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  1. Legos, anyone?

    I understand well; I'm retired Air Force living on my pension; I'll never be anywhere close to rich. I've cut down on my spending and when I spend, since LEGO, Macross, and Transformers (both official and some third party), are all becoming pricier each year. I've learned patience, waiting for markdowns, and just being choosier about what I buy. Know your limits, but don't forget to enjoy a little, either, otherwise, what's the point in making money if all you do is exist on it? Um, LEGO! So, I lucked out the other day at TRU and managed to snag a copy of Cole's Quake Mech from the LEGO Ninjago Movie https://brickset.com/sets/70632-1/Quake-Mech, which was put out erroneously ahead of release date. Fortunately, they let me have it (bonus, it was improperly priced at $20 less than MSRP, and they let me have it at that price, too), and I was pretty pleased with my good fortune. I built the set yesterday, and was pretty impressed with some of the techniques used, esp to create friction for the shoulder joints (they used those large technic turntables with bevel gears at either end of the diameter attached by friction pins. Works great, and could be modified to have more friction by substituting a different pin). There are a few new interesting parts in the set, and the overall mech is pretty impressive once completed ( it 'stands' on a single large tractor tire with a built in stand to allow it to rest upright and the shoulders open to reveal speakers). I wish LEGO would make more mecha sets like this; I also have Kai's red mech from the Movie, and it's pretty neat, too, although I wish they'd added a little more poseability to the legs. These mecha designs are what I wanted Exo-Force to be, and I hope we see more in the future.
  2. Legos, anyone?

  3. Legos, anyone?

    You might change your mind if you got to see one up close, handle it, or just build it yourself. Sets like these are usually full of interesting techniques and novel parts usage. The journey to the final model is as much fun as the model itself, and, honestly, while it is really expensive, given the number of larger parts throughout the model, the price to parts is reasonable. You're getting a giant box of plastic, and a ring bound catalog of instructions. Considering what a lot of other hobbies cost, LEGO's not too bad, and sets like these not only hold their value, but increase exponentially once they're retired. I should know; I just paid over $200 for two old Classic Space sets in remarkably good condition. No regrets.
  4. Legos, anyone?

    +1 for a waiting list. I'M a LEGO VIP member, so I'm eligible to order one now, but they're sold out. In this case, membership holds no privilege. Kinda wish I hadn't procrastinated, as I have close to $350 in my VIP account, so I would have only had to fork $450 plus tax out of pocket. As it goes, I need to spend about $200 or so of that by the end of December or lose it, as money earned is only good for two years in the VIP program. I wish that limit didn't exist- I could keep building it up. Anyway, it's looking more and more like I'm going to have to buy a different set (probably the LEGO Ninjago City set) to keep from losing money, and just build it up again to defray the cost of the Falcon within the timeframe. I hope they extend that production run by at least another year out, for as you guys pointed out, I think LEGO certainly underestimated the demand for this set.

    Same here. My wife and I were fans of the show, and were anticipating the next season, and then it was canceled. One of the show's creators blamed Cartoon Network's preference for LEGO Chima, which wasn't very good IMHO. Poor toy sales also played a part, I believe. CT killed Symbionic Titan for lack of toy sales, but the show was great. I don't understand why a good show can't stand on it's own merits if it's getting good ratings, regardless of merchandising tie-ins? Anyway, I wish they'd continued the story in graphic novel form the way the Avatar guys have been doing; at least we could have seen how the overarching story would have played out.
  6. Just saw it, and enjoyed it for what it was. I'm not that critical, and I felt the cast worked, as well as their interactions. The only thing that stood out to me was the very animated look of the 'evil roots'.
  7. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    I echo your sentiments; not crazy about the Bay designs, but having just looked at still photos of both modes indicates an impressive level of engineering brought to bear. Changing topic, I'm a big fan of the cassette figures, and by extension, the Ocular Max Remix full sized cassette figures by MMC. Their take on Rumble and Frenzy is pretty slick. I could live without the electronic pile drivers, as they only drive up the price, but the figures themselves are really well done. I hope they continue to do all the rest of the cassettes in this fashion.
  8. The Transformers Thread Next

    I used Captured Prey for my copy- I paid $225, but he came plugless. I still think, in hindsight, I'd look for a lower priced option and deal with the plugs. YMMV
  9. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    +1 I'm thinking it becomes necessary due to the limbs needing to be a certain size for combination that drives that design. The FT looks like a box under a Concorde to me, too, although better integrated. And the bot mode looks like a robot with a fragmented Concorde for a backpack. It's generally the same story for the Blackbird. The Action Toys Machine Robo Blackbird figure is probably the best SR-71 transforming toy I've seen, and it's still far from perfect. But at least it utilizes the fuselage and engines of the plane to become the bot rather than a box or jumble of folded robot hanging obviously from its underside. Kawamori's VF-14 provides another good example of how a folding fuselage design can be used for long slender aircraft, utilizing the various parts of the aircraft itself to become the bot, rather than tacking it up against the bottom of the plane like a giant cargo cube.
  10. The Transformers Thread Next

    PO'd with AmiAmi for 21,340 Yen- too well done to pass up, esp at that price (approx. $187 at current exchange rate). Every figure of Dinobot thus far has been poor, IMHO, so I've never bought any of them. I had hopes that they'd get this one right, but still had reservations. He's not an easy figure to do, but this is pretty impressive. That bot mode looks like it walked out of the toon, and the dino mode looks great, far better than I expected, honestly. As for the pricing, I could have lived without the stand, light up eyes, and spinning tail shield to keep the price lower, but as a collector figure, I guess it's cool for those who dig that sort of thing. Personally, I'm not a fan of putting batteries in my figures in the event I forget about them or they leak. So, I wonder if they're going to do the rest of the main cast? I'm thinking Megatron is a certainty. I wouldn't mind Blackarachnia- that'll test their engineering prowess.
  11. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    I find your critique, "PITA", both amusing and a bit cryptic. Difficult to transform? Things don't line up? Is there a forthcoming review to elucidate the 'painful' aspect? Regardless, it's purty. I dig it from looks alone. Is this Iron Factory? I remember seeing something like this not too long ago posted among a number of convention pics, I believe still in grayscale. Too lazy to research, but I recall even then, it caught my attention. I'm rather quite content with my Fanstoys Phoenix, but Skyfire, and Jetfire, based toys always interest me, and so therein lies my curiosity.
  12. Saw it with my wife yesterday, and we both enjoyed it. IMHO, the best Thor movie. I thought the humor worked, it told a good story, and there were some great interactions between characters that stand out and made it just that much more enjoyable.
  13. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    I'm on the same wavelength as Mike; as Long as I've been hearing the term 'third party' in relation to Transformers, it has been in reference to unofficial independent toymakers' products, which just so happen to look like everyone's favorite robots in disguise. Anything licensed, therefore, falls into the 'official' category for me as well. However, I understand your argument, and it makes sense to consider licensed Transformer stuff not by Hasbro or Takara/Tomy, be it mugs, t-shirts, toys, statues, keychains, etc, ad nauseum, to be third party, as would just about any other line of products licensed by a parent company. I wouldn't consider it incorrect; however, within this particular thread, 'third party' is synonymous with unlicensed products, and I think confusion would ensue if it was also used to describe licensed products not made by Has/Tak. Just my $.02.
  14. The Transformers Thread Next

    Some MP Dinobot news on TFW2005 http://news.tfw2005.com/2017/11/06/takara-mp-41-masterpiece-dinobot-listing-possible-price-353193 Conjecture is that it'll run about $245 USD. I like these MP BW figures, but if that's the going rate, they're getting a little too expensive for my budget.