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  1. Very haply about this turn of events
  2. I would just like to point out how insane it is that "The Shadow Chronicles" came out almost 12 years ago.
  3. Macross did it before TNG, as was the appearance of Aquarius is Final Yamato.
  4. Actually, I recall Anno not liking something about the dub translation, which is likely to be the true reason.
  5. We seriously need a Gall Force remaster. Hopefully Discotek or AnimEigo will jump on it.
  6. It definately felt like this movie was made from all of the studio notes that were "no's" from the first film. If this had come out in 2007, the only complaints would have been the rapid fire 80's soundrack "tried too hard." I loved it, and am glad they finally made it. Keep in mind, I Still enjoy the other (5?) for what they are, but wow, It was amazing to see one where the robots and humans were actually interacting & talking together in the same plain.
  7. The first half of Funi's 2202 Blu-ray release is up for pre-order, & due out late March.
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