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  1. Can you file a scam complain with the credit card company?
  2. Thanks for all the answers, I really appreciate it. I'm really looking for the PF. The pf link for HLJ seems to be 404, same as Amazon JP. I don't mind waiting, so I guess I'll roll the dice with NY :-/ Thanks! :-*
  3. Hey guys, Coming back from vacation and I think I missed most of the chatter regarding the VF-4G, I can only find the premiun finish version on Nippon Yassan: https://www.nippon-yasan.com/lang-es/figures/32131-the-super-dimension-fortress-macross-flash-back-2012-vf-4a-lightning-iii-ichijou-hikaru-type-premiumu-finish.html Is that "ok" ? I'm pretty sure it is not a bargain, but is still a reasonable price? Thanks!
  4. Yeah, also got one from AMIAMI (waiting on confirmation email), keep refreshing
  5. Yeah, this is one that I would have definitely bought directly, but most definitely won't get from a scalper...
  6. Hang on a minute. Are you imply that those "extra" legs can be given to other customers? Cause I got no luck from my vendor
  7. This one is mine. Not even sure which one is wrong (left or right). My seller will not reply anymore If you need that piece, let me know. Happy to trade
  8. Same here. I really miss the progression and raiding, but above all, miss playing cooperatively with friends
  9. Thanks Yeti. Stay safe
  10. And this is why I come to MWF :-) Amazing pictures. Lots of great ideas to ~steal~ inspire....
  11. and where did you get your SV-51 if I may ask? From Arcadia itself, or from 3rd party? I got mine from Anime-Export and they do not reply my emails anymore regarding the leg issue.
  12. Arkham

    Bandai DX VF-31

    When I was a kid, I thought that was some sort of macronized fish. Didn't knew tuna was so big
  13. The VF-0S does not have relation with blue either... But still looks good :-)
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