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  1. Equipment, uniforms, state of the car, quotes. It's all first movie specific. There's zero hint of GB 2 there. Plus, if Egon had a daughter reasonably old enough to have the kid from Stranger Things as a son, it'd have to happen much closer to the end of GB 1 than after 2 (you'll note I said "reasonably old enough.")
  2. Biggest surprise: Ghostbusters 2 also seems to be out of canon now.
  3. Have we ever had Saotome Nanda register in the forums? I follow her on FB & Twitter, she always does quality work.
  4. Subtitles, 'cus you make good life choices.
  5. Legion was amazing, I don't see the concern.
  6. The hate comes from it being a garbage job that has become an international cancer on the Macross franchise.
  7. Nah, she marry's happy and changes her name to June. MJ reveals she's related to Nick Fury, and changes her name to "MF."
  8. The solution is now simple. They have 2 films to: - Have Peter lose his powers. - Be Adopted by Pepper & change his name to "Peter Stark." - Become the new Iron Man.
  9. I don't think I have time in my life to dedicate to transforming that.
  10. I enjoyed the remake more than the original despite not having enough "mechanical" Cylons. If nothing else, it's close as we'll ever get to a live action Gall Force. Galactica '80 will forever be the frachise low point.
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