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  1. What were you thinking when you bought the first one? Was it an innocent buy?
  2. FJ cancelled my order. I guess I should wait on release date
  3. long time FJ user but first time ordering a web exclusive. Will they immediately tell us if they cant secure the order?
  4. the appeal of web exclusive
  5. We will probably need a lot of it to properly decal a Max unit with his kill count.
  6. wow. They are giving decals, is that right? edit: bandai finally admit that they forgot to add the skull emblem near the canopy which will probably be consistent through out the line since they are giving away 4 set in the decal. haha they also insist that the 001 and 100 modex is intended as they added 011, 012 and 013 (with correspondong 110, 210, 310)
  7. or go Amazon. https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B085YHDRV4?pf_rd_r=A8XJ7T03KGH13VJC7JXP&pf_rd_p=ce2eab38-4495-4b24-90fc-38dbaedf3574 edit: please dont get turn off by the current listed price, check out the toy to get the complete price (without the domestic tax)
  8. if you are able to check it out. Then I guess it is good. For my experience, it always happens to me on the high demand items. Basically it is in my cart, there are 5 or 6 items left in stock but when I log in, it will alway says log in. Preventing any means for me to check it out.
  9. just a bug in their system. They have these "Stocks" that cant be checkout but gradually gets reduced.
  10. Metal build never did Justice Hopefully we can get the IJ within the decade
  11. hobbysearch = saw it ready for reservation, check out, sorry we are sold
  12. yeah, that is why I called it a minor rant, tehy can sell it at SRP and it will be sold out in seconds cause shop that sell it above SRP still gets sold out.
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