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  1. Wasn't the Enterprise - B green? The Excelsior should definitely be blue.
  2. The hate comes from it being a garbage job that has become an international cancer on the Macross franchise.
  3. Nah, she marry's happy and changes her name to June. MJ reveals she's related to Nick Fury, and changes her name to "MF."
  4. The solution is now simple. They have 2 films to: - Have Peter lose his powers. - Be Adopted by Pepper & change his name to "Peter Stark." - Become the new Iron Man.
  5. I don't think I have time in my life to dedicate to transforming that.
  6. I enjoyed the remake more than the original despite not having enough "mechanical" Cylons. If nothing else, it's close as we'll ever get to a live action Gall Force. Galactica '80 will forever be the frachise low point.
  7. So is the whole mess over now?
  8. It was a lit like the quick writes they did in the first FMA series.
  9. I just hope they kick back into production for the second season.
  10. I'm going to assume season 2 is a lock considering how they ended it.
  11. With that title it'll almost certainly be a tangle with The Dark Nebule Empire.
  12. Still need to see the second half of 2202, but I'm up for it. ALSO! I am officially apologizing posthumously to Nishizaki for Yamato Rebirth. I honestly thought he was insane for having the bad guy be the Space American President who was actually The Space Devil who bullied The Space U.N. into the genocide of The Space Middle East. As it turns out, he was just years ahead of his time.
  13. Yes, because things actually happen.
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