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  1. I've seen Macross 7 at least 15 times over the years, and it's just as epic each and every time. BOMBA!
  2. Anyone still watching Attack on Titan?
  3. New Starship named Picard, captained by Riker. There's your plot.
  4. Am I missing something spoiler tags don't currently seem to be working for m3le. I'm on android/mobile & using the good ole' tried and true [spoiler] [/spoiler]. Was it changed to something else?
  5. Best SW thing ever since SW. And yeah, Disney needs to cut the crap & use freakin' Deepfake. Also, spoiler tags aren't working for me and I sad.
  6. He'a a merc, hate's Jedi, and stays on mission. Nothing we've seen here contradicts that. The Boba we've seen Previous fulfilled his contract obligations, which just happened to be evil. Since he had no issue working for Vader, we know the fulfilling a contract thing supecedes his hate for Jedi/Force users killing Jango.
  7. He's actually in line with clones from the same era though, going by Rex in Rebels and Jedi.
  8. Why the manga instead of the original light novels?
  9. Only if they change the name to "Picard Troopers" & rework the "VR Troopers" theme in kind. "WE ARE PICARD...TROOPERS."
  10. So in otherwordd, there aren't many "real" retcons at all. Aside from the Romulans having an ancient technophobia, which I'm ok with.
  11. Wait, Data as captain of the Enterprise E? Have you guys been mad about novel events being ignored this whole time?
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