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  1. Legos, anyone?

    Ok, those look pretty rad...
  2. Wow, these look great! I still think something better could be done with the wing attachment in battroid, though...
  3. Toys R Us files Chapter 11

    Yeah! Me too! And.... I also got bored with it pretty quickly...
  4. Toys R Us files Chapter 11

    I remember Child World! My memory tells me that the aisles were much neater than TRU, more space overall. I remember buying StarComm toys there. KB was great too, back in the day. 'Course, it was awesome to be able to buy actual Japanese toys in TRU, like the 1/72 Dougram figures, or the Gakken Legioss & Dunbine.
  5. After Black Panther, wife wants to watch Civil War again. Then we need to catch up with Spider-Man & Ragnarok. I think we can manage that by 4/27.
  6. Bandai DX VF-31

    It looks very surprised in these photos.
  7. I think that was the clone trooper that had deserted. I presumed that he was more of an adoptive father to the Twi’lek kids. IIRC, In Mass Effect, the Asari reproduced with a psychic connection with any other species, but the offspring are always Asari females.
  8. Damn! What a great ending to the show!
  9. Gundam Show Thread - MSG thru IBO

    *Shrugs* I don't know. I forgot about Victory too. Is TurnA considered UC, or just whatever? The first 3 series were both very different and very repetitive at the same time, so I'm definitely feeling some Gundam fatigue.
  10. Gundam Show Thread - MSG thru IBO

    I finally finished ZZ this weekend and wrapped it up with CCA. While I knew that ZZ wasn't necessary for the movie, it did make it a more satisfying capstone to this saga that I embarked on last year, when I started watching Origin. Originally, CCA was the only UC Gundam that I had seen, aside from a raw Japanese 0080. Seeing nearly the entire animated history of the UC* up to CCA now, it made a whole lot more sense! Also, sticking with the subtitles and original VA's gave it some very nice consistency. As for ZZ, I thought it was pretty good overall. Once everyone left Shangri-La, I actually liked it a lot. While I'm kind of interested to see where Unicorn takes the series, I think I'm ready for a break for a while. *Excepting Thunderbolt; really can't get into that.
  11. What will Hasegawa do next?

    HLJ also has the VF-1D Gerwalk back in stock now. Mine's already in PW.
  12. Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    I’ll check that out, she’s definitely not ready for the John Hurt movie!