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  1. Funny to see this come up again. My wife finally got the printer set up this month; as yet I haven't had a chance to play with it. I've got a few other smaller models I want to try before I even attempt printing something like this... So far, she's been taking it through it's paces; printing extinct shark teeth, Tully Monsters, neurons and clitori for teaching purposes.
  2. I don't mind the wings on the T-70, but I don't like the engine split. Imagine if the engines stayed a whole cylinder & the wings pivoted up & down around the axis of the cylinder. It'd be a merge of the T-65 & the ARC-170. I'm thinking of doing that mod on a Ship Collection T-70, actually. I am a little disappointed in the new designs. Many of them do seem unimaginative. On the other hand, I appreciate that they're not just giving us more Letter-Wing Fighters, b/c that's what we'd expect. I mean, what's up with the no-longer-canon K-Wing? Designs I have liked in the new canon: Ghost, U-wing, Kylo Ren's Shuttle, Quad-jumper, Rey's speeder, T-70, Imperial Cargo Shuttle Designs I'm not crazy about: Krennic's Shuttle, FO Dropship, Han's Freighter, Imperial Tank, TIE Striker, those weird medium cruisers from the new trailer
  3. It's weird to seem them all roughly the same color, instead of a rainbow together.
  4. So here's the foot of my Q-rau, as of yesterday. First photo shows how the back half of the foot core piece has broken off. As I was preparing to take this photo, the broken bit was claimed by the Carpet Gods, never to be seen again. So, second photo shows the fix I'm going for. I shaved and incorporated this extra poly cap into the foot. Fits pretty well so far. I've trimmed the excess plastic from the core piece and need to drill a hold for the poly cap. As I don't have my drill at work right now, I'll have to try to remember to bring it home for that.
  5. It's the bandai re-pop of the old imai queadluun rau that I'm working on. I'll see if I can find some plastic weld to fix it. It's just a little discouraging, because I've only gotten as far as the feet! If I can't find anything, I'm formulating an idea for a polycap replacement. Im going to forego the cockpit gimmick and add articulation to the head sensor & bicep, if needed. I also figured that I'd replace the old hips with ball joints. I'll snap a few photos tomorrow.
  6. I used hot water to pop apart a clone trooper. I was able to get the head and arms off, but not the legs or waist.
  7. So I decided to start the q-rau. I haven't gotten too far yet, just the feet. But man, what's up with the plastic they used? One of the foot mounts broke and I can't get it to stick together with anything I have. Ca, epoxy, even tried to encase it with aves, but nothing will adhere to the break.
  8. Looks like P-Bandai is giving us a battle droid 2-pack! This appeals to me, because I have no need for a STAP. What sources do you guys use for P-Bandai?
  9. It reminded me of the difference between "Walker Scale" and "Starfighter Scale" from the West End SWPRG. Of course the whole freaking movie felt like a good West End campaign. That's part of why I enjoyed it so much.
  10. Wow, amazing work, wmkjr!
  11. LOL, very creative! I'm actually excited to see how that turns out!
  12. Just watched the trailer. Man, fictional kid murder is one of things that changes in life. When you're young, it brings the thrill of being close to you, makes you feel imperiled alongside the characters. When you're older and have your own little kids, OMG makeitstopineedtogohugmylittleboyrightnow!! Interesting in how the trailer seems to be focused on the young portion of the story. I wonder if they'll follow up with the adult portion after a couple years.