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  1. What are you talking about, there was never not a love arc between Char and Amuro.
  2. During Frontier's first run I got excited when I misread a fansub and thought Grace had connected the Macross II fleet as part of the fold network (immediately realized it was the cursed Macross 11 fleet that has Kaifun & Fire Bomber American). So yeah, with Developments like Windemere, the SDF Global & fold faults, it'd be easy enough to have a scenario where one of the colony fleets for some reason thought their Macross was the original, their planet was Earth, and stumbled into an equally delusional Marduk fleet.
  3. You haven't missed much, we've just been keeping the forum warm for this prophesied time. If you stick around stay out of the Star Trek topics, it's like a wild west bar fight in there.
  4. Yeah, none of that will be happening, you'll be waiting a while there.
  5. I don't even think they'd have to hijack it, it's highly likely Sony's involvement in the resolution came about because they thought they bought a "Macross" movie from HG, only to realize they were locked into the non-Macross dregs of "Robotech."
  6. This whole development sent me down a rabbit hole. While no Macross soundtracks are available on apple music or amazon music yet, 1 Mospeada Soundtrack, the whole Votoms soundtrack, Megazone 23 Part 1 & Vocal Best, Casey Rankin's Orguss Op & End & the Gunbuster soundtrack are (Noriko Sakai's tracks on her own release). The Nostalgia train is at full steam.
  7. It means future productions I suppose, said the guy who already owns all the recent Japanese blu-rays of the whole franchise (including Delta) + "other" releases.
  8. Definitely worse. Aside from being incredibly redundant, it's highly juvenile to "Robo" everything.
  9. Well, I mean more in terms of content than name. Using terms like "Robotechnology" & "Robotech Masters" probably isn't the best approach for a big Hollywood release.
  10. I still say they just traced Archer for those designs.
  11. This will most likely come down to what movie Sony truly wants to make. If Sony wants to make a "Robotech" movie, then at some point new animations may go into production. If Sony went through the trouble of resolving a nearly 30 legal shitfest to make the "Macross" movie they thought they bought in the first place, Robotech may finally "officially" put to bed & quietly phased out while everyone cashes in on the Macross train. My 2 cents? I suspect Funi is in the works to dub Frontier & get it a Toonami broadcast, but time will tell.
  12. Yup, any fan worth their salt already has sooo many copies. Hell, I wonder if I've still got my VCD.
  13. It plays like someone looked at screenshots of the DYRL shooter, but didn't play it to meaningfully copy it. For instance, in the DYRL game Gerwalk has a lock on gunpod option, batroid does as well (with more of q 360° range), and you could Itano Circus to your hearts content. The RT game on the otherhand gives you the same straight ahead firing gunpod in fighter/gerwalk, and more firing angles (no lock on) in battroid. The missiles are generic kinda follow an enemy single shot missiles, and the rest of the game is a badly balanced bullet hell game mixed with super clunky top/dowm Destroi
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