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  1. Thank you, @nightmareB4macross ! I'll finish it, sooner or... not so sooner
  2. My own custom from here Still unfinished head and hard to transform so just fighter References:
  3. nothing new about Legioss.
  4. https://showzstore.com/pre-order-vientiane-toys-1-72-scale-metal-build-agx-04-gp-04-gerbera-tetra-gundam_p1178.html#review_box
  5. Oh God, that's soooo beautiful
  6. For those who looking for forward service with open slots, you can try https://www.opennippon.com/#js1585227999268 , it's a good one. I used russian version of this site a few times before and once for p-bandai orders and all good. If you can't order directly you can contact with support and they will help to make order. Their automatical systems sometimes works not so good fo p-bandai.
  7. Clips made by @Xigfrid, i bought it directly from him but you can find them here too https://www.shapeways.com/product/QE36W94LX/vf-19-boosters-clips?optionId=63626526&li=marketplace
  8. @Kuma Style, you should buy adapters for wing boosters to make it look far better IMHO
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