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  1. Did anyone ask Mr. K if there will be a PF version soon?
  2. yman1437

    Yamato VF-19S

  3. Thanks for the clarification.
  4. Shizuka-chan I think it's 2 hour 35 minutes after official open time, so it's about 5:35am EST
  5. yes, thank you...didn't even realize I 've up that long!
  6. you are right, thank you!......getting sleepy now as the adrenaline wane....
  7. For future reference, NY opened 2 hour 10 minutes after the "official" start time and Amazon 2 hour 35 minutes after Did I just say "future"...do I want to go through this again?!?! Shizuka-chan, you've been on the lookout for all of us. Domo arigato! Get some sleep....
  8. I will so much make amazon.jp my first go to now!!
  9. It's not all lost!
  10. yeah, easy and simple!!! THANKS @Valkyrie23
  11. Yeah.....they are playing the game "you never know"....you know
  12. Thanks Shizuka-chan
  13. I have a NY search result page opened, but when I click on the link given, it kicked me to the queue
  14. alright...keep F5ing page now
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