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  1. Yes, what you've done is really impressive. You're an artist, and we're lucky to have you.
  2. Thank you for the information about the scans, I will work on that. Not model kits, but these are full of them and my inspiration/resource for projects:
  3. That's self evident, quoting the message is fine when it serves a purpose. Seeing the same picture (5) times in-a-row was my point, and it happens quite a bit. Any reasonable person will agree there's no need for that. When the context is literally right above what you're typing, that's the definition of redundancy. In almost (20) years here, I don't recall feeling the need to quote a picture that was literally just shown. If you or anyone else wants to discuss it further please feel free to send me a private message. Otherwise we'll be off topic and Shawn prefers there's no arguments. As an example, very nice John Wick Mustang sh9000! (Now someone can see the context since the post and pictures are on the same page, and they didn't need to scroll through the exact same pictures again...and again.) To get us back on topic, here are some of my recent toy purchases:
  4. I love this thread, but my only wish would be for people to reply without quoting. Just on this page, there are literally (4) copies and (1) original of derex3592's Christmas picture. By the way, nice to meet another Texan! I think my parents had that same couch. That was bad enough, now take a look back at the people who have quoted someone with (6) pictures. haha If they were all removed, the thread count would probably be cut in half and make this thread much easier to browse. I suppose it would be easy to edit your posts so the duplicate pictures aren't included. (wink wink) From this point (although it's a bit too late), let's all do our best to reply without including the same pictures we just finished looking at, let alone four times. haha Thanks!
  5. Convectuoso: Yes, I'll ask around to see where I can find a good quality digital scanner for my decal collection. What is the preferred/recommended optical resolution in pixels that I should look for? (The higher the better of course.) I only have a four in one for home use, so the scanner is primarily for documents. Bolt: Congratulations on your 1/72 Monster, looks awesome! sh9000: Amazing 1/100 resin kit collection, thanks for sharing, they look to be in great condition!
  6. My Macross decal collection, more than (40) because you can never have enough. haha These are all extras, and weren't removed from inside my model kits. Some to save and the rest for use on custom projects. 1/72, 1/100 and even a few in 1/144 scale.
  7. It's really interesting and exciting following your progress, while getting to learn how you create these amazing projects.
  8. Very true, and I have your generosity to thank for that. I'm honored to add your awesome kits to my collection, and I appreciate you making them available. Chad (Grayson72) listed (184) Macross items, an impressive amount of which some are head lasers, etc. While there is the old saying about quantity versus quality, Chad has some super rare kits that inspired me to also work on my Macross plastic/resin collection. Shawn, Carl and Gabe Q (300 kits) all have massive collections and have been working on inventories. I'm really excited to see what they own and thanks again to everyone who has posted in this thread. A (24) kit Experten 1/100 variable valkyrie collection that I arranged the purchase of, as well as another auction lot will arrive soon. My goal is to take pictures and submit a list of my personal collection as soon as possible. Not only that, but I'm working on a comprehensive list of every Macross kit released, and I hope to publish it in some form depending upon cost. Please continue to post more pictures of your built/pending kit collection and a list whenever possible.
  9. Very nice project, I'll definitely get the set if not two sets. One set to build and one set to save. haha
  10. Wow, so many entries, there will be a 24th soon using my kit and built by Tom, just getting the decals sorted. I'm gonna get off my butt and build something too, just waiting for the kit to arrive. Tom's built many resin valkyries over the years to include the VF-171, VT-1, YF-19 and YF-21 I posted to:
  11. Oh wow Brett!!! I love it, even gave me goosebumps. Thanks for sharing, definitely digital camouflage, let's post any camouflage valkryies while we're at it. No need to be too restrictive.
  12. Thanks Bolt, you were the inspiration for this post and pictures! I'm excited to see what you can do.
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