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  1. Nice DYRL Minmay douga. Congratulations! While there are collectors selling globally there are not as many buyers who can or are willing to pay the high prices the artworks command. So buy what you can if it meets your needs. As for this thread you know there are less than six active Macross cel and artwork collectors, right?
  2. @trekker14: Would advise against buying from this seller because their product most likely has vinegar syndrome (vs). If you came within close physical proximity you would most likely smell an odor. This odor that is emitted is the chemical gases being released and is often attributed to improper storage of the artwork. This condition vs can be passed to other artworks if stored within the same vicinity. Caveat emptor.
  3. Gorgeous art Shawn! Thanks for sharing these gems with the community!
  4. The shot could've appeared prior to her raising her microphone, or it could have appeared after she lowered it. You would need to do a careful frame comparison to determine which sequence the cel image appears in. @ZenAmakoYou are welcome! Enjoy the art in good health.
  5. Not surprising the DYRL cel went as high as it did. Recently sold one from the same sequence to a fellow collector at my cost because not looking to price gouge. He got an extremely good deal!
  6. BWA has been extremely lackluster. The selection and quality of highend art continually decreases. We are seeing even Mandarake's inventory dry up. Wonder how much longer they can manage the BWA.
  7. No girls in the douga set so not quite as popular. Add in a Minmay and Misa and watch the price move higher.
  8. Both auctions were grossly inflated sale prices. Don't know what the hell those buyers were thinking, since neither lot contained high end artworks. Hopefully these will not end up on our local online chopping blocks courtesy of our favorite scumbag scalpers.
  9. That original drawing from the magazine illustration is interesting, but just not a fan of the closed eyes compositions. However definitely a huge fan of the artworks by Toshihiro Hirano and Kakinouchi! Pity neither lend their character design talents to recent series. Anyone bid on or win the recent DYRL cel lot that closed at 1k USD?
  10. Gotcha. Are you using UV resistent museum glass and acid free archival matting? May want to use those for your higher end artworks that you elect to display.
  11. Creative jvmacross! Will you attempt to do the same with your other cels? And btw did you get the cel framed, frame it yourself, or did you borrow one from an existing artwork? Curious who is open to do framing work during the Chaz and Covid mess.
  12. Sweet Mikimoto goodness! Thanks Chas and jvmacross for sharing. If they compiled the pencil drawings used in DYRL into a book (like they did w/the Gold Book) that would be amazing. Hope springs eternal.
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