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  1. I have Agamemnon, and I agree on both points. Aesthetically, Magic Square's Doomsday is superior. It's a fun little Megatron figure, though. The transformation is pretty cool. I'd love for either MS or a 4th party to upscale Doomsday to voyager scale to fit in with CHUG, since we will never get a proper G1 Megatron again officially in the mainline.
  2. Yet, there are precedents for it's having been done better: Maketoys' Meteor New Age's Leviathan (sorry so blurry- I took this freehand, and the camera is extremely sensitive to vibration)
  3. It's 0619 PST, and the Wally POs have yet to be posted. When they finally do get around to posting them, it'll probably be O'dark thirty in the AM and only scalper bots will end up getting them. All I want is Brainstorm, which I missed when TR was still running. I have all the rest, and don't feel the need to pick up repaints. Nice that Hasbro is reissuing these, but they picked a lousy marketing partner. At least Target and Amazon post their new products on time. @Negotiator, @mikeszekely, thanks for the links, guys. Thanks to you, I was able to get my figs. Now if Wally would just po
  4. She's a fun one to pose, eh Kuma. BFB did such a great job with sculpting, painting, and articulation that she looks good from just about any angle. Really glad I got her. Every time I see your pic of the two Jazzes, the one on the right always strikes me as playing air guitar. Not sure if that was your intention, but it's actually apropos to the character, and for me it adds levity to the shot.
  5. I'm still not seeing the Walmart exclusive Headmasters anywhere. If anyone has a link, I'd appreciate it. Edit: Apparently Walmart hasn't listed them yet, as the links aren't posted on TFW, either. Nice lineup of figs, but I was hoping they'd announce the Ark dude as a surprise reveal. Guess we'll have to keep waiting for it.
  6. Thanks for the links; they weren't coming up for me at all, even directly searching by name. Having the same issue on Walmart's site. None of the new figs are showing up on their TF page.
  7. My heart sank when they said "exclusive". I've come to despise that word. Fortunately, I have all but Brainstorm (missed that one), so I'm going to try to get him. Def want Thrust (my fave Conehead) and Runabout from Target. And all the "86 figs from Pulse.
  8. Aw, man, that sucks. The vast majority of my collection is on shelves, although I do keep a few on the coffee table for hand candy when I' watching a show. My cat, a Manx, is a bit of a chewer, more than my dog, rest her soul, ever was. She's eight now, and her proclivity was waned slightly, although she still likes to go after pointy bits from time to time. She has yet, knock on wood, to do any major damage to any of my figures. RtS Jazz remains one of my favorite CHUG figs, and until the '86 SS fig, was the most faithful rendition of the character. While I like the SS' bot mode for all
  9. Jazz is looking pretty good, except for the feet hanging out the back of his car mode. C'mon Hasbro, you've already done better: The "86 SS Jazz bot mode looks pretty good, though, hollow forearms notwithstanding. It has a good mix of toon and toy. Shame they cocked up the car mode, which could also do with some paint apps on the rear fenders to complete the look. Mixed bag, this one, but I'll still probably get it. I have Arcee, and car feet aside, this is still far better than that figure. Wonder why they changed his number on the doors? Seems a running trend with WFC. Hot Ro
  10. I officially embodied the "ass' part of assume with my post. I looked up the Ocular Max , and yeah, it channels the OG toy rather well. I remember liking the look of their Inferno, but ultimately went with the MP version, which turned out to be a nice figure, although a bit drab for lack of detail in bot mode. I'd rather have the sculpted details of Girder or Wrestle. But then, I've always been a fan of detail, preferring more over less, especially with a robot toy. Ooh, I'm very curious to see close ups of Jazz and Grimlock. Grimlock looks a bit emaciated in that pic; I hope it's a
  11. I think Hasbro should do it themselves. Give HG two middle fingers with one figure. That said, I wonder if maybe there was some intent behind Maverick's design, a test as it were, to see how far they can push.
  12. Thanks for the pic, Tekering. Comparing the two, there's just so much more texture, detail, and chunkiness to the Ocular Max. Plus, it looks like it has lo-pros compared to the fuller tires on the Takara. I think both are good toys; they just do different things aesthetically. Having MP Inferno, I think the better choice for me would have been to go with Girder for those differences. Too, I'm a fan of MMC's toys, so there's a little bias in there as well. Chronocidal said, "I think what's the most hilarious is how utterly VF-1-esque the transformation appears to be." Uncanny, isn't
  13. I agree. It takes a little effort to get her legs locked into place with her ankles pretty deep into the front wheel wells, without touching the tires, as well as getting her hands into a good position where they're not dragging, but that effort is pleasantly rewarded by a smooth rolling car mode. The car mode looks nice, too. I do like the official Arcee transformation with the front of the car forming her chest, but given the heavily anthropomorphic style of Nicee's design, the departure is easily overlooked. The extra utility of her shoulder pods as hip skirts or a stylized bow is also pret
  14. Couple of blasts from the past there, Kuma. Looking good, as always. I only got MP Inferno, and the way they designed the ladder to fold and stow inside the body is really it's coolest selling point, so far as this particular character goes. None of the third party contenders came up with so elegant a solution, just letting the ladder dangle off the back. I do regret not picking up MMC's Grapple, as I liked their design, but wasn't interested enough in the character at the time to pick him up. Too, it would have been nice to have that difference in aesthetics.
  15. This is a nice bit of crossover action I saw on Twitter today. The upcoming Maverick in VF-0 livery. Pretty sharp. I'm tempted to do the same when I get mine. Gotta chime in, too, and say what a nice looking fighter mode this is, especially with all the fanfare for MP-Starscream V2 and his rather questionable fighter mode. I wish more jet-formers looked this good.
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