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  1. Shawn: Thank you very much for your help obtaining these kits, and I also love the Orange Collection valkyries! Convectuoso: Awesome Studio Half Eye YF-21, I'm glad it finally arrived, and I'm excited to see it become a VF-22S. Hopefully the IHP/Experten 1/100 VF-22S that Hobby Hanger has been working on for me will be an inspiration. Delta-One-One: Wow, an original Nichimo display box, I would love to find one for sale. Good luck with your search to locate the missing kits you listed. Thank you for sharing your Macross/Mospeada collection, the Cat's Eye is neat. The modifications you made to the valkyries are inspired. If you ever get time to open the boxes and photograph those 300 model kits, it would be exciting to see them. Grayson72: I hope you're doing well, you mentioned wishing you had a shelf full of built kits. But I thought you've completed quite a few Macross projects. Are they boxed up and not displayed or you haven't had time to finish many of them? I know that you have an amazing collection of unbuilt Macross models. Salamander: Oh man, 600+ kits, plus 200 built! That is impressive, how many of the 600 would you estimate to be Macross related? I read that you've never posted pictures, in that case we would love to see some of the built ones when you have time. I love your Macross resin kit collection, I'm missing quite a few of those. The boxes look to be in very good condition too. Here is an ongoing commission for me using the Musasiya 1/72 VF-2SS with Super Armored Pack (SAP) and (3) Mardook Battle Pods:
  2. Thank you very much, and yes I'm pretty sure it's the DYRL version.
  3. Thank you very much Bolt, anyone else have completed models or newly added kits to share? First is the 1/72 VF-1A Max Super completed. Plus here's my Experten 1/100 variable kits that recently arrived, as well as some Bandai, Studio Half Eye, Club M and others. I was lucky to get the Max & Milia set for the VF-4, VF-9, VF-14 and VF-3000. They were made in the appropriate resin color (blue/red). In case anyone spotted it, that's a one of a kind IHP/Liquid Stone 1/100 VB-6 König Monster transformable resin kit. My thanks to my friend Carl Hoff. We're looking forward to building it soon. https://macross.fandom.com/wiki/VB-6_König_Monster
  4. @Parabellum Thank you very much, not only were you extremely friendly, but you paid quickly! We arranged for me to ship first, and you reimbursed me for the EMS immediately. I hope you enjoy your new 1/55 VF-1S Super.
  5. Hello Grayson, I hope you're doing well, wow that's a nice 3D printer! Here's my 3D printed 1/200 Macross II Giant Monster: http://www.macross2.net/m3/macross2/destroid-giantmonster.htm Macross II 1/100 AG-IJF (GERWALKroid): http://www.macross2.net/m3/macross2/gerwalkroid.htm I'll post some updates once they get painted and assembled.
  6. Hello, Cleaning out the closet sale for my duplicates, I've been buying and selling here on Macross World for close to (20) years. Many mentions on the Straight Shooters List. Reasonable offers accepted, Express Mail Shipping worldwide whenever possible. Please let me know if you have any questions via MW messenger. PayPal Friends & Family preferred, but if not please add 5% to cover the fees. Thank you in advance! 1.) Takatoku 1/55 VF-1S Super (Owned a long time, never transformed or displayed, complete nothing broken.) SOLD 2.) Club M 1/48 VF-1S Strike Ultimate Detail Valkyrie $275 (Amazing kit and rare.) 3.) Club M 1/72 Resin Kits $40 each (Some are still sealed in shrink wrap.) 4.) Arii, Bandai, Hasegawa & Imai 1/72 & 1/100 Model Kits $25 each (Arii silver boxes sell for good prices due to rarity as well as the Imai. Max 1/100 VF-1A Strike complete, but box not.) 5.) Toynami VF-1D Super Convention Limited $25 (Never opened, never displayed.)
  7. Thanks Bolt, here is the latest ongoing commission from my longtime friend Tom. Will update with more pictures once it's completed, but it's looking good so far. I have plans for the Skull Squadron escorted by a resin 1/72 VE-1 and resin 1/72 VT-1. My idea was to add recessed magnets allowing the missile ordinance to be changed out, and we used the Hasegawa 1/72 weapon set as well for added variety. Club M 1/72 VF-1A Super Max:
  8. Kicker773: Your Mike Salzo Monster II is amazing, Jason is very skilled and made your kit look realistic. razgriz: You've been a member a long time, but this was only your 6th post, but I'm glad you did. Thank you for taking the time to photograph your collection. You have a very good taste in models, to include the non-Macross ones. The ME-262 is one of my favorite planes, I was lucky to see one in person. In December, I added the following kits to my collection: 1.) Club-M Ultimate Detail VF-1 Strike Valkyrie 1/48 Resin 2.) Club-M (HobbyFan) Ultimate Detail VF-1 Strike Valkyrie 1/48 Resin 3.) Hasegawa VF-1 Weapon Set 1/72 Plastic x 2 4.) Hasegawa VF-1A 1/72 Plastic 5.) Hasegawa VF-1A Super Valkyrie 1/72 Plastic x 2 6.) Hasegawa VF-1D 1/72 Plastic 7.) Hasegawa VF-1J 1/72 Plastic 8.) Hasegawa VF-1S 1/72 Plastic 9.) Hasegawa VF-1S Strike Valkyrie 1/72 Plastic 10.) Hasegawa YF-19 1/72 Plastic 11.) Hasegawa YF-21 1/72 Plastic 13.) Moscato Hobby Commanchero 1/72 Resin 14.) Moscato Hobby Destroid Defender 1/72 Resin 15.) Moscato Hobby Destroid Tomahawk 1/72 Resin 16.) Moscato Hobby Tactical Pod Regult Clear 1/72 Resin 17.) Moscato Hobby VF-1 Booster Launch Rail 1/72 Resin 18.) Moscato Hobby VF-1 Booster Launch Vehicle 1/72 Resin 19.) Hobby World Depot 1/1 Minmay Doll Resin
  9. Awesome, thank you very much! Now I just need to find someone who offers 3D printing services for those files you mentioned.
  10. "It’s only now that I’ve gotten it almost done that I realize what a lackluster job Club M did with their 1/72 Q-Rau kit all those years ago." Captain America Yes, your kit is a massive improvement, amazing detail I'm very excited to see one of these built and displayed. It always made me wonder where the torso armament got it's ammo supply, and how it's fed into the barrels from the side. Since the pilot is directly in front of where they would normally be loaded from. I suppose somewhere in the chest area, plus anime magic. The bore is quite large, but then I see three smaller holes inside of the cannons. I wonder if the cannons are also meant to rotate like a Gatling gun. 2 x medium-bore fire-linked impact cannons (mounted front torso)
  11. Amazing job your valkyrie looks better than a store bought Yamato! This is definitely a model kit and not a toy, which should be obvious. Your weathering is spot on, not too much or too little.
  12. NightmareB4Macross "Hi Chris, Will this list separate the official licensed products, GK licensed from BW, GK unlicensed (bootlegs or 3P) and straight out recast bootlegs of official kits and unofficial kits, and finally 3D printed unofficial products from many individuals in production. It just gets so confusing nowadays that many of us would like to know what is “official” and how we can better support true Macross/BW products. I know I am guilty of buying recasts sometimes without even knowing until it’s too late. For example, I bought a 1/48 UD Kit years ago from a seller who stayed the product was official, but late came to discover it was an e2046 release. All the parts are well done, but I was really hoping for the original." Excellent questions, I appreciate your interest and please let me know if you any free time to assist. There is a Google Doc that can be shared with you so any contributions made will be added. I've been contacting known collectors to get their inventory list and/or pictures so I don't miss anything. Quite a few members have been really helpful, and for the first time we have a picture of every Macross kit Carl Hoff owns, and that's around 200. I've also gotten some very nice lists from Shawn and great pictures of his massive collection. Another goal was to get a list of releases from Macross Members such as Captain America, MSLZ22, etc. I contacted EXO (Plastic Cretins) via his FaceBook Page and Messenger, but never heard back. He and I were friends here on MW, but he hasn't visited since 2017 it looks like. Does anyone have any contact with him to get a list of what he made? Next has been deciding upon the categories, this is what I came up with: 1.) Brand: (Alphabetical) 2.) Series: (TV/DYRL/Frontier/Etc.) 3.) Scale: (Small to Largest) 3.) Model Name/Armor Type: (VF-1/VF-171/Strike/Super/Armored/GBP-1/Etc) 4.) Character/Livery: (Roy, Hikaru, Cannon Fodder/Etc) 6.) Mode: (Valkyrie/Battroid/Variable/2 Type) 7.) Material: (Plastic/Resin/Vinyl/3D Printed/Metal Coated/Etc) 8.) Notes: (15th Anniversary/Clear Version/Deculture/Event Only/Wonder Festival/Etc) 9.) Release Year(s): I understand and agree with your concerns about buying original kits. First priority will be to documenting official plastic/resin/vinyl kits, as well as 3D kits from known manufacturers since they are technically model kits. That's why I contacted Plastic Cretins without any success. Lastly I'll do my best to include recasts with them clearly marked as not being originals. In addition to the list, we'll also need files saved showing the kits box art, contents and hopefully how it looks built. All saved to folders under the manufactures name, then sub folders by scale, type, etc. That will allow the MW Model Section to be modernized and updated. Please let me know if you have anymore questions/comments. Sincerely, Christopher
  13. Greetings NB4M, I'm sorry, but what is your name again please? Just so I don't have to keep using NB4M. You and I were messaging, last discussion was in September about your personal Macross kit collection list. If you've made any progress, please let me know. Please reply to this message at the new thread I created, because this one was only for 1/72 kits. You've asked some great questions, which I'll do my best to answer here: Thank you, Christopher
  14. Thank you for the information, I was able to obtain this Hasegawa set recently. Did anyone collect releases from EXO of Plastic Cretins? I would like to add that information to the Macross Complete Model List.
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