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  1. Wow, talk about a straight ripoff- that melody is nigh the same as Toni's. TBH, Delta left so little impression on me, including the music, that I had no recollection of this song. I still like a number of songs from Frontier, especially Ranka's Aimo. The valk designs and the fact that this installment featured valk on valk fighting were the only takeaways worth mentioning, and about all I remember from the series. There was something about a girl band too, but pfft- Valkyries!
  2. Likewise. I just watched Turn A last year for the first time and enjoyed it immensely. As long as it's a well-written, engaging story set in the Gundam Universe, I think they'd be better off creating their own characters, as it'd give them more creative freedom and prevent the holy hell of fan indignation if they screw something up with existing characters, story, etc. Anyone know if Tomino-san is involved with the Netflix project?
  3. I think if Delta had come before Frontier, it would have been better received, as it was better, at least in terms of animation, than M7, but not nearly as good as Frontier with its better, well, everything. Frontier spoiled us; it's going to take another show like it or Plus to be satisfying to the majority of fans, I think, myself included.
  4. Concerning MP Skids' development, there's an interview with Kojin Ono, the designer of both the G1 toy and this new MP version. It looks like a Google translation, so not the best, but decipherable. And I stand corrected; @lechuck was correct in that this was a recent design purposefully aimed to meet a lower price point/less complex transformation.
  5. 'Bargain bin' and masterpiece are oxymoronic given the context that these figures are intended to be their best possible interpretation of the characters. Of course what 'best' entails is subjective. I prefer the Hasui approach, which meant more surface detail and real world car details translated over to the bot mode. But I also love articulation, and appreciate their attempts over the past few years to incorporate as much as possible into the figures. Except when it hinders the look of the character as in Arcee's odd shaped chest, which totally spoiled her for me. Well that and her unseemly
  6. That's how I see it, too. He's priced like MP was priced almost a decade ago (when Hasui was head designer), and shares the the more detailed but not as articulated design traits. I get the sense that this was designed back then, but shelved before release, and Takara decided to pull it out of mothballs to test the waters and see if the old style would sell amidst the bland but highly articulated toon-centric designs of recent years. My spider sense also says that'll be a big fat yes. I'm in for a copy. Too, I don't recall ever seeing Skids in the toon. I probably missed those eps as I qu
  7. Likewise for the Bayverse designs. Soundwave's is one of the better ones, IMHO, and NA did a tremendous job here. Edit: Just watched a vid of the transformation. At approx MP scale, it's an incredibly complex piece with more moving parts than I care to contemplate. The result is beautiful in either mode. Hat's off to NA. This makes me wish they'd tackle figs in proper scale for which the official toys left us wanting, like WFC Astrotrain. I'd love to see this level of engineering put into a voyager or leader scaled version of Astrotrain. Or a downscaled version of FT's Thomas. I jus
  8. Yep. I look at it the same way. As such, I'm pleased that Grimlock turned out as well as he did, and hope the same holds true for Slag. Interesting and practical. It bodes well for those of us collecting Generations wanting to complete the team- finally! I'm down for all of them. Correct me if I'm wrong, but IIRC G1 Slag's lower jaw was die cast, hence it's white color in the toon, which pretty much was their generic way of portraying all things shiny and metallic. It most likely would have been easier to use his robo 'bib' as the lower jaw, like the original toy, and the
  9. @technoblueThanks for the reply, and for expressing your reasons. We both agree on the use of white plastic representing metallic or chrome bits on the original toys. It was an understandable compromise for animation, but I vehemently wish the practice hadn't carried over to the toys. So far as a paucity of paint apps, it's unfortunately the state of doing business for Hasbro, for the most part. FWIW, I'm fine with the paint apps on Grimlock. Would more be nice? Always. But I think they got the apps relevant to his onscreen appearance, and since this is a Studio Series release, it's to be expe
  10. OMG that's funny! This would be perfect if Mel Brooks was directing.
  11. The G1 toy's cab didn't tilt, nor do the cabs on IGear's and Magic Square's takes. I'll have to transform my Cubex Huff, but I don't recall if he had a slight tilt to his or not. Anyway, the tilt that appears on some toys but not all seems to be an artifact of the hinged nature of the cab and the method of locking the cab in truck mode. On some, like Kingdom Huffer, when the cab is placed in truck position, the locking method, or resting surface, is a tad too low, hence the backward tilt. Personally, I think it's unintentional, but it is noticeable. I agree. Some of the choices mad
  12. Perfectly put. So, I'm a big fan of Huffer's design. It's not elegant, it's not heroic, but something about it speaks to me. His personality was never the draw either- pessimistic and whiny, he did not a heroic character make. Still, we like what we like and sometimes we can't even pinpoint what it is that we like about it- we just do, and that's Huffer to me. So as Mike pointed out, this is the first dedicated G1 Huffer toy since the original little fella back in '84, and he was long overdue an update. Has/Tak have the fortune of having numerous third party toys to look at in terms
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