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  1. The painted bits are what really stand out to me- the blue on the repair droid and the on the trailer's undercarriage, both of which should have been molded in blue , but weren't (kinda like Prime's inner legs). The stickers do enhance an otherwise nondescript trailer, though, especially the roof/repair bay sides. Odd that they didn't mold some detail into those areas, too, but it is what it is, and the stickers alleviate that blankness.
  2. In today's dollars, and given the the costs of materials, equipment, and other resources, $10 mil is low cost, especially for govt/military projects. A little out of my budget, though. What's really disturbing to me is that that drone was developed to be a stealth target drone intended to be shot down by the AF, and that $10m is considered low cost for that purpose. I was watching the new season of Mega Machines last night, and they featured a 'flying car' concept in development by a British startup called Vertical Aerospace. More akin to a human-sized drone than the Spinner from Blade Runner, it's nonetheless a rather interesting aircraft that could prove revolutionary if they can bring it to a mass production stage. Anyway, the guy who started the company worked on F-1 racing cars, and applied those technologies to this project. He also recruited people from all over in the aviation industry to work for him. While it may not have the glitz of fighter aircraft, tech heads would probably be interested, as they're bringing a lot of cool technologies together to make it work. One aspect I thought was really cool was that all 12 props on their newest project are produced by a company in England that makes wooden props for older aircraft. They CAD milled the props due to their complex shape. It was pretty neat.
  3. Looks really nice, Mike, especially the trailer. I didn't realize just how blah that thing looked until I saw it next to your 'after' pic. What a difference. Still waiting for Sure Thing to ship my copy, but seeing the possibilities makes me think about, at the very least, painting some of the same areas on mine. I gotta wonder what HasTak were thinking putting all that grey plastic into Prime's legs. I'm not crazy about putting that many stickers on the trailer, so I may forgo the stickers, but I may have to paint a few things. Now all you need is Roller.
  4. Oh man, I forgot about Device Jaguar when I was writing my earlier post. I wanted one of those, as it was so perfect an evolution from the cassette, and it was Ravage! But I wasn't as savvy with online buying at that time, and never managed to get one. I'm glad you posted that, as it's still a relevant device, and it'd be neat to see if some of the other cassette characters could be made into data sticks, especially ones that are actually functional. A laptop seems the perfect update for Soundwave, although the sweet gimmick of carrying around his storage device minions internally would no longer apply, except, perhaps, as a bot-only feature. Not quite the same, but halfway is better than not at all. Edit: Found some pics of the Ocular Max Autobot cassettes, courtesy of Planet Steel Express. Hopefully these will be released this year.
  5. Oh yes, I have them- I didn't pick up Frenzy, but I have the rest. Their condors weren't as well done as I would have expected, but Jaguar and Furor are just excellent-really well done. I, too, wouldn't mind Ratbat, or any of the other cassettes, especially the dino cassettes, at that scale and to that degree of engineering. Like you, I don't mind the scale of MP Laserbeak or Ratbat as mini-cassettes. I think it works, as relative to real-world size, they fit. Jaguar and Furor, ie. Ravage and Rumble, look much better scale-wise in their bot modes next to the rest of the MP figs. I think Ratbat would be cool at full sized cassette scale just due to the potential engineering that could be brought to bear. I'm rather surprised that they didn't go ahead with more cassettes; IIRC, they showed off protos for the Autobot cassettes- Ramhorn, Steeljaw, Eject, and Rewind at some convention, but there's been little ado about them since. I would have welcomed them with open arms and wallet. All the others, too. It does suck that they have no compatibility in their cassette modes, but unless they made a grotesquely oversized Soundwave, the feasibility just isn't there. But, mine are displayed in their bot modes, as I'm sure most are- cassettes aren't the most exciting of alt modes, but the gimmick remains one of my favorite 80's anachronisms in the toyline, and shall forever be cherished. I find it somewhat sad that a similar analog doesn't really exist today, with the advancement of electronics, to continue the tradition with a modern take on Soundwave. I liked the drone with a drone idea for Prime, but it still wasn't quite the same, was it? There just isn't much that functions the same way as the cassette player/cassette relationship post-nineties, at least in a form that can be turned into a decent robot. Maybe, with extraordinary advancements in micro-joint tech, we'll see CDs/ DVDs that can transform, but I don't think we're there yet. And by the time that tech arrives, CD and DVD tech will likely be obsolete in lieu of something even smaller, thus the quandary persists. Poor Soundwave.
  6. I never had either of these guys as a kid, as I found them, even then, to be utterly terrible. But I think they are perfect illustrations of how a bad design can be updated brilliantly in the modern mainline. I have both of the TR figures, and I think they're great. Topspin is my favorite, too, as I like his flight mode as opposed to the other's drill tank. I never was a big drill tank enthusiast, but in the context of his being an update, it works. Finally saw Earthrise deluxes at my local Wally today. As I already have them (Thanks Hasbro Pulse), I took note and carried on. But I'm glad to see them starting to make their way into stores; my Walmart, in particular, gets Transformers Generations figs in very infrequently and sporadically, and they seldom carry anything bigger than deluxes, although occasionally they get voyagers in, and on very rare occasions, leader class toys. It never used to be like that, especially back in the mid-2000's when the Bayformer figs were out and then the Prime cartoon stuff- they carried everything plentifully. Not sure what happened between then and now, but over the last 5-6 years they just don't seem to order much Generations stuff. It's a Super Walmart, too, and the only store of its size within 15 miles of Spokane, so one would think they'd try to keep it stocked, but for whatever reason, the TF section is almost always empty.
  7. I'm in for their Astrotrain and Blitzwing if it continues as is, or improves further. Their first take on Blitzwing wasn't the best, so I'm glad they redesigned it, as the newest version looks much better, especially in jet mode. However, there's still no release date in sight, so, not holding my breath for it. Out of all the third party contenders, I think theirs looks the best across modes, so I'm willing to wait. Their Astrotrain, Thomas, looks amazing right out of the gate, although AFAIK, all they've released thus far are renders, which can be fudged towards the positive compared to a fully transformable prototype which has a tendency to show the rough spots in a mold. I hope it turns out well- I want a decent Astrotrain, especially since the Hasbro WFC version was a huge letdown. I'm waiting to see how FT's Warpath turns out. TBH, I think Badcube's had much better presence, as they took some stylistic license, but my understanding is that it wasn't the funnest thing to transform. I'm surprised that Takara haven't shown any interest in doing more of the minibots beyond Bee. I have MP Bee V1, BC's Huff v2, and MMC's Cliffjumper thus far filling out my minibot ranks, but it'd be nice to have some official versions of these guys to at least contemplate. Then again, I'm not crazy about the toon emphasis informing the bot designs, so perhaps, for me, third party is the way to go. I'm also considering FT's Brawn, but so far I haven't PO'd any of these guys yet. I'm a terrible fence-sitter, but I've found that it's sometimes beneficial to wait for a review or two to see how a figure actually turns out. FT's Arcee is a good example- looks great, ostensibly, but I wasn't crazy about the transformation mechanics; I went with MMC's Azalea, and never looked back. Likewise with FT's Scoria vs Cesium; I held out for Cesium, and after watching vids for Scoria, I'm glad I did. I, too, have no interest in replacing my MP Soundwave; even with a few years under its belt, it still holds up just fine, and really garners no replacement in my mind. But, I love the cassettes, and while takara's condors were , and still are, impressively done, and Rumble/Frenzy were done well, Ravage, my favorite of the cassettes, stands out as needing improvement, so I welcome Fans Toy's take, which captures the jaguar mode much better than the official, and as I mentioned previously, I hope they sell these guys separately so I can get my hands on a copy without shelling for a new Soundwave I really don't want or need.
  8. Not a bad looking Jazz, but I wish it had a few more toy details, especially the details on the chrome bit below his car chest. That and the G1 toy knee sticker details are what persuaded me to go with Zeta's Jazz. Well, that and I preferred the overall foot transformation which skewed towards the toy and eschewed the faux fender bits of the Maketoy design. Anyway, as you say, given FT's proclivity towards projected releases, it will likely not see a prompt release, and will likely undergo several changes before then. Kudos to FT for shrinking the fenders in bot mode, not that I really mind them being their normal size, but for toon enthusiasts, it fits the aesthetic better. Just the same , I'm not a fan of accurate highly detailed cars turning into bland flat detail-less robots just to match a poorly animated show. I want those details to cross over between modes and incorporate, when possible, details from the G1 toys as well. But let's be frank, both toys, and the toon which followed, were rather poor, but each made up for shortcomings of the other: the toys had nicer details, but the bot modes were sadly devoid of articulation, whereas the toon gave them more humanoid proportions and demonstrated the articulation we wish the toys had. I'm all for a balanced marriage of both in my Transformers. Anyway, I digress. Where is Chosen Prime posting these TFCon pics? I've been searching for them, without avail. I saw any number of FT's projected releases on Tyderium Hangar's Youtube, and went in fruitless search. I will say, if they release their Soundwave and cassette bots, I hope, as well as with Soundwave, as they should, that they also make them available separately, as I'd love to pick up their Ravage, which looks much better than the official MP. Thanks in advance to anyone who can point the way to Chosen Prime's TFCon pics.
  9. You and me both. As much maintenance is required to keep a tilt-rotor operational, that Boeing design looks nightmarish. Bell made some improvements over the Osprey with this design as well, so they took the lessons learned and applied them to the Valor. I hope they get the contract. Not in the slightest. Other than the pusher prop, it's reminiscent of Russian helicopters, as they seem to favor the coaxial rotors design. But yeah, it kinda looks like a step backwards, technology wise.
  10. Coming from a military background, it just sounds odd to me to refer to her by her rank as if it's her name. In referencing a military member, one addresses them by rank, i.e. Sergeant, Chief, Lieutenant, etc. When referencing a military member to another military member, then 'the' is placed before the person's rank, especially when referencing Chief Master Sergeants and above. I'm speaking from an Air Force POV. The ranks differ among the various branches, especially the Navy, but the etiquette of address remains the same. So, after twenty years of living that environment, it's ingrained, and to hear something different just strikes me as odd and out of place. To folks with no military experience, I wouldn't expect it to sound as odd. I've never read the manga, so my only familiarity with GitS is the movie and the SAC series. In the movie, while speaking to Batou, she mentions, when they're out on the boat (start at 1:34), that Section 9 owns their bodies and cyber-brains. So far as cyber-brains go, it's purely my inference that they are devoid of organics. It makes more sense to me, but if I'm wrong, I'm wrong. Wouldn't be the first time, and I doubt it's the last. SAC established that Motoko had been a cyborg for most of her life, having survived a plane crash at an early age, and given full-body prosthesis to save her life. I hadn't recalled this particular detail, but according to the Wiki, only her brain and spinal cord remain of her original organic body. So, I was certainly wrong about her brain being fully artificial. I guess she wouldn't be a true cyborg if there wasn't something organic remaining. I concede the point. The trailer for the new show isn't grabbing me. There's a simplicity to the dialog that makes it feel like this is GitS Lite, as if it's targeted to a younger demographic. SAC was a mature show, both in terms of subject matter and dialog, and set a benchmark, in my mind, that will be hard to better. This new show, subsequently, feels like a step backwards in the franchise, based on the trailers. I didn't enjoy GitS: Arise as much as SAC, but it was still written to a mature level. I guess Netflix is trying to cast a wider net for their audience, but I get the sense that the show is just going to be a cliche ridden kid's show.
  11. I mentioned that Wheeljack was my favorite of the cars thus far. The too-long arms are actually reminiscent of the original toy (which I just happen to have sitting in front of me), although, thankfully, they didn't make them as apishly long as the original's. Good balance, I think. I'm sure Toyhax will have a nice set of sticker to fix all the non-canon tampos, although I don't mind them as they are. They're applied well, and since this isn't a licensed Lancia, using custom markings to replicate the look is fine by me. It's still obviously Wheeljack to anyone in the know. The weapon is really the weakest element of this release, as they seemed to want to compress his gun and his rocket launcher into a single weapon, probably for budgetary constraints. The result is less than satisfactory, and as I mentioned in my earlier post, I hope some third party remedies some of the more egregious weapon shortcomings in this line. I went back and looked at my Hoist, and the color difference with the painted trans-blue plastic is much better on my copy than Mike's. The paint is shinier than the matte green plastic, but the hue is very close, such that from a short distance it looks homogeneous. Such is the way of mass produced toys assembled by folks making small wages- the quality of any given toy may come down to whether the worker is fresh on the job, having had his morning tea, or exhausted coming off a late shift. As I mentioned, my Hoist's right knee is so loose it's nigh floppy, whereas the left has more tension. Luck of the draw.
  12. I totally agree with your assessment. I'm rooting for them to win the competition. Terry Crews is pretty over the top, but he's a funny guy, and by all accounts, just a really decent human being, so I'm looking forward to all the positive energy he brings to inspire the teams. Edit: So I just watched the most recent ep of LEGO Masters, and Terry Crews was, IMHO, the most fun celebrity guest thus far. The guy exudes positivity, and his interactions with the teams, and Will, was great. On to the builds: This week's challenge was for each of the four remaining teams to pick two characters out of the Series 19 set of Collectible Minifigs, and then after a determination of good or evil for each set is made, create builds for the assigned heroes/sidekicks or villain/henchmen. Adding to the challenge, each team of good guys is paired with a team with villains, and together they need to build an epic battle scene between their respective lairs. Next week's challenge is to build a scene out of Star Wars, and C3PO is the guest host.
  13. I knew him as the affable second fiddle to Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman. I doubt the character of Steve Trevor was all that enviable in a time when machismo in tv and films was on its rise to becoming the 80's zeitgeist, but Lyle played the part well. If he ever had an issue playing the weaker character next to WW, I never picked up on it in his performance. I wasn't aware he'd been on the Carol Burnett Show, which we watched from time to time, but he did make an appearance on the Golden Girls, along with Sonny Bono, where both men play themselves competing for Dorothy's affections. Seems like they had a good time making fun of themselves and each other throughout the ep. Good memories. RIP Mr. Waggoner.
  14. Good review, Mike. I hadn't noticed the difference in colors as prominently on my copy, but then I haven't really studied it that closely in good light, either. However, I'll point out that the cab and hood are both molded in transparent blue plastic and painted the requisite colors, whilst the rest of him is molded in green or orange plastic, so HasTak didn't do a good job with color matching the paint. I also noticed that his orange gun fits perfectly between his arms in truck mode, if only they'd put a 5 mm port there- they put them everywhere else. A folding bumper extension would have helped to hide it, as well, but I'd still be happy with just a port to plug it there, as it's the optimal spot for gun storage. And again, I'll point out that his gun is oversized compared to his arm, and like Mike pointed out, completely orange. I would prefer it to be silver, and about half as big. A hand folding mechanism like Grapple's would have been nice, but his forearms aren't big enough to accommodate, although there's plenty of room for them to have made them bigger if only to fold the fists out of sight in truck mode. I don't like gun hands- never have- so I'm personally glad that he has two fists with a gun accessory; I just wish said gun had been scaled better and painted silver, and made to tuck under his hood in truck mode. It's nitpicking, but I'd have been happier had they mounted his force-field generator on a ball joint, and painted it silver to approximate the original's chrome. The obvious peg in his back wheels contrasts poorly with his much nicer looking front, and one wonders why the same method wasn't employed to make them copacetic and more visually appealing. Some of the design decisions are just head-scratchers. Since he's a shared mold with Trailbreaker, who's the main character, I can easily forgive it's having more in common with TB than Hoist. I'd much rather have TB than Hoist anyway, but since they're releasing both, and the mold favors the G1 toy/toon amalgamation so well, why not get both. These figs are kinda begging for some more accurate weapons- it just sucks when you pay almost as much for a third party gun as you do for the figure itself. It'd be nice if someone made a weapons pack, with maybe ten or twelve assorted weapons for a number of characters, or, as in the case of the Datsun bros, a pack with shoulder missiles and rifles, for around $15.
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