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  1. Good point! In all seriousness I plan on showing my niece WW before CM but that is just me.
  2. Cels of DYRL Minmay from that sequence exist. I had one and have seen many of them during the last 30 years for sale. One also sold last year but prices are increasing due to many flippers/scalper sellers.
  3. Wow very impressive work by Mikimoto and team! Does anyone know how many other people work on this to get it published? What is the release schedule like? Is this going to be like Berserk? Thanks!
  4. How has the release for the series been? I stopped reading since it took too long. Is the reboot going at a faster pace or same sluggish pacing with no end in sight?
  5. Saw it and wished the plot was not so poorly developed and crammed with too many storylines. Better pacing and writing was sorely needed. Visually the movie was good, that was about it.
  6. Nice cel treker14!! To wager a guess you favorite is a green haired alien? Check out Lum you might like her too.
  7. Too much plot crammed into this movie. Fail.
  8. Not interested at all. Look at the heroics, wow... women power. Yawn.
  9. This will be funny and entertaining. Prefer Hobbes over all the rest of the characters except Brian and Dom.
  10. Nice cel Oden! Post up more of your Macross DYRL and TV cels to RS. Would like to see the full collection for one series if possible. Thanks!
  11. Oh that cel on Asylum of DYRL Minmay... yes it is overpriced. But considering the rarity of the sequence, if you are serious about buying it @JetJockey contact the store and make them a serious offer (don't waste their time if you are low balling). @jvmacross Yes ideally if one were to hunt for a DYRL nude Minmay something similar to the poster image you shared would be ideal. However, I know owners of that cel sequence and there is no way they would even listen to offers as low as 3k.
  12. Post an actual picture. Without seeing it no one can tell you if 3k is too much for a nude DYRL Minmay cel. These rarely appear for sale so it depends on a lot of factors. Also if you truly want to own a Minmay singing cel, to be frank make a significantly higher maximum bid, otherwise, lower your expectations.
  13. @jvmacross Agreed. This version of Minmay was Mikimoto-esce but probably was not drawn by him personally. Need to check the episode end credits to be certain. Nevertheless as you commented the other cels in this M7 cel lot would not command anything remotely close to Minmay. I personally prefer his older character designs over this modern style.
  14. Collectors only own anime cels deliberately. One needs to pay for the privilege to own one. If you want a Macross cel better pay more or collect another series. @jvmacross That cel from Macross 7 episode 11. Reference 6:47. To my knowledge this version of Minmay is not drawn by Mikimoto. Still it is a very nice cel.
  15. Could not locate any threads about this HBO show so creating a new post. I've been watching BALLERS from the beginning and must admit it is a very entertaining series. Never expected such great acting across the board. Is anyone else watching this show? Share your thoughts about it.
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