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  1. Good point. This may be similar to what is happening to Gundam
  2. Got to give it to the Fate series (watching the babylonia something), market is over saturated and milked to the death and the story are crap, but the success show that it is well funded and as always, has really cool action sequence. It's a good crap
  3. For 1S, the people I talk to always prefer Roy.
  4. How much did it cost you @ArchieNov?
  5. I love it (especially the subtle weathering) too bad, the stickers really stand out.
  6. Fourth Chapter is simply the weakest. imo. I watched it cause it Jojo. If someone is new to Jojo and want to watch it all, I will just say skip the fourth part except the maybe the first few episodes (due to the retcon made on the stand).
  7. No guns life seem interesting. Will watch next few episodes
  8. I read somewhere that reversing the yellowing is temporary. The age of the plastic will mean, yellowing will happen sooner.
  9. Bandai: Point taken, we will release a painted Option TV clown hands.
  10. yeah, it closed after almost 5 hours. Got the payment request so it is not an error. Opted for SAL small packet as well.
  11. 4hrs and still available at amiami. I wonder if this an error from the site or this variant really dont sell well or Bandai finally increased the numbers they produced
  12. wow, got one. Thanks!
  13. ^ base on their track record, Zero was perfected on the 0S release.
  14. Demon Slayer, most of the feedback about the two characters have been pretty negative, but I for one liked those two. Danmachi S2 was rushed, S1 was notorious about it but S2 really rushed through everything. I just wish they do S3 properly since it has one of the anticipated fight scene in the series.
  15. Quoting for new collectors. This is basically the operating guideline of Bandai for Macross. Gundam is different wherein they are able to re-issue or release multiple decal variant of the same toy.
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