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  1. Well Bandai's 1/48 is an upgraded version of Yamato's 1/48. They probably used (poached) the same engineer to create a upgraded mold for their toyline. Arcadia sure did missed an opportunity to upgrade the legendary 1/48 line.
  2. That's because HG is blocking any Japanese company (Yamato/Arcadia, Bandai, Wave, Yellow Sub, Banpresto) from selling anything under the original Macross name to the west. That's why I don't support HG anymore nor watch my old Robotech VHS cause I know the truth. and that HG should've have just given up after lack of interest in their franchise.
  3. Fighter mode pics of Arad in the Ultimate Armor pack.
  4. Wow I never even tried doing that too bad I already got it in fighter mode
  5. Yes it is. Whoa it's able to stand with that much weight on it.
  6. This was a pain getting this into Gerwalk mode with some of the armor on but got it done VF-31S Arad Molders Armor Pack (56) by James R, on Flickr VF-31S Arad Molders Armor Pack (23) by James R, on Flickr
  7. Nice, if it wasn't for the size I would have gotten it.
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