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  1. Thanks for all the replies. Would they hold the shipment like a warehouse service?
  2. Pardon me, I am confused by mandarake's website. So what exactly is their shipping policy to US now? 1) will they hold the items until 'normal' shipping methods are resumed? 2) can you ship by ferry with them? Thanks!
  3. And the Great sellers award go to...and we have 3 winners! @jvmacross @Corrinald @dafunguy
  4. @EastwindS2k wow that's so awesome! really like that Sharon Apple sticker too, matches the orange well. Hmm, maybe a custom YF-19 Sharon Apple Concert special will be awesome?...
  5. bump...added to wanted list: Bandai 1/144 Gimix VF-1S Roy Bandai SOC GX-05 or GX-05R Daiku Maryu Gaiking Bandai SOC GX-27 Gaiking Bandai SOC GX-34 or GX-34R Gunbuster
  6. VF-25S Ozma sold.....calling Max and Milia fans! bump!
  7. +1 for @Benson13 too. Easy transaction, quick payment
  8. They do provide tracking but prepare to wait 3 months (my case before covid)
  9. What's the point of "virtually unlimited" super parts when you have conscious dearth of valks?
  10. just did....tmi =)
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