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  1. Decker

    Hi-Metal R

    Is there a scan of that sticker sheet available? Or... if you find them... could you make it available?
  2. So... today was a pretty damn good mail day.
  3. Decker

    Hi-Metal R

    Perfect! Thanks
  4. Decker

    Hi-Metal R

    Ok... perhaps another newbie question. I have ordered the OHM DYRL Max and Kakizaki VF-1As. It seems like it would be cheaper to buy 2 extras of the HMR Super VF-1A to get armor for them vs buying the OHM armor packs. Is there an easy source for Skull Squadron decals in 1/100 scale for the Super Armor? Thanks Decker
  5. Decker

    Hi-Metal R

    This may sound like noobie question. I was wondering if Super armor from a HMR will fit on an OHM Valkyrie.... Anyone have any experience with this? I currently have only HMRs so I can not test it out myself. Thanks Decker
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