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  1. Consistently priced at 12k yen Mandarake. There are lower but it gets sold really quick
  2. Are the improvements, really improvement or just tightening of joints? Let's see.
  3. anything about the finish? it was shared before that it supposed to have non-glossy finish.
  4. chyll2

    Bandai DX VF-31

    probably will never be made any, I just wish the super or armor dont have minor incompatibility with the kairos.
  5. what do you think are the schemes that Bandai will not make? I think Angel Birds, Low Viz and Stealth
  6. chyll2

    Bandai DX VF-31

    To clarify, there are no effort involved. it is just cashing up double or triple (depende on what 31 figure you compare it to). My personal limit is 40k yen, anything above that, it is not worth it but of course, different collector, different perspective. It is worth it due to different wing configuration and color scheme, which compared to delta 31, have almost the same design and just different stripes here and there.
  7. @Lolicon really enjoy your work
  8. My experience is pretty much the same. I was put off by the CGI and you need to invest to finish the first half to really like it (only to end on cliffhanger lol)
  9. Too bad, perceval supers never got released.
  10. Lolicon WIP made me check this listing again. haha too bad its sold out now (that is savings)
  11. When you monitor Mandarake regularly and you missed that good deal. haha Cheers @fenrir72 that is as close as MSRP as possibly you can get.
  12. looks like something that can be seen in Build Gundam series (which I stop watching as the recent kitbash are too lazy or absurd)
  13. I thought there was a new info. haha I guess we just need to wait on their annual tamashii event sometime in OctobeR?
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