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  1. Mb eva unit 01 For $240 at amazon USA https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GYS2879/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_f13XDbMJJXQM0
  2. wow .that actually looks pretty good. MC is using the Destiny and strike freedom mode for many recoloring already. what's next MC MB Strike Freedom in Destiny colors!?
  3. either I miss type something or you are miss reading something, or we are both high on something, either way no one is complaining or stopping anyone from talking about metal composite here. . Please show me where I told someone that posting metal composite news here is bad. , Good figures are talked about everywhere. But when someone is asking for some more info on a particular gundam (snow white prelude). Besiding answering him here, I also show him where else to get the news in the future... If you go to the link you will see members posting about the Gundam in question since September, he can quick read a couple a page and be all up-to-date and be ready whenever preorder is announced. He can still talk about it here or there, no one is stopping anyone.
  4. You might not know this but originally there was really only 1 Gundam figure thread here, it's used for practically anything Gundam. (except for Gunpla, theres a model thread for that) All the info you need for Gundam figures used to be that main thread which I posted above, Metal composite, robot damashii, metal build, metal robot, formania, etc. But when Bandai's Metal build start releasing other stuff besides Gundam, it started to get somewhat confusing for some . Mazinger Z, Evangelion unit 01, Great Mazinger, evangelion unit 02, FMP arm Slaves. That is why this Metal Build Thread was created, so they will get all the Metal Build news they will need even if they are no interested in gundams. Try imaging when someone is interested in the new Metal Build evangelion or metal build Mazinger ,...,. they just need to search metal build and BAM! all the info they need. If this thread was not made it will be harder to find since it will be either at the old Gundam thread (which focus on metal build and metal composite when all bandai use to only real Gundam and 1 FMP) I'm all for cross referencing.. a bit of metal build new everywhere if you know what i mean. but I do not see anything crazy for showing someone that more news and updates for a GUNDAM can be found at the main GUNDAM thread. example: looking for any metal build = go to metal build thread. looking for" metal build" "gundam" = "metal build" and or "gundam" thread looking for metal composite "gundam" = gundam thread, but you might also find some news at the metal build too since many will cross reference , no one made a metal composite thread since everything Metal Composite is a Gundam (for now) zaku is gundam too There's only 1 METAL Build thread and 1 main official gundam Thread.
  5. Since it's a GFF metal composite gundam you will probably find more news on the main Gundam thread. It's a web exclusive, so you will need to use a proxy to preorder for you similar to what you did from Arcadia's website VF-0D PF. Proxy stores like N-Y and A-E will also post them up. but expect to pay 2000 yen to 3000 more than the P-bandai website msrp from them. This item will have a high chance of getting sold out very quickly , but will also have a high chance of a 2nd and 3rd batch release.
  6. LEGO Voltron 21311 $139 at walmart https://www.walmart.com/ip/LEGO-Ideas-Voltron-21311/129965985?sdsrc=staff&irgwc=1&sourceid=imp_1%3AQz00SjPxyJUWJwUx0Mo383UknwvTwcu3xM1E0&veh=aff&wmlspartner=imp_10451&clickid=1%3AQz00SjPxyJUWJwUx0Mo383UknwvTwcu3xM1E0
  7. I like that version too. I'm sure it's already in their plan. I really thought that was going to be next one , but instead we got Snow white prelude
  8. that will depends on what Bandai give to the Shanghai police department
  9. Proxy or proxy store (n-y, A-e, etc) is needed for ordering anything from P-Bandai if you do not live in Japan. Also the one on preoder is the after event Lottery only so it's a hassle for proxy preorder because not a lot of them will do lottery. The ones that do , will charges a nonrefundable fee for helping you placing in the lottery . (500 yen to 1000 yen) If you want a Mb OO Designer blu , you can use a proxy to get the ones that already out at yahoo auction or Rakuten Here is filtered link with low to high, shows a couple with buy it now at just below 30000 yen and some at 30000 yen and above., https://www.fromjapan.co.jp/en/item/search/metal+Build+ダブルオーライザー/Al_10_Yh_Ra_N_N_1A10ja00_N/lgk-link_top_search?view_type=detail Proxy fee will be 700 yen for full protection and domestic shipping will be aound 900 yen. International shipping for 1 to the usa will be apx
  10. Probably shouldn't trust me too much, but for Tamashii web exclusive items (P-Bandai) , the general rule I follow is Buy /Preorder first and then worry about it later.
  11. This news was from @seti88 linked below
  12. these are the default articulated hands that are installed on every 1/48 dx chogokin vf. They also come with extra fixed pose hands. You see people using the fixed pose hands in photos more because it just looks better .
  13. All Dx comes installed with articulated hands , it also come witha couple of better looking fix posed hands . price on the secondary market of p Bandai items is base on demand. Price normally always go up . You can get in on the preorder for the reissue of the missiles comes next summer .
  14. It's call Flghtpose stands now. https://flightpose.com/collections/all
  15. This is also on sale if you want one with the SAP MACROSS II LOVERS AGAIN: VF-2SS VALKYRIE II WITH SAP FAERIE SQUADRON LIMITED https://www.hlj.com/macross-ii-lovers-again-vf-2ss-valkyrie-ii-with-sap-faerie-squadron-limited-evt57214 ¥12,320 JPY
  16. Here's some sup up pics from a member at RobotJapan board,, I think he's a member here too @Knolly This is the type F, + option set, + 3rd party option set
  17. F360

    Hi-Metal R

    the price on amazon jp is 13500 yen. but they will remove tax when you add in to your cart for international shipping. JPY 12,273 + JPY 1,600 Shipping =JPY 13,873 shipped to the USA https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B01A6FBIYU/ref=sr_1_26?keywords=himetal+r&qid=1572654754&sr=8-26
  18. Wow , my Rakuten proxy order of MB 00 raiser designer blu arrived at From-japan today . That’s a fast domestic 2 day turn around time. I’m still waiting on some other items but here is a quote of their international shipping cost to USA , California. For those that is thinking about using this proxy total cost is 31000yen item 700yen proxy fee (full protection) Free domestic shipping from my seller and whatever international shipping you choose from below.
  19. There’s no English ver , you can use google translation, but I normally just use the proxy’s own site which will search from their end and have their own filter settings on the left , from buy it now to different store , by price low to highest, etc since I will be using them to help me order anyways. i used fromjapan for Yaho auctions , I posted some links earlier. Rakuten have some good prices too .
  20. The going price right now is around $310 to $385 shipped. It have a off gray and blue camo shading along with some metallic purple . I was going to skip it too since I already have the original and asking a proxy to get it for you from an Event is a expensive hassle. But with the price right now, it's doable for me. (signing up for some OT) There is another batch coming out in October too for those that was able to preorder it
  21. While looking at Metal build I notice you can get the new METAL BUILD Double OO raiser Designer Blue Ver for a good price now. There's buy it now prices at yahoo auction for 30,000 but then you will need to pay proxy fee which to be on the safe side is 700 yen, and then you will need domestic shipping which can be around 1000 yen.. And then whatever international shipping you want to use. https://www.fromjapan.co.jp/en/auction/yahoo/input/j600496414/lgk-link_top_search But since they have a 10% off at Rakuten, you can get it from this seller for 31000 after instant 10% off and free domestic shipping If you want just a straight up Basic Forwarding Plan it's only 0 yen. But the Buyer Protection Plan at 700 will cover everything. Then you just need to select what international shipping to use when it arrives at their warehouse https://www.fromjapan.co.jp/en/special/order/confirm/puremiamuserekuto:10015254/2_1/lgk-link_top_search
  22. Yeah , accepted smoothly, but I did have to reset my password. With CA tax it’s $300. Theres another store that have it too but it’s $319 with free shipping and no tax , so about $20 more than bluefin. https://surethingtoys.com/products/bandai-metal-build-strike-freedom-gundam-soul-blue-ver-limited-edition?variant=30359634968681
  23. Nice , the metal build bug can get expensive very fast . Even if you stop for a while , once you look at one , you will want the other too .
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