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  1. yes, they will do online event at november 6 - 8 IIRC
  2. And non-SMS stand And rifle adapter like with Isamu and Rod variants
  3. http://tamashiinations.blog.jp/archives/7548019.html small review from bandai
  4. amiami sent me payment request. also there is updated webpage for yf-29 with some video, but i can't watch it due region lock https://tamashii.jp/item_character/macross_series/?no_cache=1
  5. looks like due covid i'll get mine with red, green, dark and pilotless versions from hlj
  6. I agree. If you want good fighter and battroid you need some origami like new Legioss by Sentinel
  7. Looks like this release coming with white goggles
  8. I really want good Gosu from Sentinel
  9. i want Pilotless Shadow more than any version except Eta, that i still can't get from hlj
  10. AE 22500 http://www.anime-export.com/product/48601
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