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  1. You didn’t miss the dx too much , they were selling out way too quick now , there’s many that stayed up but still failed and N-Y have a new ticket system which reminds me of the ticket line at the DMV. But you should be able to find some near release for the DX. As for MB Eva 02 , there’s always the the USA release backup .
  2. Omg it’s @Loop, Haven’t see you post in ages . Looks like Bandai is trying to pulling you back in.
  3. http://www.toysdaily.com/discuz/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=277963&extra=page%3D1&page=5
  4. I heard there will also be a announcement of another Full Metal Panic Metal Build over the weekend. maybe it's finally time for the BOOSTER?
  5. yup, but make sure you open the box right there or else it might be a brick inside. That's probably why all those dx VF-31A from N-Y have no twe brown shipper boxes. lol
  6. I can explain that one. At N-Y for regular releases that require payment upfront are part of their Proxy service similar to what they do TWE/Pbandai items. These upfront mark up preorders are ones that they were able to secure or will secure from other stores, sites, or back of the truck.
  7. Oops ... .. ,
  8. page 259.. The first batch sold out under 3 hours. Bandai open and announced the 2nd batch couple of days later.
  9. http://www.anime-export.com/product/44455 Metal Build - Caletvwlch Option Set
  10. MB EVA 02 Schedule 24th June 2019 (Mon) general sales store opening plan
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