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  1. Didn’t they already shipped it? Iirc ,you use their new Trans-Logistic shipping which is only for Europe, but the shipping company there were overloaded due to the holiday shipping. So your incident could be more related to the Trans-Logistic shipping than N-Y delay shipping your order out , maybe?
  2. There’s 2 batch , I’m pretty sure you are on the 2nd batch which hasn’t even release yet .
  3. Here is 2 clips of packages left outside in China due the the Coronavirus . I think this is in Wuhan, 1581207688715.webm 1581207726490.webm
  4. you can see the list price on amiami for their pre-owned items. just scroll down a bit. (shows 22.000 yen) Hlj was selling them for just under 17000 yen
  5. it's normal, unless your packages is ems or priority.
  6. Might be better to use a metal build display stand / KO. instead . Should probably also strengthen the clip or attachment point too .
  7. The Flight unit option set (Alternative Strike Ver.) is finally out .
  8. Yeah , normally for 3rd party or ko stuff , I will wait for normal reviews before making purchase. Unless it’s Moshow ,because their QC is pretty consistent. MC is normally pretty good too.
  9. Wow , price went up a bit to $179 . i hope it’s not a 1 run deal .
  10. I chicken out on on trying to mod the Aile pack too . I hope that they will do a Sky grassper eventually. They already released all the packs . Aegis is a must buy for me too if they make it .
  11. F360

    Hi-Metal R

    I tried really hard to like the vf-4s scheme but looks like this is the first macross hi metal r that I’m not going to get . preorder is still available on amazon.co.jp
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