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  1. Looking good, I'm happy you're building again. It's nice seeing your progress and pictures. I'm excited to see how it turns out, glad the hands were changed.
  2. Beautiful, they look amazing! I had a similar idea using the Club M 1/72 VF-1 resin kits. Great job, this set will look awesome in your display cabinet.
  3. haha I love that comforter and your cat Shawn! Thank you for posting the picture. If you could post your two Regult upgrade kits here as well Shawn, that will be appreciated. We need the manufacturer name as well for the MCML Project. Great eyes TheLoneWolf spotting that kit at the bottom, it's one of my favorites. Yes, to my knowledge Experten is the only company to release the VF-1AR/JR/SR. I'm so happy that they did, because I love the design. Fortunately, I was able to get (2) kits as well as some others. Here's some additional pictures of the parts, plus the Experten VF-1S FAST Pack set. The Experten 1/100 VF-1(A/J/S) valkyrie is sold separately, but I'll be showing the parts that came with the GBP-1 package. The Experten 1/100 VF-1J & GBP-1 set was quite expensive, almost $500 not including shipping/customs if I recall correctly. I'm also including pictures from Experten showing a VF-1JR. Lastly, I was able to obtain the complete set of (8) Tanmen UNCM resin valkyries to include the very cute SD versions. They're MISB and perfect condition. Thank you! PS: Inspired by Shawn, and in honor of my mom's 75th birthday next month, I took a couple of pictures on top of a floral quilt handmade by her. She lives in Texas, and has been sewing them for around (20) years.
  4. Here is the recently completed Musasiya 1/72 VF-2SS with SAP and Mardook Battle Pods. There are (3) pods, but an additional rod is needed to mount it. As well as the very rare and difficult to build full variable 1/100 VF-4G released by Studio Hafl Eye. To be honest, I don't recall seeing another build of this kit or any other by SHE outside of Japan. Much thanks to Tom for making these a reality!
  5. Great posts and pictures, thanks to everyone who has kept the thread going. You guys have some amazing Nichimo and Hasegawa collections. Wow, I didn't even know about the paint sets Shawn, I hope you find #12. Really nice collection of Delta valkyries Focslain! Hello, I hope everyone is doing well. I haven't posted for a while, just been busy. I was also waiting for all of my packages to arrive, thanks to the lockdown delays. This is a couple thousand dollars worth of kits, quite an investment. Some pretty rare kits here, I was especially lucky to find the (7) I.H.P. 1/100 resin kits. By the way, if anyone knows what their acronym name stands for, please let me know. I need that information for my Macross Complete Model List (MCML) Project. http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/46147-macross-model-complete-list-all-scales/ The MCML Project has more than 1,500 entries and has been prepared using Google Doc as a spreadsheet. It's very thorough, and has (9) columns of information for each entry. We've added links and are currently working on sample pictures so you can see what each entry is. Plus a picture of how the kit will look when completed. Here is a sample entry: 1.) BRAND 2.) SERIES 3.) SCALE 4.) MODEL NAME/ARMOR TYPE 5.) CHARACTER/LIVERY 6.) MODE/TYPE 7.) MATERIAL 8.) RELEASE TYPE 9.) NOTES 1.) Ahnitol 2.) SDFM 3.) 1/72 4.) VF-1J 5.) Hikaru Ichijo 6.) B-mode 7.) Resin 8.) Event 9.) WonFes 2010 The Model Graphix magazine has a section on scratch builds to include the awesome Orange Collection kits, which I hope to post more about soon. Please let me know if you have any questions and I will post more information/pictures of the individual kits. Thanks and hope you enjoy!
  6. Greetings, I hope all is well with everyone. I was recently able to obtain a couple of rare 3D printed and/or resin kits. The VB-6 parts are pretty rough and will need some work, and I don't see any cannons. It seems you need to use the decals provided or use styrene/acrylic tubes. I'll know more when it arrives, but there doesn't look to be enough parts to make all (3) modes at the same time. I plan to address that by reproducing the sections needed to permit that.
  7. Want To Buy or Want To Trade: If you have any unbuilt/built Macross model kits (resin/plastic) please send me a list via MW messenger. The more rare the better, to include 3D printed kits. Also any 1/55 custom valkyries. Looking for all scales and especially 1/200 Nichimo/Pitaban/Testors ROBOT kits in box. Plus rare stuff like Studio Half Eye, Experten, IHP, etc. Preferred model kits will be in good and complete, thanks!
  8. Shawn: Thank you very much for your help obtaining these kits, and I also love the Orange Collection valkyries! Convectuoso: Awesome Studio Half Eye YF-21, I'm glad it finally arrived, and I'm excited to see it become a VF-22S. Hopefully the IHP/Experten 1/100 VF-22S that Hobby Hanger has been working on for me will be an inspiration. Delta-One-One: Wow, an original Nichimo display box, I would love to find one for sale. Good luck with your search to locate the missing kits you listed. Thank you for sharing your Macross/Mospeada collection, the Cat's Eye is neat. The modifications you made to the valkyries are inspired. If you ever get time to open the boxes and photograph those 300 model kits, it would be exciting to see them. Grayson72: I hope you're doing well, you mentioned wishing you had a shelf full of built kits. But I thought you've completed quite a few Macross projects. Are they boxed up and not displayed or you haven't had time to finish many of them? I know that you have an amazing collection of unbuilt Macross models. Salamander: Oh man, 600+ kits, plus 200 built! That is impressive, how many of the 600 would you estimate to be Macross related? I read that you've never posted pictures, in that case we would love to see some of the built ones when you have time. I love your Macross resin kit collection, I'm missing quite a few of those. The boxes look to be in very good condition too. Here is an ongoing commission for me using the Musasiya 1/72 VF-2SS with Super Armored Pack (SAP) and (3) Mardook Battle Pods:
  9. Thank you very much, and yes I'm pretty sure it's the DYRL version.
  10. Thank you very much Bolt, anyone else have completed models or newly added kits to share? First is the 1/72 VF-1A Max Super completed. Plus here's my Experten 1/100 variable kits that recently arrived, as well as some Bandai, Studio Half Eye, Club M and others. I was lucky to get the Max & Milia set for the VF-4, VF-9, VF-14 and VF-3000. They were made in the appropriate resin color (blue/red). In case anyone spotted it, that's a one of a kind IHP/Liquid Stone 1/100 VB-6 König Monster transformable resin kit. My thanks to my friend Carl Hoff. We're looking forward to building it soon. https://macross.fandom.com/wiki/VB-6_König_Monster
  11. @Parabellum Thank you very much, not only were you extremely friendly, but you paid quickly! We arranged for me to ship first, and you reimbursed me for the EMS immediately. I hope you enjoy your new 1/55 VF-1S Super.
  12. Hello Grayson, I hope you're doing well, wow that's a nice 3D printer! Here's my 3D printed 1/200 Macross II Giant Monster: http://www.macross2.net/m3/macross2/destroid-giantmonster.htm Macross II 1/100 AG-IJF (GERWALKroid): http://www.macross2.net/m3/macross2/gerwalkroid.htm I'll post some updates once they get painted and assembled.
  13. Hello, Cleaning out the closet sale for my duplicates, I've been buying and selling here on Macross World for close to (20) years. Many mentions on the Straight Shooters List. Reasonable offers accepted, Express Mail Shipping worldwide whenever possible. Please let me know if you have any questions via MW messenger. PayPal Friends & Family preferred, but if not please add 5% to cover the fees. Thank you in advance! 1.) Takatoku 1/55 VF-1S Super (Owned a long time, never transformed or displayed, complete nothing broken.) SOLD 2.) Club M 1/48 VF-1S Strike Ultimate Detail Valkyrie $275 (Amazing kit and rare.) 3.) Club M 1/72 Resin Kits $40 each (Some are still sealed in shrink wrap.) 4.) Arii, Bandai, Hasegawa & Imai 1/72 & 1/100 Model Kits $25 each (Arii silver boxes sell for good prices due to rarity as well as the Imai. Max 1/100 VF-1A Strike complete, but box not.) 5.) Toynami VF-1D Super Convention Limited $25 (Never opened, never displayed.)
  14. Thanks Bolt, here is the latest ongoing commission from my longtime friend Tom. Will update with more pictures once it's completed, but it's looking good so far. I have plans for the Skull Squadron escorted by a resin 1/72 VE-1 and resin 1/72 VT-1. My idea was to add recessed magnets allowing the missile ordinance to be changed out, and we used the Hasegawa 1/72 weapon set as well for added variety. Club M 1/72 VF-1A Super Max:
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