I even thought about leaving Cyclonus at fir
  4. So, I just got back from target, where I picked Kingdom Cyclonus!!!!, Kingdom Warpath, and SS Hot Rod. Starting with Hot Rod, I vehemently echo Mike's comments on the crappy shoulder articulation. A similar mechanism as Cyclonus' would have allowed for natural lateral movement of the shoulder instead of having to rotate the shoulder to the top of the body in order to allow lateral arm movement. Another example of this is Runabout/Runamuck, whose shoulder joints are attached within the body rather than in the arm. It's crappy engineering, and severely limits the arm articulation. The incl
  5. Good rundown, Mike. Up front, I've never liked Scourge's odd space hovercraft alt mode. I think it's probably because I've always equated it, at least subconsciously, with being more of a terrestrial vehicle, or a bar of soap with engines stuck to it, and it just didn't really appeal to me nearly as much as Cyclonus' far cooler jet mode. I love aircraft, particularly fighters and x-planes, so my bias certainly informs my opinion. I will say I dig Scourge's bot mode; the 'bat wings' give him a distinctive look. Anyway, this is the first review I've looked at, and I must admit I'm a little disap
  6. As Macross heroes go, Basara's not very memorable except as a pacifistic douche. He had a moment here or there, where he acted nobly, but his impact was mostly lost in his whole misunderstood artistic loner routine. Gamlin was a better hero, if a bit too stereotypically militaristically stiff. The relationship between Miria and Max was interesting, fun at times, but also a little bittersweet. Having seen them fall for each other in SDF: Macross, you want them to work well together, both as spouses and in their duties.
  7. Yeah, I'll concur with what the other guys are saying. I watched it last year for the first time, and I didn't find myself really getting into it until somewhere in the 30 ep point. I absolutely hate "Planet Dance" and they played the ever living crap out of that damned awful song. I kept hoping Mylene would take over as lead singer, as I tended to like her songs better. By the end, I got what Basara was about, but I still thought he was a bit useless, and the VF-19 Kai wasted on him. Still, I watched the M7 movies after finishing the series, and I enjoyed those more, I think, than the whole
  8. I noticed the rounded, barrel-like look of the chest, too, but I didn't equate that with the old shampoo bottles until you said that. But yeah, he almost looks plushy on top, then he has those weirdly long thin thighs. It just doesn't appeal to me, and the F-15 mode is a travesty. Overall, I prefer the look of Maketoy's Seekers, which aren't perfect, but better in most regards than this to my eye.
  9. Congrats on scoring Star Convoy, Mike. Always nice to find that one elusive figure. For me, that's probably Animated Blackout. I keep hoping Hasbro will release him like they did the Flying Vehicon and Breakdown. Fingers crossed. I'm hoping Maketoys will rerelease their Thundercracker. I've got their Starscream PO'd, and I already have their Skywarp. Still waiting for their Coneheads to release- I've had a PO for their version of Thrust for a year or so. Hopefully, it's still coming. I wasn't sure what line the projected Blaster fig was going to belong; thanks for the clarification.
  10. I was thinking that the previous release of Evasion Prime was a Studio Series release. I didn't get him, although I was a little tempted, but my interest in Bayverse toys was already waning at the time. Since then SS leader class Blackout and SS deluxe Dropkick (helicopter) are the only Bayverse figs I've bought, IIRC. It just doesn't have the same appeal to me as other lines, especially the G1 stuff. A little enthused by a Kingdom version of Blaster; the TR version is a nice figure except for his crappy "cassette" and the angled storage method. I'll never understand why they didn't desig
  11. I didn't realize it has been that long since Gears got an update, and yeah, that fig was just ok; an update is certainly due, and it would have been great to have him as a slightly undersized deluxe with improved articulation. While I think the TR version of Windcharger, and Tailgate by default, was a good fig, I would have liked to have had him, and Brawn as well, whose TR toy was also a marked improvement over previous versions, as small deluxes in the WFC line. Concur wholeheartedly with the Insecticons getting new versions in this line as deluxes. I love the legends Insecticons we've
  12. Man, I'm still waiting for a ship notification for Thrust. Other than being saddled with the mediocre upscaled Classics inspired mold, he looks pretty good. The black definitely looks better than the brown on the old Classics toy. As he's my favorite of the Coneheads, I'll be happy to have him once Target decides to send him. However, I just got notification from Hasbro Pulse that they're shipping some items out earlier than expected, so I should be getting Kingdom Cyclonus, Optimus Primal, Cheetor, Blackarachnia, and Warpath sooner than anticipated. Out of all these, I'm most stoked for
  13. I question why they made the Datsun Bros, whose ER fig is already accurate to the G1 character, when so many other figs could use an improved fig, such as the Vanette Bros, Arcee, or an improved Astrotrain. These Datsun figs are ok, but they're clearly not based on the G1 model. What I want from third party is improved versions of the not-so-great WFC figures.
  14. Relating to Animated, I thought the show was great, but I was also impressed by how well Takara was able to take Derrick Wyatt's very exaggerated toon designs and turn them into functional toys that retained nuances, of varying degrees, mind you, of the characters' toon likenesses. As I said earlier, it wasn't for everybody, but it remains one of my favorite TF toy collections, and I keep them on permanent display on my desk. (I have a big desk) As for BW toys that didn't make the cut, it's indeed a shame that they're not making Terrorsaur, who's way overdue a good toy, and Inferno, who w
  15. Nice breakdown of the rumors, Mike, and much appreciated. Shame they're not doing Gears- I have to wonder why, as it'd be great to get a WFC version of him to the same standard and scale. It'd also be nice to get Windcharger and Brawn to complete the 1984 Minibot lineup. Perceptor seems an odd omission as he was rather prominent in the '86 film and thereafter. Granted, his alt mode isn't the most exciting. Too, they gave us a pretty good version of him in TR, but a new version without the stupid headmaster gimmick would have been nice. Maybe upscale him to voyager as well; the origi
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