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  1. that is why he said, use whatever works for you. That what works best for him. The extra dollar do counts towards something in the end (again depends on how many you purchase in a year).
  2. Original batch is on December. But NY never updated the delivery date and continue to take order saying they can deliver it on December while P-bandai site clearly states April (I remember it being not December but was shared earlier that it is April)
  3. When is the delivery date of the next batch of Strike parts? NY currently list it at December but I remember next batch will be delayed further than that.
  4. someone share here, maybe on previous page. A friend of someone from here was able to make the correction.
  5. my order got shipped recently. I belong to the initial PO batch, just sharing if it ever is relevant. They are really slow to ship items but they do deliver.
  6. Its normal but VF-1 is among or simply the easiest to transform so get over it to enjoy the toy more.
  7. the 700xxx series is more or less the Initial PO with pay later options. There should be hundreds of PO of different toys when the initial listing went out and when they offered the marked up priced (with pay now only).
  8. Sigh, this thread is slowly becoming the 31A thread. Why cant bandai produce more is still a question that evade us
  9. I got a Shipping notice and a Tracking number on my HLJ. I secured this order during the private warehouse issue last Friday (or Thursday to most guys here)
  10. there was an opening last Friday (very late thursday in some region) that actually lasted a minute
  11. It just means we have different opinion and should therefore, support shops that caters to it. Simply move away from NY if it doesnt work for you.
  12. HLJ charged me for the order earlier. It should be in my private warehouse. hopefully
  13. so it skipped the 25000 level of pricing and went together with the price 1J demands. WTF
  14. or HLJ site crashed again and accepted more than allotment haha. WE can only speculate but in terms of release date, it should be tomorrow (or this week)
  15. HLJ will ban you for ordering multiple for items with 1 limit per household
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