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  1. Is it just me or is it missing lots of “no step” and other possible tampo.
  2. I think you just need a taller riser . with that we will be able to see Miria hovering in the back
  3. did you use the Buyer Protection plan (700 fee)? Did Fromjapan tell you that you are out of luck? perhaps they are already working on it on their end with their own paypal filing etc. You can try asking fromjapan what is going to happen with this order now since the seller is not responding and not shipping....
  4. Fromjapan is a proxy.. They are not a store, you did not buy your item at a Fromjapan store, you request fromjapan to buy a item for you at a store of your choosing. The risk depends on which store or seller you request fromjapan to help with your japan only purchase. You can also pay the higher Buyer Protection fee (700 yen) which cover almost everything, from seller not shipping, wrong item , damage item etc. https://www.fromjapan.co.jp/en/help/servicePlan#whats_plan But back to your question. You request Fromjapan to place a preorder for you from the official Arcadia website. I do not see any issue unless either of those company close down,
  5. I mess up the wording, it was more of if he is going to keep them inside the brown SEALED Shipping box.. example : AmiAmi box. HJL box. etc. . not the amazon.jp box since that self opens.
  6. , in their sealed box, or in their sealed packaging boxes. .
  7. 1s was gone super fast everywhere else too , so it could very well be from their already established returning customers . I was still unsure of the site at the time so I was more focus on the usual sites . Nope, wasn’t able to get a vf-1s from Okini either. @DYRL VF-1S thx for sharing , hopefully more vf-1s will open up at release date
  8. Remember when Dx-vf1a max tv was sold out super quick on preorder night ? And then someone posted a link to a new store that still have the preorder open at msrp and below? Even have good shipping rate? well , item arrived couple of days ago but I wasn’t able pick it up until the weekends . Good packaging , shipped out on the 19th with tracking. Thank you for posting the link to a new reliable store for my Macross addiction Oops almost forgot to post the link for the store https://okini.land/en/
  9. I remember way back someone used mastergrade Gundam hands , there was even a guides for it , others try hands like those old robotech super possible vf-1 figures and even the Eva hand from those old kaiyodo xebec eva (need to be repainted). But if you have extra 1/60 hands it should work well .
  10. No info on that but if they continue to release tv valks , then I’m sure they will do a TV set , maybe even include missiles. unless they just want to release them as combo sets like vf-1j M and M .
  11. They probably will , you can wait til they post the deadline for the 2nd batch before your final decision. I actually preorder a bit more than originally plan due to using 2 proxy just in case one of them fail . So I’m all set for the whole family and cousins
  12. F360

    Hi-Metal R

    It was pretty hard to sleep it off from the low N-Y price,woke up twice in the middle of the night . Glad they sold out and become up front payment only . That gave me the extra push needed to Miss my first hi-metal r Macross preorder. I normally buy first and plan later but I’m running out of storage space for this army .
  13. F360

    Hi-Metal R

    I think you will also loose your discount code if it was used in any of the order you are combining too .
  14. F360

    Hi-Metal R

    Cheapest eco shipping does not have tracking.
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