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  1. Implication - finding a pilot is a singular endeavor, when it actually "also" requires a compatible core to sync with that pilot.
  2. Exosquad seems ripe for a Netflix redo. And let's be honest, Netflix's Voltron sniped everythinh "Robotech" without actually being Robotech, easily outshining The Shadow Chronicles.
  3. hello keith i have made a account just so i could get in touch with you. i saw your old post about you  having the midi for the 1982 SDF Macross Opening and I was wondering if you still have it. Thank you so much. I have searched all day in english and japanese search engine and you are my only hope :( You would think with such a legendary anime there would be atleast a few out there. Thank you so much. 

  4. What strength!! But don't forget, there are many guys like you ALL over the world.
  5. Every year I walk into Agents of SHIELD hoping fora clear MCU acknowledgement, and every year they never fail to disappoint.
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