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  1. Ugh. That POS previous season had terrible animation and this follow up does not look remotely better. Miura is a lost cause at this point; he will not dedicate his time and energies to completing BERSERK. Been a fan since the beginning but his work pace speaks volumes and does not instill any hope. Also as others have commented it is a mystery why no reputable studio has not taken on this great title.
  2. So now that Iron Fist has dropped for those of you who've finished it care to share your thoughts? Won't go into plot specifics but after watching it, I was rather disappointed with the direction used for Danny's character development. And the second biggest disappointment was the action choreography and overall martial arts Iron Fist demonstrated. Will wait for others to share more.
  3. The anime clip was far too short. Would be nice if Headgear created a full TV or OVA series.
  4. I get what you are saying. However what bothers me is how tiny Finn Jones is as the Iron Fist. Lift a little dude. He might be a decent actor but, there are plenty of talented actors who can act and look the part visually. And as for the Jet Li reference, he was definitely built when younger and even today, considerably moreso than Jones. Part of what made Jet's films amazing and believable is the fact he actually is a martial artist, just like Donnie Yen is exceptionally believable in his film portrayals as a martial artist. Perhaps that level of realism isn't needed for Iron Fist, but arguably realism is what the MCU is grounded in. Just my ten cents.
  5. Never said that he was as large as Luke Cage. Comment was about how the actor is tiny in build and musculature. And historically Iron Fist looks quite physically formidable in the comics. Hardly as puny as the NFLX MCU representation. At the very least Iron Fist has the highly defined physical build of the Master of Kung Fu, Shang Chi.
  6. Does anyone else feel Iron Fist looks physically weak? Definitely not an imposing stature like Cage and smaller than DD. Will still watch and hopefully it will surprise. Still feel DD remains the best Marvel expanded universe character. DD displayed excellent overall storyline, character development, action, cinematography, acting, and music. Compared with Jessica Jones, to me DD highlights exactly what was lacking in the JJ. I feel JJ was the worst of the series thus far. Initially enjoyed JJ until she made repeated asinine mistakes resulting in people getting injured or dying. I felt JJ was written with far too much self-loathing, depression, and stupidity. Her character development simply failed horribly. She did not evolve and it became painful to watch her. The action sequences were not good and it is clear JJ has no discipline, focus or training. Also, the pacing of the series was too long, it should've ended when Kilgrave was captured. I felt the writing in JJ was considerably weaker compared to DD. Enjoyed Luke Cage, the initial story arc involving Cottonmouth was great. Afterwards, the use of Diamondback served a purpose but it felt too forced along much like the romance with Claire.
  7. Saw it and felt Keanu could've delivered the same emotional 'range' as Benedict as Strange. Oh well, still a good into the spiritual realms.
  8. Seems only proper since women typically get all the recognition and 'special treatment' on Valentines Day.
  9. Looks great with plenty of 70s-80s references to turn up the nostalgia. Anyone else know how much of this will follow the animated series and Peters search? On that note, anyone enjoy the animated series? Thought it was actually well scripted and the voice acting enjoyable.
  10. Personally feel Watson does not fit the role well. It is going to be exceptionally hard to top the exceptional voice acting, lush traditional animation, and musical scores from the animated classic. Will pass and watch if coerced to do so.
  11. Entirely plausible. Only question is do you want to bid on it?
  12. Possibly the attached image, but would need to compare to other scenes from TV and movie too.
  13. I'd wager if it was an authentic hanken mono it would sale at a higher price.
  14. Really looking forward to this newest chapter of John Wick! Wondering how many more times can people pull him back in even though he says he is out.