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  1. That's so AWESOME! Best valk pose ever! =)
  2. Don't even realize po is tonight. Got none. Well..don't really care anymore
  3. I tried to actually change my shipping address @ Mandarake to a tenso addreess. They wouldn't allow it. said something like forwarding service address not allowed
  4. EXCITED! I am pleasantly surprised Bandai coming out with the 1D , a 2 seater! and a GBP set already too! NOT EXCITED : Imagine how bad the PO is gonna be......(if it's a general release)
  5. wow.....debating if I should not get this release and just keep my last reissue of YF-29 (the one with the wrong shoulder tab) and then track down a super part set. At least the arm doesn't fall off, right??
  6. still looking for one for "reasonable" price.....
  7. Smooth transaction with @Parabellum, thanks!
  8. as a beginner to 3D printing, must pay tribute to the master ! WOW!
  9. I asked AE for ferry as an option, and they said ok
  10. Thanks @borgified. So for items at jungle, you pay for them, and they will hold them until you ask them to ship? Also EMS is available to US now, would that change anything?
  11. So is it jungle that provides unlimited warehouse that they can hold your order until you ask them to ship?
  12. Thanks for all the replies. Would they hold the shipment like a warehouse service?
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