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  1. So some has received the gx-71 reissue from NY? Mine is still in prepayment ok. Sending ticket a second time just now ..
  2. yman1437

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Armor pack is just too much in fighter mode, can it even fly?
  3. Thought it was something else... sorry
  4. Sorry for asking dumb question... So let's say the price was ¥500, then it dropped to ¥300. But hlj website switched to USD, say USD 2.50. If I "must include" ¥ in my search, wouldn't distill.io not catch the change since it doesn't see the ¥ symbol?
  5. Would it miss some real changes then?
  6. thanks for the reply. but what I am trying to monitor are actually the prices, which keeps switching currencies....
  7. sorry for necrothreading....I have a quick a=question about using distill.io with hlj. even if I am logged on (account preference set to JPY), the website would keep switching the currency to Mexican, Candadian, resulting in a alert change when it's not. Any help? Thanks!
  8. yeah....but can't add to cart...cart remains empty for some reason...
  9. gx-88 up too at ami if you still want one
  10. ami up go!! https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-049315
  11. BTW, HLJ's GX-88 is showing 404 error??
  12. Thanks, hope you got one too!!....meanwhile...the wheel is still spinning @ hlj
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