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  1. More pictures here https://gamp.ameblo.jp/sen-ti-nel-info/entry-12541058790.html?__twitter_impression=true
  2. Finally! I love it since first prototype and i'm happy
  3. I thought was few other planes with domestic nicknames, but i don't remember. I know helicopters have nicknames: KA-50 Black Shark, KA-52 Alligator etc. But i'm not expert in that, just a view from common people. Maybe YaK-130 have M-code cuase it's a training aircraft.
  4. As i see at some webpages, name "White shark" used for one specific paint scheme, but i didn't heard this name officially, on TV or somewhere else.
  5. Didn't heard any other names of our planes other than su-57/47/35 etc. Sometimes in press i heard something like "Su-35, NATO calls it Flanker", that's all. I heard and read name PAKFA just until this plane got code "57"
  6. https://tamashii.jp/special/metalbuild/alternative-strike/astray_red_kai/
  7. Official release date still in November. But amazon.jp says December
  8. Sorry. I thought you're an author of this page and trying to blame me in stealing your photos. You need some kind of watermark... And sorry one more time. I didn't see these two photos here before i posted it. IDK why, cause i remember other photos from same your post
  9. I found pictures from my post in linked page . I'm not an author of this webpage and i'm not trying to promote it.
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