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  1. Have any of you quit collecting?

    When I objectively examine how and why I previously spent on collecting and value it created, I am glad I quit. Agreed running out of room/storage is a big issue. I decided to sell what I did not absolutely love and enjoy. It feels incredibly better removing all the clutter especially the damn Yamato 1/48 boxes! Moderation helps but also want to add I find great value being free. I have the freedom to focus on what matters most in life, without being concerned about the safety, storage, insurance of things. As much as I enjoy anime and Macross, looking at the big picture I spent too much time dedicated on things I now sold off completely. Today the same monies I might have spent on Macross toys and stuff can easily fund first class round trips if I so chose. Now I have the option to do more with my resources because I make judicious decisions. Lastly agree with Duyman's comments and particularly what he discovered about his spending and his decision to fund retirement accounts; sell the stuff you do not display and/or love and invest it in your own future.
  2. Need help authenticating a CD

    SM are non-licensed versions. If all you want is the music and booklet at reasonable prices it is a good alternative. If you want the licensed version then it tend to get pricier. Still you got it at a good price $9.00 it is not a loss.
  3. Macross figures

    So are there pre-orders for the DYRL Misa and Hikaru yet? Thanks.
  4. Macross/Animation Cel Collection Thread

    Oh so true! Bid higher or go home. Low bidders have zero change of winning.
  5. Macross/Animation Cel Collection Thread

    @saffabrat What does it look like? @jvmacross: Saw the drawing and questioned the authenticity. There is no reason why it should not include the additional shading if this was authentic. Agree about the final pricing it went higher than I too think it is worth; besides not a fan of the ostrich more of the elint. If I had to make an educated guess it is a fan version or at best a draft that never had the final touches (which to me are important). @saffabrat And I concur with jvmacross about taking some calculated risks when collecting. One thing I'd add is as a new collector do your best not to go into debt over a hobby, seriously. Prioritize all of your other required expenses (retirement, housing, debts, food, maintenance, etc) and set aside monies for your fun things like hobbies; doing so will reduce the likelihood of going into debt plus collectors burning out. Collecting artwork and particularly cels is not for everyone and especially not for the faint of heart (emotionally and financially). Good luck!
  6. Macross/Animation Cel Collection Thread

    Congrats JV! How did you confirm this cel was not actually used in the DYRL production? The cel fits the sequence when Roy rotates and continuously fires the gunpod. Again congrats on this nice addition!
  7. Thor: Ragnarok, in theaters Nov. 3, 2017

    Finally watched Thor Ragnarok and greatly enjoyed it. Hemsworth commented he wanted the Thor franchise to go into a new direction, hence the more light-hearted and playful tones. After watching Thor left wondering if Hela was actually a grossly misunderstood character who in the past demonstrated honorable qualities? After all, didn't she wield Mjolnir before Thor? Also isn't Odin himself the true villain? Didn't he use his own daughter as a "weapon" to conquer the nine realms, but after serving her purpose, Odin cast her aside when he could not control her? Seems to me Odin and not Hela was the source of the problems. Hela did what she did best. It would not surprise me at all if she represents Death in the Infinity Wars (which really should be a two part film). Lastly, after watching Star Wars The Last Jedi then Thor, it was greatly disheartening to see Disney continually promulgate feminist, SJW (social justice warrior), and income inequality agendas into their modern films. Removal of those agendas would've greatly improved the script. Just my ten cents.
  8. Macross pachinko game

    Old post but wanted to ask the MW community, does anyone know what the total cost for the animated sequences in Fever? Thanks.
  9. Battle Angel Alita

    Loved the manga especially the first arc before First Order. FO's art IMO pales in comparison to the original series. As for the trailer very mixed b/c of the over reliance on CG. Hopefully Rodriguez will not take too many liberties with the source material. Time will tell.
  10. Have any of you quit collecting?

    Sounds like some of you wrestled with the idea whether or not collecting a specific item/series still made you happy. Definitely agree with this value. After all, why collect or engage in a hobby if it does not genuinely fulfill you? Regardless if you are collecting for yourself or with a family member IMO the experiences should be overwhelmingly positive. Another thing some of you raise is how collecting can be habit forming and even addicting. Have any of you experienced the darker side of addicting? It can be related or unrelated to Macross. Thanks for sharing and I think it helps everyone understand we all face similar struggles with our beloved hobbies.
  11. Battle Angel Alita

    Hmm less than optimistic. IMHO almost no live action manga/anime adaptions were well-made. As for the actress she does not look suitable, her frame is not petite. Do not care about her ethnicity as long as the actress accurately embodies Yoko's grace, skill, and persona.
  12. Obscure valk drawing (VF-G1A?)

    Not sure of the VF-G1A origin, but it looks nice. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Netflix Marvel Universe

    Enjoying Punisher and looking forward to his expanded role as anti-hero and non-meta in the MCU. Still disliked the poorly written and abysmal failure "Iron Fist". The actor Finn Jones is the weakest link in the MCU and he specifically made the Defenders disappointing. I concur with Mog, the fight sequences in DD specifically with Nobu grossly overshadow all of the fights in Iron Fist. Glad to hear Iron Fist s2 will change writers should help but it'd greatly help if the lead role was recast. Countless wasted opportunities largely due to Finn not being a suitable match, and training for the physically demanding role of a "master gung fu practitioner".
  14. Macross/Animation Cel Collection Thread

    Asinine analysis underscored by petulance and an entitlement mindset. Do you understand how consignment operates? The fact is even if a consignment seller wants to price an item lower it is not their decision because owners dictate minimum pricing requirements. Whereas urbantreasurehunterjapan does not sell items for collectors; they own everything they resell and they alone dictate the list price. Your esteemed urbantreasurehunterjapan mark up all items for well over 200%, then offer their magnanimous 25% discount. Real examples are these two Flashback cels https://www.ebay.com/itm/MACROSS-FLASHBACK-ROBOTECH-LYNN-MINMAY-ANIME-PRODUCTION-CEL-3/401008042919?hash=item5d5df123a7:g:3fMAAOSwA4dWF3Yh and https://www.ebay.com/itm/MACROSS-FLASHBACK-ROBOTECH-LYNN-MINMAY-ANIME-PRODUCTION-CEL-2/401008042316?hash=item5d5df1214c:g:RREAAOSwT5tWF3We . The two cels were offered in one auction that sold for less than $700 USD. As the epitome of a scalper, urbantreasurehunterjapan true to form lists each cel on ebay separately for $1,199.99 and $974.99. Unsurprisingly these two cels remain unsold as do the majority of their items primarily due to their listing practices. It would behoove you to learn how to objectively research facts and not rely on anecdotal evidence.
  15. Macross/Animation Cel Collection Thread

    @JetJockey Solid sellers, dealt with them before. As stated in their auctions they sell items on consignment. The negative feedback means very little considering you do not know the facts or the details involving the transaction. In my experience it is prudent to refrain from jumping to unsubstantiated conclusions. Bottom line, one negative means nothing considering this seller has been around for well over a decade. Your mileage may vary but bad buyers and sellers disappear far quicker than this sellers longevity.