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  1. @MacrossManiac: I would not encase any artwork in resin mainly because it is still subject to light. The light will still deteriorate the contents encased in resin. Also, I do not want to handle artwork as fragile as cels, so using resin is not a good match for me. But hey try it if you feel it might work, but I'd recommend using a low to medium grade artwork first. On a related note for those of you interested, here is a research paper conducted by the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works. http://resources.conservation-us.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/8/2015/03/osg021-11.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2iCPSL_jYlwrFDDgJM0u3R-BRICuNypnHf6K-86t887ZmQ6OjEMsBJPCQ osg021-11.pdf
  2. @jvmacross: My educated guess this was a tester cel, however, the details give me reason to doubt the origin. MW user SAVE is a huge Macross II fan. He might know more about that particular image. @elrdf: Unfortunately, owning original artworks be it animation cels, drawings, and/or paintings inherently poses risks. The sad reality is the medium used for each of these artworks were never created to last and are exceptionally fragile. With the rare exception of post production and limited edition creations, production artwork (especially cels circa 1980s) are in advanced stages of breaking down. So before you even attempt to buy artwork it is already degrading. Many production cels already have traceline fading (aka browning), stuck dougas, vinegar syndrome, or a combination of issues. From a conservation perspective there are few techniques available to slow deterioration, but certainly no proven and consistent methods to reverse the common types of damage to artwork. There are academic white papers written on this topic, but it basically boils down to accepting the art works are rapidly breaking down before you buy it and deciding what is the most prudent way of enjoying the art. In my experience, original artworks are best preserved unframed, undisplayed, and stored in climate controlled environments, if your goal to extend the longevity. If however, you need to display the artwork, accept doing so accelerates the deterioration process and be prepared to eventually pay a high amount to attempt to professionally restore. I can share other resources on restoration which often cost more than the artwork itself. Whatever path you choose, good luck because being an art collector is not for the faint of heart or financially challenged.
  3. It is a reproduction limited run of 40. Not original artwork or pre or post production art.
  4. Saw it and really enjoyed it. Just wondering did anyone else understand the background of the Man who sits Higher than the hightable? Who is this mysterious person? And why did he alone have the power to help Wick? And now that Wick betrayed his oath wouldn't that also place him on his hitlist?
  5. Generally collectors and buyers alike in the cel community disapprove of sellers separating sketches from cels and especially, separating sketches in a set/sequence. Just because it might benefit you does not mean the seller and/or the future owner should bother to separate anything. If you want to own rare art being auctioned, take some advice from a seasoned collector, bid your maximum, if you hope to have a snowball chance of winning. Otherwise you will be one of the masses lamenting how they could have won, if only....
  6. Exactly. Odds are you were outbid by another internal Rinkya user. Sounds like you are very new to buying so you really need to understand how deputy services like Rinkya operate. Sure you can stay until the very end and keep on bidding but honestly you are just wasting your time because odds are you have a budget. So in my experience, place one bid which is the highest you can afford and let the chips fall where they may.
  7. Hilariously accurate. @ MacrossManiac There is no way of knowing for certain if Rinkya had artificial internal bidding. Since you are new here, mind telling us more about your experiences using deputy services? How many times have you used Rinkya (successfully and unsuccessfully)? Also, why are you using them? There are affordable alternatives available if you do more research.
  8. Oh wonderful more asinine anecdotal tales without an ounce of empirical evidence. Please do not be mislead by the grossly misinformed and uneducated. To clarify, vinegar syndrome is NOT curable. There are NO proven methods to stop or reverse the damage caused by vinegar syndrome.
  9. These were some good old dotcom era flame bidding wars! Some of the dougas were good and from an important sequence, but are they really worth the final price? The only one I think ended at a reasonable price was the solo Hikaru one, all the rest went well over value due to bidding wars. One of the highest priced ones was the Hikaru's helmet reflection, considering the extremely poor condition it was in, it is not worth the final price. The douga for Millia was overpriced and especially Gloval's cel; I watched both, but once it passed certain markers, it was foolish to continue with the asinine bidding war. Congratulations to whomever won these old dougas and cels! :) I truly hope you do your best to protect them from increased deterioration. Japanese collectors are known for not adequately protecting their artwork, so odds are the cel with vinegar syndrome impacted other artwork stored with it. If you won that specific cel, do your best to quarantine it and let us know how things progress. Good luck!
  10. Nice jvmacross! Completely forgot about these ladies.
  11. Nah didn't participate; did not want any of the cels or gengas. Prices are too inflated and will come down in time. @ANTEATERNEO: Congratulations.
  12. Did you ever find your extras?
  13. Those are reproductions. What uninformed idiot paid close to $2,000.00?!
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