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  1. NY: preparation in progress HLJ: Already shipped both are (or will be) shipped via airmail registered
  2. https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1150198854&ref=list&keyword=マクロス&lang=en
  3. Thanks guys. Last item from them was Hikaru DX
  4. I actually don't know and I can't remember. I am using credit card so that means I'll get auto billed?
  5. Did HLJ requested payment? I checked now and I cant access the email I registered with it.
  6. That is good, and mandarake usually sells it lower than what YAJ ends up.
  7. Nice, cant believe I slept on the release of the Made in Abyss Movie. WIll check it out!
  8. Akudama Drive seems interesting, episode 1 seem too busy trying to jump start introduction all the cast. Jujutsu Kaisen - seems a good Shonen show Kings Raid - ever since I watched rage of bahamut, I am keen to watch game adaptation as long as it is a separate timeline. Seems generic show. Will drop after 1 episode Mahouka - episode 1 has good animation and I just reminded how I really like it's world. I'm standing on 1 million lives - mixed vibes but will continue watching after two episodes. Danmachi - biased as I'm reading the LN,
  9. The last two arc of Bleach was painful to read. Thousand Year Blood War more so, the opponent are so Overpowered, and for some reason will have an ability that is really well suited against their match up, but wait, someone or something will come up later on that perfectly counter that ability later on. Btw, Current Anime right now seem caught up on Covid. There are "potentially" good anime. Some are even sequel.
  10. I cant wait for the next season. The only anime I really like is RE:Zero season 2. Demon something something seem decent but rushed and has one of the most terrible finale episode. I am currently saving the episode of Deca-dence which has a good review initially so I hope it really is good when I start on it. No Guns Life, I enjoyed Season 1 but middle of season 2, I just cant find any reason to continue.
  11. Release date is October 17, says Nippon Yasan. Haha
  12. came here for some updates, but man, this is gold edit: not an engineer, it is my first time hearing this as well
  13. It's bad on bandai model kit, the smaller parts of mine gets crumbled while the bigger parts are okay. Though those are not ABS plastic. If you are coating the toy, it should be safe enough
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