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  1. The Transformers Thread Next

    I have no kids, and I'm retired military, so I have lots of time to dedicate to hobbies. But, I have friends, and have had coworkers, with kids, so I can understand how work and family can monopolize one's time. Even with time on your hands, there's nothing wrong with preferring the simpler, more intuitive transforming toys; they are fun, and as you said so eloquently, that's ultimately what it's all about. I like the complex toys for the challenge, but I rarely transform them b/c they usually are frustrating. And then there are toys like XTransbot's Eligos ( MP scaled Cyclonus) which is a beautiful figure, both bot and alt. But the transformation is an exercise in frustration due to poor clearances and some ill-designed tabs. The transformation itself isn't too complicated, sharing cues from the recent CW and TR figures, just scaled up. But I hate transforming him b/c of those clearances, so in lovely bot mode he stays, unless I get a masochistic urge. Y'know, as much as I like the G1 characters, I'm not opposed to just letting nostalgia drive sales of the MP line. Would I like to see those old characters on the big screen, perhaps with an EJ Su aesthetic - yeah, part of me would. But again, I think that's nostalgia. I also think it'd be neat if they redid the G1 cartoon with CG, and just used the old voice/sound tracks with some necessary remastering. I'd buy that. For a complete reboot of the cinema franchise, though, I think it should be just that- all new everything. New crew of bots, their own story, new settings- fresh from the bottom up. Of course, they can keep some mainstays- Cybertron, the Primes, taking on Earth alt modes (and maybe actually use the 'disguise' element , as they did in TF: Prime). There's so much they can do with this franchise to reinvigorate it, but I think they need to let go of the old and create a new story for this generation, with the inevitable homages to the G1 here and there. They did this brilliantly in Animated, although they were a mix of old and new with a lot of homages. I just hope we never get metallic skeletons coated with shards of metal as Transformers ever again- make them look more like the toys with some industrial design thrown in for realism. However, I do think it's a crap move on Hasbro's part not to be more active in selling the MP line here in the West. I guess it's good for TRU to have them as exclusives, but they don't seem to get a great deal of stock. Moreover, they price gouge b/c they have that monopoly, which sucks for us as fans and consumers who desire these figures. And, there's nothing G1 currently out there promoting them, so sales are driven entirely by 30 years of nostalgia. So Hasbro, reskin the old show in CG loveliness, remaster the tracks, and see if that reignites interest in the old show enough to justify selling the MP line domestically.
  2. The Transformers Thread Next

    MP Megs is a little involved, especially figuring out the arms, but once you've got it, it really comes together into a lovely figure with insane poseability. The upper torso/chest is the only criticism I have- that's iconic to Megatron, and it just doesn't look right due to all the folded bits comprising it with a flat plate slapped on the front. But, it's still an amazing little work of engineering-those legs and feet are brilliant. Due to his complexity, it's a rewarding experience to get him transformed. The 262 is less complex than Megatron. Those back hinges are a PITA, though, esp due to the lack of clearance. If you can transform MP Megatron, you shouldn't have too much trouble with the 262. Like anything else of its nature, take your time and you'll get it. I don't see how anyone can own a transforming toy and never transform it- defeats the purpose. I will say, though, some transforming toys are more fun than others, and after transforming the more difficult ones at least once, they often remain in bot mode for long spans of time until I get an urge to try it again. To that end, I empathize.
  3. The Transformers Thread Next

    It's been about two weeks since my last TRU visit, and I don't recall any MPMs there. I've only seen MPM Prime there once a few months back. They do get them here, but it seems like a blink-and-you'll-miss-it opportunity, and I don't go out there too often. Finally got all the PotP Dinobots and assembled them into Volcanicus. I'm with Scyla; the supplied feet are too small (might have to dig out the extra hands and try them). I'm using Slag as his right leg, and the foot pegs in securely, but it rotates easily under the weight, which makes just a standing pose tricky. I really hate how they did his legs- it would have worked much better and been more stable had they enabled Grimlock's thighs to absorb one way or the other into his lower legs. It would have shortened his gestalt a little, but the added stability, as well as more natural point of hip rotation and thigh length, would have improved him overall, IMHO. I appreciate that they tried, but the end result is a less than fun combiner. But I still like the individual Dinos, so the combining element is just a nice extra. Now Hun-grrr makes an excellent torso, with his ratcheted arms forming the gestalt's thighs, they're perfect length and situated naturally on the body. Looking forward to assembling Abominus, as I think he'll be a far better combined bot. As well as picking up Snarl and Sludge this past weekend, I also got Moonracer and Rippersnapper. I was a little disappointed that Sludge's back feet aren't hinged- even a limited ball joint would've been nice. Ripper's pretty nice; the only issue I have is that his legs clamshell open a little too easily and his knees also unpeg very easily, so his legs come apart with minimal handling. I'm a fan of the trapeze linkage for leg foreshortening- I think it's an elegant design. However, it's completely dependent upon those leg halves firmly snapping together to be effective, and in this case, it's weakness is manifested. Hopefully I got a bum toy, and the rest hold together better. I think he's a fun little figure otherwise and I dig his odd land-shark alt mode. I picked up Moonracer b/c I found her interesting as a toy; I have no familiarity with her as a character. She's half shellformer, with half her backpack covering her legs and forming the central cabin section of her car mode. Her feet rotate up to become the hood and partial windshield of her car mode, and panels on her forearms fill in her back fenders to complete her transformation. In bot mode her feet are hinged to allow fore and aft and also hinged to enable a little bit of ankle rock inwards- if you hit the small sweet spot due to the small flared bit of molded detail at the base of her shins. Had that been smooth and rounded, she'd likely have ankle rocker regardless of foot position. It's one of those smack-your-forehead kind of designs. So close to effective... but not. She does, however, have double jointed knees, so that's nice. Her car mode is long and thin, and despite being a Cybertronian alt, I like it. Her hands are clearly visible at the rear of the car, however, so there's that. This is a design that I think was hampered by the necessity of making her a combiner, not to mention giving her humanly feminine proportions. Had that combiner peg been omitted, they could have eliminated half of the backpack and perhaps integrated more of the shell section. Despite the shortcomings, I like her. She has disproportionally large feet which offer good stability and poseability, and she's a femmebot, which is rare. Moreover, I dig her color scheme- it's rare we get a light green TF car, and it works for her all around. One other negative I'll mention is that there are two tabs molded into the white section around the combiner peg that end up directly under her back wheels and sit flush with the ground. They look like deliberate parts of the mold rather than flashing, but the tabs serve no purpose- they don't tab into anything. The shell section rests against them in bot mode, so they appear to create clearance between the shell and the frame. It seems an odd unnecessary part of the mold to me. Anyway, I'm interested to hear others' experiences/ opinions on these figures, and hope my mini-critiques are helpful.
  4. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    Thanks for clarifying, Scyla. I've looked at those guys before, too, esp their version of Swoop, but not enough to know them on sight. Nice designs. I passed on Scoria in favor of Perfect Fusion Cesium, who's heavily influenced by the G1 toy, although he's a chunky fellow. I had him PO'd for quite some time, but after looking at comparison shots of him with Scoria, he was worth the wait- pretty much an overall improvement. I don't recall what influenced me to go with FT over Giga, beyond reputation. I liked what I saw on the FT side of things, besides Scoria, but I think Cesium had already been announced. Sever (Snarl) was my first FT dino, and it impressed me greatly. With that as my starting example, I bought the rest, never really looking beyond the FT dinos. I have no regrets, but there's always that curiosity about the thing you didn't buy and how it compares to what you did. Alas, I have neither the room nor finances for another MP scaled team of Dinobots, so I'll remain content with my FT Dibots and enjoy the pics and reviews of the others. To all contributors, esp Mike and Kuma, thanks!
  5. Saw it yesterday, and thought it yet another strong entry in the MCU. I gained a strong admiration for Panther's character as he was portrayed in the 2011 cartoon The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, a thoughtful, rational, morally straight guy of few but poignant words who was prone to look before he leapt. He was a great counter to most of the team, esp Thor and Hulk, who are habitually rash. Anyway, I hoped some of that characterization would come through, and while Boseman's take isn't as generally philosophical or reticent, two movies in, I think he's a great choice for the character. Above all, I think the plot served the character well- he ran the gauntlet of human experiences in this film, and came out the other side victorious, doubtless with a few scars inside and out. It was a great character-building film, and I'm looking forward to his next outing in the Infinity War. Enjoyed the traditional African Tribal music in the score- good stuff. Always reminds me a bit of the Lion King opening, which never fails to give me goosebumps. Whoever said they were distracted by Killmonger's hair- me too! As bad guys go, he was ultimately a pathological thug, but at least his pathway to that point was explained in a way that makes sense, to me anyway. I try to empathize with his circumstances and wonder how they would have affected me at a young age. Anyway, I think he had one of the better backstories for how he became a bad guy, even if he came across as an arrogant punk to me every time he was onscreen. He was over the top sometimes, but not like Andy Serkis, who chewed every bit of scenery he was in like it was taffee. Guy enjoys his job. I thought the scenery and settings were gorgeous. It's one of the prettiest Marvel films. Loved the integration of traditional thatching on some of the modern buildings in Wakanda- just some lovely scenery there, as well as much of the styling. I'm curious to see how they follow up on the ending sentiments of the film. If only Wakanda really existed.
  6. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    Kuma, is that one of the FoC/WoC Dinobots? Love the ankle articulation there; I wish FT had found a way to accomplish better foot articulation, as it's difficult to get most of their dinos into any kind of walking pose that'll hold- feet are just too big and there's no fore and aft ankle pivot, just minimal A-stance. Nice looking fig, although the black paint job throws me off- variant or the regular scheme? Anyway, lovely figure, beautiful photography as always. Giga makes some lovely Dinos; if I hadn't started down the FT path, I'd likely have a shelf full of GigaPower Dinos. I think either way you go between these two companies, you're getting a good product. I love my FT dinos, but I confess that I prefer some of Giga's aesthetic choices. I enjoy the photos of these guys, as I'll probably never get a chance to see them in person.
  7. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    Huh, I only glanced at it, too distracted by transforming it. I'll have to take a second look. But yeah, kinda wish it was paint or tampo. The toys themselves are pretty neat, though. Want the rest.
  8. Arcadia 1/60 VF-1J 35th Anniversary

    My sentiments exactly.
  9. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    Got my MMC Ocular Max Remix condors and Furor (Rumble) yesterday. Both are pretty awesome, but their take on Rumble is especially impressive. If you're a fan of the Cassette bots, I highly recommend. Interesting note on Furor; he comes plain with enclosed decals for a more accurate cassette look. Wish he was painted like the condors, but still nice that they come with the figure.
  10. Bandai Gobots/Machine Robo Series Toy Thread

    Ok, so by way of follow-up, I got Shuttle nd Missile-Tank yesterday. The latter is about as nigh perfect as you can get with a small transforming toy. His double missile rack, made by his arm transformation, can rotate a full 360 and raise an d lower for omnidirectional targeting. brilliant little bit of additional engineering that didn't have to be there, but I'm oh so glad they did. Like Battle, MT does not have any wheels on his faux treads, so imagination and a frictionless surface are required for optimal experience. Bot mode is nice and tight across all joints, and he has the standard articulation. The only difficulty I have with him is in separating the leg halves in bot mode- they're very solidly held in place and it takes a bit of effort to untab them (three tabs). The tail stabilizer just fell off one of the silver missiles while I was transforming him, so something else to be aware of. They're only held on by fiction- no tab, no glue. The missiles need to be removed for transformation to allow the hands to rotate into the forearms (they even attached a small hinged flap to cover the hollow arm in bot mode), and the missiles have attachment slots at center and about a cm aft of center, depending on mode. Overall, fantastic update, great toy overall- one of the best figures in the line, IMHO. Shuttle Robo- So this is the figure I was really anticipating, although I knew from pics and reviews, that he had a lot of panel-forming going on, and he does. Due to that, he doesn't 'feel' as solid in shuttle mode, although he doesn't fall apart either. He holds together well, but there's just that element of flex and give to him due to all the panels that kinda feels flimsy. Speaking of panels, one of the hinged double panels on my copy's hip wouldn't clear to fold on itself the full 180 degrees; a little sanding remedied the issue, but I stressed the panel a little in my initial efforts to fold it- just a caveat. As for joints, everything below the waist on mine is tight- the heels, which form his two exhaust bells, are so tight they squeak when rotating them for transformation-a real PITA due to the confines. However, they're on ball joints and will likely loosen over time. The left knee on mine is looser than the right, and tends to give way under the weight of the die cast which form the OMS pods; the right knee on mine is perfectly tight. The waist is on a ball joint, and mine's got good friction and holds the upper body without flop. The shoulders are the floppy joints on mine, but only seemingly when butterflying his arms. The rotation up and down is tight, or tight enough at least to hold his gun up at any level without drooping. However, I've had both arms pop off their ball joints while trying to untab them and slide them over the flight deck section, so that may have contributed to weakening them-tight tolerance clearing that flight deck. My final impression is that's he's fiddly and, due to his wings and the folding panels on his hips and knees, quite kibble-y. The ball jointed waist may prove to be a weak point in the future-probably not the best choice. Mine's still tight, so we'll see. The shoulders are the weak points on my copy, but fortunately if they become too floppy, I can add a drop of superglue. I'm a little bummed that they didn't put landing gear on this guy- there's room, and it would have made for nice ground presentation. I forgot to mention that his rifle separates into three parts, all of which stow within his shuttle mode unobtrusively, although the barrel can be seen when looking at the business end of his shuttle mode. Speaking of which, for the OCD among us, you'll probably not dig the fact that Shuttle only has two main engines instead of three, and their orientation is very high up behind the OMS pods where the RCS engines should be. Just a little FYI. Despite the flaws, I still like him, but not as much as Missile Tank, who is a clear winner for engineering, and just an overall solid toy. Looking forward to more of these figs.
  11. The Transformers Thread Next

    Well, since the MP line is targeted at the Japanese market, and that's the direction that Takara themselves continue to travel, I'd say that that's where the demand for the utmost toon look originates. I still prefer a more detailed look to my MP figures- I thought Prowl was damn near perfect, except that he didn't have the complete toy deco (Thanks Reprolabels/Toyhax), which he should have had out of the box, IMHO. My fear now is that MP figures with blue windows and nearly no deco at all will become the main release, and we'll have to wait for a second release with a little more toy detail added. It still boggles my mind why they'd choose the bland, inconsistent cartoon look over a more toy centric look. I thought they struck a good balance between both with the early MP releases, and judging by just about any other Japanese figure and robot line, high detail is the preference. Like many, I think Hasui and team had the right idea. For those who haven't seen it, Predaking's coming: http://news.tfw2005.com/2018/02/17/toy-fair-2018-power-primes-titan-class-predaking-images-358792 First impression is that they're all voyagers, but the bot modes appear to have better articulation than the Constructicons. As with some of the other animalistic figs in the PotP line, a couple of them have small thin limbs that are just there for the animal mode contrasting with bulky limbs that become arms for the bot, and they're all chunky, cubish looking animals similar to the G1 toys. I'm digging Abominus more. Having Hun-grrr in hand, he makes a good torso, and because his arms become the gestalt's thighs (with nice ratchets), it looks and works better than Grimlock's torso mode. I wish they'd made a slider or trapeze for his thighs to disappear into his lower legs for torso mode- would have been a better solution all around.
  12. Legos, anyone?

    Not yet, but the day is still young, and it continues through to tomorrow. One caveat, LEGO may be producing it, but they're being very judicious about what they're releasing to the public at TF this year. So, unlike previous years, they're not allowing pics of summer sets. I think it's going to be very limited as far as what is disclosed, and we may only see a few new sets for which official disclosures have already been made and sets that are already out. Sucks. IMO, it's a strong measure being taken to limit the number of knock-offs, especially in China.
  13. The Road to Hasbroverse

    M.A.S.K. is one of those properties that I think would make a good tv show with high production value. Do it on HBO or Netflix, make it a little grittier, and I think it could be more successful in that format as opposed to movies, as their movies thus far have all been schlocky. When you have a large cast of characters, it's difficult to introduce them all and make them all meaningful to the story. Moreover, M.A.S.K. would work well in a format similar to the X-Files where there's an overarching story, and a number of stand-alone episodes that serve to expand characters and maybe contribute to the larger story. Properties like M.A.S.K., G.I. Joe, and Transformers all have a pantheon of characters, so it's very limiting to build a movie around a large cast and cobble a story together trying to involve them in a way that showcases their particular skills, not to mention their personalities, and include an iconic vehicle or bit of hardware her or there. TV's the perfect venue, IMO. Not really sold on the Bumblebee movie; I like that he's a bug, but it reeks of Bay, and thus far I've had no interest. I'll peek at the eventual reviews around here, but I suspect it'll be more of the same, which will only cement further my relief and happiness that Bay's out.
  14. Legos, anyone?

    Nice display, Kanedaestes. https://www.brothers-brick.com/2018/02/17/lego-unveils-marvel-76105-hulkbuster-ultron-edition-available-march-3rd-news/ I've been hoping for a set like this, and it explains why the Ideas submission was passed over. The only red flag for me is, looking at the hip connections, this thing has no fore or aft movement of the legs, so from the waist down it's a statue that can do a variable static A-stance. I can't understand why they won't develop some new ratcheting joins for these larger mecha. Frustrating. Still gonna get it, but that limitation will always bother me.
  15. The Transformers Thread Next

    As for the Bayverse, I don't think any of the writers stood a chance of having their material, no matter how well written, of ending up well on screen once Bay convoluted it with his 'vision'. From the onset, it was clear this guy had no connection with these characters, and as such, they were relegated to becoming props, or one dimensional characters who lacked any substance to make you like them, let alone care about them. I had a low opinion of Orci and Kurtzman after seeing one of the Bay movies they wrote (I've seen the first, third, and fourth, and only bits of the second b/c it was so bad I had to change the channel). So, when it was announced that they'd be writing Transformers: Prime, I cringed. Eventually, I sat and watched an episode, and then another, and found myself really enjoying the show. I realized then just how much of an impact the director has. In different hands, the live action movies may have been much different with the same scripts. It's all academic now, and I'm glad that era is over. As I said, I hope the next iteration is handled by folks with a personal stake, and they go for a more traditional look of the characters so that they look like Transformers, and that they are treated as characters with quirks and flaws and personalities that make them feel real. If I had my way about it, I'd make it a requisite that any new director had to watch BW, G1 first season, Animated, and Prime, as these all succeeded in making these 2D representations become three-dimensional 'people' to whom you could relate. As for the blue window debate (first world issues), most of the time, I think smoked works, as it occludes the robo bits within but still looks realistic. Or, as Mike pointed out, use clear in car mode, and engineer a second set of folding windows of the preferred color for bot mode. Best of both worlds.