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  1. No, Eva's box just a little damaged, i think because post box was much bigger, and maybe because i'm lucky
  2. It looks like 1/3000 SDF-1
  3. Got my Eva-01 from them https://www.ebay.com/usr/globalfreaks?_trksid=p2047675.l2559. Poor package, just Eva's box and outer box, but everyting ok. Finally got Eva and it's great!
  4. They listed some first release Evas 2 days ago in stock for 280 usd + 30 usd for shipping and i bought it using my 10% coupon, so it was 282 usd shipped. They sent it to me but i'll see it in my hands only in 2-3 weeks. Now they using same page for 2nd batch preorder with lower price and it's kinda strange, but i think that;s not a big problem
  5. We're talking about otakusquare.com. The'll have Eva-02 later https://www.otakusquare.com/products/neon-genesis-evangelion-metal-build-action-figure-eva-02-production-model-22-cm/view
  6. Actually, no. Nov. 2019 is release date for Eva 01 Reissue. For Eva 02 - Jan. 2020
  7. June 24, at the general over-the-counter (month) was from the reservation start "METAL to BUILD Evangelion Unit 2" (will be released in November 2019) For, we plan also again of resale the timing in the future. We will announce the resale month and the time to cancel the reservation as soon as it is decided . Please wait for future information. https://tamashii.jp/special/metalbuild/evangelion/02/
  8. i hust reload page when saw "oops" and got right page. Got confirmation email from HLJ
  9. for me preorder for reissue was really bad, so i missed it everywhere
  10. Now i want one more eva, but i didn't have a first one because of crazy prices
  11. No news about Legioss from Sentinel's exhibition. Again
  12. So, next hope for Legioss is
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