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  1. maybe the whole visor on the VF-1J can be removed and replace and Bandai just kept that a secret.
  2. Since I already have VF-1J , it would be much cheaper for me if it's just a Armor standalone set with a gray visors attachment. Mostly likely TWE. If it's a combo it might be a regular release and will be preorder madness for sure.
  3. its scheduled to be release on 04-23-2021
  4. Subject: [PREMIUM BANDAI] Follow Up for the delay of shipment – Your Order Is Coming to US <Please note that this email has been sent from a send-only address.> Thank you for using PREMIUM BANDAI USA. We appreciate for your continued patience during this time of uncertainty. We are pleased to inform you the cargo ship containing your purchased items is en route to the US and is expected to arrive in Los Angeles mid-April. As you know, the initial shipment was involved in a terrible storm and the cargo ship had to make a detour. Over the past several weeks, crews have been
  5. Congrats , this is best looking Premium Finish Valk to date.
  6. Since I already got the Blue and Red,,,, I will be in for Green too.. But maybe not 3 since they started charging sales tax at Amazon japan.
  7. Hopefully .. so that means I will be getting my package ... just a couple of years later..
  8. at least your boat did not get attack by Godzilla or Angel like what happen to the boat that my MB EVA 02 was in,. .... The boat went back to japan for damage assessment .... but my MB is supposedly still in a container on that ship and not the ones the fell overboard,
  9. that is the only way to save on shipping now....
  10. besides waiting for EMS to come back.. There's also the Fedex international economy that is currently also suspend for more countries. when that resumes , it will be close to the EMS rate.
  11. My wallet and creditcards wants to have a talk with you at the Walmart parking lot. .
  12. Stands are sold separately. No ko stands.
  13. Iirc it was free domestic shipping within Japan .
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