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  1. Shipping by boat takes about 2-3 months to receive your items . So with ems still in backlog, and if there is not much delay on boat shipping, then that might be a more economical way to go for if you are planing to ship some big and heavier items .
  2. just got another delay email from nippon-yasan. It now push to 05-31
  3. I haven't seen any change on that yet, so it's still good for now.
  4. It was actually Fedex ground /home that amazon did not allow their 3rd party to ship with . It’s not the same as Fedex Express . Anything leaving Japan would be Fedex Express since it would be flight only . It’s also possible that Japan post Ems packages for the USA will be loaded on Fedex express flights and then tender to the post office once it reach its destination state for final delivery.
  5. MEMPHIS, Tenn., March 31, 2020 — FedEx Express and TNT, subsidiaries of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX), will implement a temporary surcharge on all international parcel and freight shipments from all origins across the FedEx global network due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The surcharge goes into effect April 6, 2020. https://www.fedex.com/en-us/shipping/current-rates.html
  6. Thanks for looking out. . that is probably the best USA price you can get.
  7. You can also try Whiterabbitexpress . The cost is $214 . I posted a screen cap and steps a couple of replys up.
  8. https://www.usagundamstore.com/products/gundam-metal-build-freedom-gundam-concept-2?_pos=1&_sid=1fdef77c9&_ss=r
  9. yeah. Fromjapan gets order fill up very quickly since many use them. You can also try Whiterabbitexpress if all your other proxy are full. I use them before without issues . The cost is $214 If you use my refer link you can get $5 off your first order too. ($209) https://my.whiterabbitexpress.com/?ref_id=LAtmfKw5digGgG6fu Photo below shows the breaks down of their price and fee. use the p-bandai link for request https://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000143487
  10. that could be true too. But I think Bandai were somehow able to fullfill those numbers at the end,, I recall some p-bandai customers getting inform of a 2 week delay but they did received their vf-31a. If you consider Bandai were to make a 2nd batch, it will normally have a 1 month later release date. So it highly that Bandai did use the extra time to cover some overbook. Everyone that preordered with a regular proxy received their without issue. It was only some proxy stores like N-Y ,nin-nin games, and Mykombini that seem to have fulfillment issues. Yeah. vf-31a is one of those exceptions. For TWE, I don't wait anymore, If I think I might want it, I'll just use my proxy to preorder it on opening night.
  11. Yes, they also have a set cutoff on production and deadline for their preorders, which ever comes earlier. The Vf-31a preorder lasted for Months. It ended about 1 week earlier than the preorder deadline because it reach it's production limit first. From Bandai's point of view at the time, the VF-31a is not consider super popular since the preorder lasted for months and it finally reach their 1st batch production limit just 1 week close to their set deadline. So no 2nd batch.
  12. This twe is still available on p-Bandai . So you do not have to fight with resellers . You just need to get a proxy to preorder this for you . A proxy is not gonna charge a extra fee for macros item , it will be the same fee for them . Proxy will need to add in domestic shipping and their fees can be as low as a flat rate of 300 yen to some will change 10% of item price or even 15% . TWE is order on demand. Bandai will produce base on how many was preordered . So if less preordered = less produce . This item does not seem to be that popular compare to some that gets sold out in minutes to hours . Along with a 2nd batch , and even 3rd batch for supper popular items .
  13. Yes , each proxy / store has a limit on how much they can place . That is base around the limits of each item per shipping address.
  14. For those that was not able to place their preorder in due to their proxy of choice having already maxed out their order allotment. Your choice is simple . Since the preorder is still open on the p-Bandai page, all you need to do is ask another proxy to place the order for you . If that’s also full , then ask the next proxy . Similar to a regular release, store A sold out , try store B, then store C, etc . Some proxy charge more than orders just like buying from different stores . No need to give up so soon .
  15. I really like that pose. It almost looks like it’s saying “Yes! “
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