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  1. Nice DYRL additions jv and swann! Thanks for sharing!
  2. @ no3Ljm: I am also around the same youthfulness as yourself and jvmacross. I can envision exiting collecting Macross and collecting in general in the future, however, under what circumstances, for now must remain a mystery (even to me). @ jvmacross: Glad you have spoken with your loved ones already and made them aware of the value of your collection. Honest communication is certainly helpful in so many financial and relationship aspects.
  3. Indeed jvmacross! I previously suggested creating an inventory and using a spreadsheet to track the original prices paid, date of acquisition, and the condition. Also for the super ambitious, I recommend adding a column for interested buyers (like a waitlist). Granted the closest date might very well be 50 years from now, but life has an interesting way of changing our best laid plans.
  4. @ no3Ljm: Like your honesty! @ arbit: Definitely see what you mean, collecting Macross mass produced items is comparatively affordable. Though I do wonder how much the costs run for people buy nultiples and/or are completionists. Doing either cannot be easy on the finances. IDK. @ seti88: Can gunpla get expensive? Tell us more about the pricing for collecting those items. @jvmacross: Quite possibly! Or maybe they just do not want to admit they have or will never quit? Who knows. I just want to hear other MW members thoughts, values and experiences. It is very interesting to read the thoughts and experiences of other collectors.
  5. @ ErikElvis: Good advice shared so far. I hope you are not experiencing any life-threatening health or financial pressures. I want to share the following ideas: Have you decided what do you ultimately want to achieve from this situation beyond buying a new truck? Debt elimination? Clutter reduction? Peace of mind? Increased savings? Lifestyle changes? Can you elaborate what 'getting ahead' means to you? In my experience, focused actions are largely dictated by what you setting up as your goal(s). How you begin executing the selling is relatively easy. This may seem like a daunting project, but it ultimately comes down to objectivity, organization, and patience. So, take a full inventory of your possessions. Take pictures, and create a database, noting the condition (MOSC, MIMSB, MISB, etc), product details (limited, ed, etc), purchase price (what you paid), comparables (range you see same being successfully sold online), and note, if you have used or even thought of the item in the last year. In my experience, if I have not even touched or thought of an item within one full year, I do not feel I need to keep it; I sell it ASAP because demand for most collectibles can quickly wane or steadily depreciate. With all of this information, you will be able to clearly identify what you no longer need and even prioritize what you can hold onto and perhaps eventually sell under conditions you can better control. Ultimately after the dust settles from selling, you will have more monies, less things, less clutter, and the remaining items should be what genuinely brings you great joy. Lastly, this is a great opportunity to also examine your entire financial situation (debt, saving, retirement) and, even your mindset towards consumerism (buying cool stuff on impulse) in general. If you have more questions feel free to PM and keep us posted on your journey. Cheers!
  6. I concur jvmacross! It is nearly impossible to have a complete cel and original artwork collection per se, but I've known more than a few collectors over the last 30+ years who have done their damndest to corner an entire series and/or character. Unfortunately, most have tried to sell their entire collections without much success. I definitely can walk away from all the other collectibles that I use to enjoy with no regrets. When I compare the cost involved to collect things, it makes me smile knowing I want what I got and it makes happy. Also, I fully understand one day I may be open to selling everything, simply because I do not want to maintain the collection. I feel it helps to also be honest with oneself and admit under what circumstances it would be completely prudent to walk away too.
  7. Over the years I quit collecting a variety of things mainly to reduce clutter and to accelerate financial independence. When I was young I collected art books, comics, cels, and Macross toys. Today, I still collect original artwork and anime cels, but I am extremely selective and focus on quality over quantity. What I no longer treasure I have largely sold already; to me, it is not getting what I want, it is now wanting what I got. For me, the impetus for this change was simply focusing on my life goals. By doing so I avoid relapsing into the hedonistic and addictive habit of collecting. For example, the amount of time spent shopping has disappeared since I quit collecting most things. Nowadays, with all the freed up time, I shift my focus to priorities making me happier, healthier and contribute to me gaining new life experiences. Also, I am sure as much as I would enjoy buying the newest Macross toy, I know I will not look back with any regret over not buying in the future. Lastly, one question I ask myself before buying and even in stressful situations is, 'will this matter in a year or two'? If the answer is no (as it typically is), I simply do not buy it and happily move on with life. So far my strategy works and I am happier and healthier for it. Your mileage may vary. Cheers!
  8. Have other MW members attempted to quit collecting or successfully quit altogether? If you did please share why you felt the desire to quit. Was it due to a life event changes such as debt, dating, marriage, home purchase, expanding family, retirement, et al? Also, share what you were collecting too. Lastly, if it applies share if you eventually returned to collecting and mention why. Thanks! Curious to hear the MW community feedback. Thanks.
  9. Terrible idea. No thanks.
  10. @ juice14: Nice find!
  11. Just to reconnect with a previous cel storage and preservation discussion here are some archival boxes for your consideration.
  12. Ok. Looking forward to some pics from juice14. Thanks!
  13. Possibly but pretty sure urbantreasurehunterjapan does not have a brick and mortar. Still it would be good to know if juice14 could post some pics of the store and the name of the business too.
  14. Welcome hal9000! Prepare to sell your soul, and quite possibly your future retirement away.
  15. Nothing yet. But I am sure something interesting will appear! How about you jv?