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  1. the thing would still be sold out if the price is increased a bit with an included Funnels. Nu gundam is not complete without the asymmetric Funnels. What a strange decision (but nothing new here) from Bandai.
  2. chyll2

    Bandai DX VF-31

    wow, so suddenly we got a kit of a kairos with a gimmick that shows the engine with a girl
  3. raised a ticket last night, got a shipping notice today in the morning
  4. wish list: I dont need to kill someone to get it at SRP
  5. NY and Amiami got me covered.
  6. Click pay later, submit then ticket queue!!
  7. resisted re:clicking or refreshing.. Got thesame success.
  8. ooohh f!!!! I got an order # from amiami (still no email) edit: got email, it went through!!
  9. I was willing to pay upfront at CDJ. Sigh damn that error.
  10. SOC from NY. https://www.nippon-yasan.com/28335-.html
  11. amiami still ongoing checking out. I am feeling hopeful but experience tells me, Ill see red text later on
  12. CDJapan: tried express checkout using paypal. failed
  13. amiami: please wait
  14. wow nothing went up
  15. 35mins to go
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