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  1. looks like there will be PF version too 1 / 60_YF-19 resale" information posting on our HP It will be up tomorrow due to various reasons. In addition, reservations for the "Premium Finish version", which will be inked with Markin Tampo as an online only, will also be UP! We apologize for the inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding
  2. my own scene from ep 24
  3. Legioss. There is a ride figure
  4. I saw her in B5 only and she was great . Looks like i have to find other films with her. RIP sweer Mira
  5. Looks like customized 31A for Chuck and Mirage
  6. oh, then i'm out of it
  7. Happy with my blue one but looks like i'll wait the Red one as long as blue
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