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  1. Does Kawamori-san hate number 8? :-(
  2. Wait, what thread are we on?
  3. Arkham

    Osaka Toy Stores

    If you don't mind me asking a stupid question, you need to be a fluent Japanese speaker to visit the store? Does the staff speak English or some other language? Thanks!
  4. Arkham

    Bandai Sv-262 DX valk

    I love the 262, it's been the closest valk ever to get a second copy (still haven't pulled the trigger). - Extremely Unique transformation (the arms, the shape of the head, the position of the head) - Amazingly balanced. - Articulation Range - It even has a freaking sword! I'm literally looking for any excuse to have more of them. Give me Hernan, Xao, a white 262, anything please!
  5. Arkham

    Hi-Metal R

    Hi, it's me your friend!
  6. Amazon JP does not deliver here. I'm out of options. If any of you guys want to "trade" I'll be happy to cover those costs
  7. Any ideas why anime export did not participate in the PO?
  8. Did anyone here actually got one?
  9. Why is the animation so fluid, then goes full potato? Did they run out of money mid-sequence? Someone interpolate please!! T_T
  10. Arkham

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Brb, going to hug my wife and thank her for agreeing with my Macross purchases Her AliExpress purchases on the other hand...
  11. Is that a Queadlun in SDFM colors!? How or where can I get one of those. Also, what scale is it, looks 1/60...
  12. Taking the opportunity this thread has been resurrected, can anyone TLDR the shoulder situation for the YF-29? I've seen some Mandarake listings, showing an additional piece or replacement of shoulder. Not sure which one should I get. Thanks!
  13. Anime Export at 4.5 http://www.anime-export.com/product/43478
  14. I have the fine motor skills of a 6 month old. PF for me
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