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  1. Yeah with detailed improvements like they did with 1/48 VF-1
  2. Yeah those radar antenna and side antenna are not durable I forgotten how many times I had to glue it in place. Gorilla glue works better than crazy glue.
  3. I didn exactly cancel my pre-order for the Kairos just switch ed to the VF-31J Kai for the price I paid for the Kairos.
  4. Matchbox licensed the SDF-1from Bandai, after they acquired the Takatoko molds. So yeah that is a Matchbox by way of Bandai SDF-1. I Still have mine for three decades.
  5. 11k is that in Yen? And Ami Ami sold a used DX 1S?
  6. Nice avatar of the ADF-01F. We need an Ace Combat Macross Edition.
  7. Well Bandai's 1/48 is an upgraded version of Yamato's 1/48. They probably used (poached) the same engineer to create a upgraded mold for their toyline. Arcadia sure did missed an opportunity to upgrade the legendary 1/48 line.
  8. That's because HG is blocking any Japanese company (Yamato/Arcadia, Bandai, Wave, Yellow Sub, Banpresto) from selling anything under the original Macross name to the west. That's why I don't support HG anymore nor watch my old Robotech VHS cause I know the truth. and that HG should've have just given up after lack of interest in their franchise.
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