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  1. It all depends on when you preoder the item. was it before the release of the 1st shipment?, if so then they did not know the size and weight at the time. I used, Fromjapan and Zenmarket,. Price is similar to N-Y. If you get just 1 item then N-Y might be cheaper. But if you get 2 or more then those proxy site would be cheaper.
  2. You can use a thin plastic straw , cut a line on one side and now you can slide/clip on the edge of your stand for extra plastic protection, similar to a plastic rail .
  3. F360

    Hi-Metal R

    yup, it's all your fault. ....... not entirely but reasonable enough. For me paypal is easier and have less issues for instock items. direct with creditcard made me lose a nice priced preorder from N-Y.,, They said it was declined and just cancelled my order. And of course they relisted later for higher price.
  4. F360

    Hi-Metal R

    well, you did wait til payment request to change payment to creditcard so I would say that's a good reason for your wait. Some sites will hold creditcard payments for at least 2 days before shipping out anything due to their verification process. Is the CC payment pending, did your CC decline the card?
  5. F360

    Hi-Metal R

    Amiami normally sent out invoice on release date , if you did not get a email , you can always just sign into your amiami account and go to “orders awaiting payment “. If your item is ready then it will be there , along with other shipping rate options so you can change and pay on the spot .
  6. Omg , how the store will be able to sent you another head
  7. F360

    Hi-Metal R

    they only limit a certain amount from amazon to be shipped overseas.
  8. the good news is that a reissue will be coming when they do unit 2, just do not know when yet, ,
  9. F360

    Hi-Metal R

    All this time I just thought it was some Sentai move , even when I see it pose and done all over the place . Hahahaha
  10. The Aile Strike is a different one , n-y is selling that for 34,000 now . The one I’m talking is the event exclusive one that just pop up on preorder. https://www.nippon-yasan.com/figures/27960-metal-build-strike-gundam-limited-edition.html
  11. F360

    Hi-Metal R

    It’s the Sentai pose , it’s suppose to inflict fear to your enemies by telling them this is their last chance to surrender before getting their ass kicked . But in reality is a pose that brings out the kid in you , mostly due to the old shows and anime’s that you have watched as a kid . I did something similar in a morning group stretching exercise and everyone had a fun time . You should see the facial expression people from age 23 to 58 were making. Some try to look evil and some try to make a different pose . Everyone became kids for a couple of minutes.
  12. Just the sword and launcher set feels kinda plan as a option pack . Now if they can add in the Skygrassper to that set , it would be more complete. But then the twe price would be 11000 yen similar to the gun barrel set.
  13. The preorder will start today for the GAT-X105 STRIKE GUNDAM LIMITED EDITION Because it's a event exclusive, you will need to go there for pickup, no delivery. So expect around 5000yen extra from your proxy . https://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000134667/?_ga=2.229925020.1242203525.1555364046-1153786777.1549108827 I'm good with my MB Aile Strike. , do not need re tampo naked strike. Also up at https://www.biginjap.com/en/completed-models/22077-metal-build-strike-gundam.html https://www.nin-nin-game.com/en/preorders/31666-gundam-seed-gat-x105-strike-gundam-limited-edition-metal-build-.html
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