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  1. you only get the poster if you preorder it from that 1 store that have lots of Mospeada items. The poster looks something like this. I think this video shows that store
  2. Amazon jp order just Shipped
  3. Amazon charged me too ,... boo for sales tax
  4. There's always the option of buying the 1D to get the fan racer and then resale the left over VF-1D
  5. Lovely . The red Kite on the boosters and those red tip missiles on a vf-1j match so well .
  6. wow , that really took a long time . Glad you finally got it. It’s not big , but boy is this thing packed .
  7. for me its' mostly the same as @Anasazi37,, I do not trust some stores. Also using PayPal for payment on preorders will avoid your discounted preorder getting Cancel due to supposedly "Declined". Some stores that starts with a "N" will not honor your preorder price when your creditcard gets Declined... and will just cancel you preorder.. .
  8. Did you email them about it, what was their reply?
  9. Set it and forget it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=19&v=Nb91-j861DI&feature=youtu.be
  10. Yes , because their weight is incorrect, and base on what they are charging for the vf-1s Roy , for sure they will ask for additional shipping fee when comes July .
  11. Just a heads up. their shipping weight for the VF-1d doesn't look right. expect to received additional shipping cost email near release date. also Cdjapan is one of the few places that is currently charging an arm and leg to ship a DX Chogokin VF-1 by Fedex/DHL below is their shipping for the VF-1S Roy.
  12. I haven't heard any other retailer actually shipped out by DHL/Fedex for this big item yet besides Amazon. So many are now stuck at the shipping process. from other msg boards Amiami couldn't even ship this by DHL.. so it will be place on hold until EMS resumes.
  13. maybe Kurama is waiting it out to ship it after the christmas peak because Fedex and DHL adds a extra surcharge for shipping near big holidays . unfortuniatly Fedex is going to extend this surcharge pass January 2021 instead of Christmas.
  14. When they charged your card you will noticed the difference. Once they shipped it, it will also be in your orders, go to invoice , click on it to see Invoice1. That one will show the USA sales tax
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