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  1. I just hope it stays as April 30th and not delayed for another month
  2. amiami opened but still didnt made it.
  3. chyll2

    DX VF-31JA

    blue gray, white, offwhite splinter camouflage. This allows you to let some bare blue and white plastic to be unpainted without looking off.
  4. I am not sure but Bandai tend to change the tampo in between releases. So I expect them to do so. What I speculated did became true, SRP wise this is cheaper but in practice it is not since you need to go to the event and buy it.h
  5. I tried to make a copy of the Missile pod. Hope the local printing quality is good and durable enough (totally not sure on the quality of the local print) @valhary what rod are you using for the hinge?
  6. I personally like the headunit of Isamu. But for the scheme, the Percival is better for me.
  7. This, the copy of other toy line is actually quite very good saw I was surprised to see some quality problems on the VF-1
  8. I am reading translated japanese light novel. I already stopped grimgar (i spoiled my self and read future novel summary and eventually lost interest) and Danmachi.
  9. Made me think as well. Mad me assume there is market for Yamato only collection
  10. MB Eva was scalped by Chinese. There are groups of people lining up on the store on the date of release. They basically comply with 1person = 1 toy but yeah, fans were not happy. Since the price easily doubled. There were numerous complaint and some figure head from Evangelion tweeted to Bandai to take action. Shortly Bandai announced that they will reissue of MB Eva-01 after Eva-02. Edit: link shared by Noel is more complete story lol
  11. Unless Kawamori or someone else take it to public and complain against Bandai (like MB Eva), nothing will ever change.
  12. white part seem like diecast painted and they must be testing tolerance.
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