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  1. The FB cel origin is highly suspect especially considering how the seller claimed he obtained the cel. This is the first time I have ever heard an original production cel was given during the pre-order purchase of an LD. Does anyone know of any other LD pre-orders that historically also gave away original production cels? To my knowledge this did NOT happen with any of the early series: Iczer-1 OVAs, Baoh OVAs, Dangaioh OVAs, GunBuster OVAs, Wicked City, City City Oedo, etc.
  2. Nice DYRL buttons. Wish they made more merchandise for the marketing. Anyone else got more to share?
  3. @drscorpio Welcome to MW and congrats on the new sketches! Are you also on RS?
  4. In the spirit of FB sharing here is one in the collection.
  5. Sweetness valkryie13! Glad to see you around again and thanks for sharing some of the cels you own!
  6. Quite true! As jvmacross explains there is not much inventory especially in the higher end, hence the dry spells that can last many years. It is also worth noting quite a few older cel collectors simply do not bother to post online. There is less than TEN collectors on the entire MW forum who post the Macross artwork they own, so the lack of activity in this one tiny forum thread is hardly an accurate indicator of global ownership. @JetJockeyRegarding the Megazone23 Kickstarter old news that you shared, that was a serious screw up by AnimEigo for not confirming well in advance that Mikimoto could not sketch non-M23 characters. The major marketing for the higher patrons levels was specifically allowing Mikimoto drawing non-M23 characters. It did not surprise me how many collectors cancelled their orders; I for one did because as entertaining as M23 was, it certainly is not Macross. So unless you actually paid for an original Mikimoto M23 drawing through the Kickstarter campaign, it really is a moot point even mentioning the possibility Mikimoto may create new art that has literally nothing to do with art you personally own. Nevertheless, jetjockey if you feel the MW Macross cel and art thread is lacking in activity, please go out and actually buy some original art and share with our community. We'd all finally enjoy seeing your artwork acquisitions.
  7. @TheLoneWolf: Possibly true but why weren't the contractual issues finalized before launching the KS?! The only level that sold out was strictly for Mikimoto's drawings. Personally would not be surprised if a few early supporters wanted to back out because of false and misleading advertising. @Mokman: Is 'Rampo' related to Macross or Macross art?
  8. Until we get more detailed information from Woodhead I am not going to assume the worst and give both him and Mikimoto the benefit of the doubt. However, it still would have been professional and greatly appreciated by fans alike, if these unforeseen contractual issues were resolved well in advance of the KS campaign. We may never know the truth but if anyone finds out, please share via pm if you cannot disclosure publicly. Thank you.
  9. Ah well that certainly sucks for the people who already backed it, since they were grossly misinformed. Like you I wanted Mikimoto to draw a character from another series besides M23. Also agree Woodhead should have finalized these details before even offering Mikimoto shikishi's on the KS campaign. Wonder what happened to cause this last minute change. Does anyone know?
  10. Missed it by a few minutes for the first round. The next round Mikimoto can only do characters from M23 so that is a hard pass, I definitely do not think it is worth it if he cannot draw from other series.
  11. I use various sized desiccant packets. In the past I used the ones commonly used with computer parts and cameras. However, over the years I find creating my own has served me well too. Specifically using kitty litter in various containers worked wonders. Also I've experimented using baking soda to help with moisture too, however, I now prefer using a combination of desiccant and kitty litter packets. Let us know the results of your testing.
  12. Hmm, why should Woodhead know? You are literally asking him for confirmation for something completely out of his control. Whatever style is used to create a shikishi is entirely up to Mikimoto himself. Pledge (or not) accordingly.
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