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  1. F360

    Hi-Metal R

    I tried really hard to like the vf-4s scheme but looks like this is the first macross hi metal r that I’m not going to get . preorder is still available on amazon.co.jp
  2. Congrats,
  3. we have a member that is selling one for $299 shipped.
  4. what done is done, so whatever happen will happen. Maybe they will wait til you get get lucky and somehow gets a preorder in for a fast sold out item. And then on release date , will just email you to let you know that all your orders are now cancel and then finally Ban you.
  5. I'l wait for the Phase shift down mode, (deactivate ) Strike.
  6. Well , if you have a TWE Strike, getting this ko will give you the Aile pack...
  7. https://www.hlj.com/metal-robot-damashii-side-ms-gundam-barbatos-lupus-rex-bans58721 hlj 13000 yen
  8. 1/100 Scale Metal Frame Alloy Complete Model (Metal Build Style) Metal Build style alloy skeleton frame. Metal Frame Alloy Complete Model (Metal Build Style) Metal Build style alloy skeleton frame. They key word is Complete model. That means it's all build and assemble just like a regular metal build.
  9. 2 month was my longest sal small packet. . It was around Chinese new years. I try to keep it at 2. But...................................... it went over. . Im team Hikaru so I guess it's ok,
  10. sal small packet, normally takes 2 weeks. but it's mainly the December holiday that cause the backlog delay.
  11. woohoo! my vf-1s from Amiami finally shown delivered . Shipped on 11-30-19.
  12. when you are use to buying multiples, it's pretty hard to drop to just 1. 2 seems to be the magic number.
  13. This was posted here and the on Arcadia website in mid December https://arcadia.ac/index.php
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