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  1. Looking really good, I'm happy you're working on this project! I'm definitely interested.
  2. Much appreciated for the update Mike, would be cool to still see the FAST pack armor set created by someone for your 1/24 valkyrie.
  3. Thank you jvmacross. True Bolt, with the accessibility of 3D printing now, I hope we'll see more people create these rare designs.
  4. Does anyone else know where to get Macross II designs in kit form, to include 3D prints? (Besides of course the Bandai & B-Club VF-2SS/VF-2JA & Gigamesh.) http://www.macross2.net/m3/macross2/macross2-index.html I've only found them from one source with 1/200 scale being possible for the Destroids. Of course it's nice to get the powered suits in 1/100 or 1/144 scale to display alongside various model/resin kits. A friend of mine is currently working on the Meltrandi Powered Suit & has done the Destroid Giant Monster amongst others. He primarily focuses on smaller scales, but perhaps with enough interest something larger will be produced. If you're interested in learning more, please consider joining: The Mecha Factory on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/130296881050548/
  5. Hmm, I've never seen anyone post the 1/72 Monster alongside other Macross valkyries/destroids of the same scale. The last one was also a 1/60 scale valkyrie if I recall correctly. If I can ever find one of Mike's Monsters for sale again, that will be my goal. But, thank you for offering to use your 1/60 tomahawks.
  6. Wow, he did an amazing job. congratulations! Do you have any other built 1/72 Macross kits to post alongside your Monster so we can get a size comparison? Besides the obvious that it's freaking huge. haha
  7. Very nice display cabinets! That's is some serious dedication to drive 8 hours back and forth. You must have a pretty big truck and drove very carefully with all that fragile glass. I'm guessing that they came disassembled and you had to put them together. Post one shelf at a time as you fill it, and then the final version if you can so we can follow along.
  8. Yes, please update the pictures and I will add this to the Macross Complete Model List.
  9. It's great to see them compared, thanks and congratulations.
  10. Latest additions to my collection! I appreciate you looking and let me know if you have any questions/comments.
  11. Update: Good news, I found (2) experienced modellers interested in making variable resin kit tutorials! I sent one (2) IHP 1/100 kits (YF-19 & YF-21) and the other (2) Experten 1/100 kits (VF-171 & VF-19). The Garage Kit Companies (some samples from each company, not my entire variable collection): Experten 1/72 & 1/100 & Super Deformed (SD): Resin is usually very nice, includes decals and the creator provides 3D exploded assembly instructions for all kits. They are still in business. Screws, poly caps and plastic rods used to assemble. VF-19A & VF-17D/S built by the Experten. They have 20+ different kits, almost all Macross valkyries covered of which I own most. I.H.P. 1/72 & 1/100: Very, very rare I'm lucky to have a partially built YF-19 and one new in box, plus (6) other kits. No idea what their name stands for if anyone knows. You can see the partially built YF-21 showing screws, poly caps, scratch build and rods. Amazing transformation. Retppu 1/100: They only released one variable kit that I know of, but wow it's amazing! Very nice resin, complete with poly caps, white metal parts and even landing gear. I have two of these. Pretty hard to find. Studio Half Eye (S.H.E.) 1/100: They released around (10) different valkyries. I have around (20) of them and the separate armor sets. They provide nice instructions, screws, clear canopy, etc. Yellow Submarine 1/100: One variable kit, pretty easy to find, and includes everything you need. Very nice resin and assembly instructions, great for your first variable. Two pictures show just how amazing a built Experten 1/100 YF-21 looks, and I'm fortunate to have one that's partially assembled! There's also L Trans R and Project D"Stance that I know of. If I missed any other garage kit companies that released Macross variable resin kits, please let me know.
  12. This is a really cool scratch build project, I'm really enjoying following along and have learned a lot. Perhaps we'll see a toy valkyrie released in our life time that can transform on it's own. Motors are getting smaller, technological advancements, and how far we've come from the original 1/55 valkyries. With that said, I don't think it could be done without some type of support stand to hold it during mode changes.
  13. Yes, what you've done is really impressive. You're an artist, and we're lucky to have you.
  14. Thank you for the information about the scans, I will work on that. Not model kits, but these are full of them and my inspiration/resource for projects:
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