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  1. yup, TWE will always have a mark up. That why some people will preorder it first and think about it later. unlike general releases. TWE price will show tax included. There's no such thing as TWE without sales tax because you are ordering from P-Bandai. as a Japanese customer.
  2. yes, many times. It's not easy but with experience and dedication it's doable . no bots, just honest, multiple pages open , have all your accounts ready , bunch of copy paste hot keys and know when to give up on a site and when to keep on F5ing. And be on ready to jump on whenever someone post more reopening links / msg in the time window of preorder night to 2 week pass release date.
  3. Did it just stop all of a sudden? . I have times that it stop for a day or so and then everything pop up . Maybe the email ,
  4. the condition of the item box seems to be of concern for some . When you order from Calibre directly , it gets shipped directly to you, 1 item /shipping box over internationally and a few have got their packaging pretty banned up. (higher chance of getting a beat up box) When you order from BBTS or from another domestic store. Their Calibre items will get bulk ship internationally to the store. then sort it out and repack for shipping. (higher chance of getting a good condition box)
  5. probably that's the default UPS route to your location... Delay in china? probably not the flood but instead the flights full and bumped for next flight.
  6. I'm pretty sure they mess up the 1st batch of the Strike parts. (which they should have recovered from the 2nd batch) But, then the pandemic happened which mess up their special inbound routes from their supplier. I'm working under the impression that N-Y have some kind of backdoor deals or special deals for TWE items from their suppliers. But the pandemic made it impossible for their special supplier to make it happen. ..
  7. sure, if and when it gets release for less expensive. my price perception for a display stand is not the same as a Valk. maybe when it gets on sale.
  8. those are just extra insulation to keep the house warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. probably use as sound damping too many people use R-15 for insulation but @tekering used VF-1, VF-1, YF-19 instead,. ..............
  9. for the new Wing of light, I hope they do not plan to include the booklet sleeve covers and extra empty white box this time.
  10. and it will not be your last. ..
  11. since these ko have pre tampo markings and super/strike packs. they are suppose to be compare to the pricing of vf-1s roy premium finish ver
  12. yeah, the auto system for those 1-800 number really need to be reworked. But I was assuming that his was from DHL. With DHL if they are holding it , you should be able to find out where, it's probably at the closest DHL warehouse.
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