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  1. Huh, that's a bummer. I do like the Tristan design, but it's weird that it uses the old style elbows.
  2. See, now this very nice description also explains why Vajra could be seen nesting in derelict ships. In the series and movies, Vajra nests were located in a wrecked Guantanamo, the SDFN-04 and a Bodol-Zer command ship. Since the Vajra actively mine fold carbon to metabolize into fold quartz, and fold carbon is used in super-dimensional systems and weapons, there would be a lot of it available in these old vessels.
  3. Carbon is also diamonds, pencils and a lot of you...
  4. I'm torn between really liking, and being really off put, by the inhuman proportions of the Byarlant...
  5. FYI: This guy was hiding in the 1/20 scale section...
  6. Just a tip for ordering on the Lego store website: You don't have to wait for it to be IN STOCK to place your order. I discovered this when trying to hunt down the female scientist set. You can go ahead and order and they'll send it to you when it restocks. Only took an extra 2 weeks, but it beat hunting it down on eBay. I wish I'd realized this while the Exo suit was still in production.
  7. It also gives a convenient workaround to allow teenage protagonists. SDFM and the original Gundam utilized the "all the experienced soldiers are dead, these rookies are all we've got." trope. That seems a bit of a stretch in the later ears of the Macross timeline. Using PMCs leaves it up to each company's HR dept. It also allows your pilots to sport exciting, individualized color schemes without breaking regulations. The downside, is that the military then gets portrayed as useless cannon fodder. Except for Machida and Lazzarabal.
  8. It gets everywhere!
  9. OK, guess we'll have to get LBM at Target, then.... Me, I just got this lil guy off eBay. Arm was broken on arrival, so the seller gave me a 50% refund! He fits in perfectly with the 1/144 crew, but makes the matchbox Spartan & Defender look pretty crappy.
  10. I think it's genetic. My dad always had a bunch of kits in the attic. Mostly Scifi stuff like Buck Rogers, 2001, classic MPC Star Wars kits. Some aircraft & naval vessels too. He rarely built any of them, and let me tackle a few. He also had grand plans to do a train layout and stockpiled supplies for that. Never got to it. I'm sure the other woman has purged those collections and aspirations by now. My Grandpa built mostly 1/25 cars. He actually did built them, mostly with the stock plastic color + painted details & bare metal foil. Had a nice display case in the dining room showing off about 2 dozen cars & fire trucks. After he died, Grandma needed a new roof, and the roofers discovered that the attic was PACKED with car models that he'd collected for the past 50 years. She was furious. Me? I've got a cabinet full of mobile suits to work on at my desk during lunch, and a case each of 1/72, 1/100, & starship scale kits in the basement at home. But 2 kids, lots of projects, and nowhere to paint... And I'm eyeing the HLJ sale still...
  11. She's looking great, dude!
  12. Oh, there's some good stuff in there. But I'm a little broke...
  13. The action follows the Voltron/Power Rangers dynamic; i.e.: bad guys fight good guys, situation looks grim, good guys activate magic/super/robot power, kick bad guys' butts with the same action-y music in every episode. This always happens in these shows, why not just go straight to the super/magic/robot power? The plots are pretty simple, and there's really not much character growth. Pretty much a kid show, but with enough stuff for the 40-ish Dads to appreciate as well. If you're a 90's kid, rather an an 80's kid like me, ymmv. Your childhood time was my non-lego period, so there may be other references that I'm missing as well. It took me a while to realize why Robin, a junior knight, had a chicken as his emblem. Then, I remembered: While fun, it doesn't have the surprising depth and good characterization that Ninjago has. I'd been completely uninterested in that property for years, until my kids started watching it last year. (They REALLY love the lego shows, sometimes I think they forget that there are non-lego forms of entertainment) While the first season or so are kind of rocky & cheap looking, it really improves & I ended up hooked as well. Hoping season 6 comes to Netflix soon.
  14. Yeah, the booms were one of my big disappointments with this kit. While they do match the line art pretty well, it almost feels like they built in some forced perspective into the design & model. As it was, I then looked at my overly ambitious plans for other models, and the Mecha Colle Elysion, and decided to downsize to the 1/8000 kits.
  15. Have you watched the show? My kids love it, and it keeps me entertained as well. They've done several throwbacks to the legendary "Golden Castle", aka the yellow brick castle from 1981-2. Complete with the old school crown on a purple background emblem. Also, TONS of Monty Python references. --- It's weird that they just released this Saturn V. I literally just got back from Legoland & Kennedy Space Center...