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  1. I’d love it if they keep giving us the weird ZZ mecha. So far in the RE/100, we’ve got Glemy’s Bawoo & Mashimere’s Hamma-Hamma. Can we please get something for Chara Soon? Or how about a Doven Wolf? You could P-Bandai that into a Silver Bullet / SB Suppressor. Edit: and you could also P-bandai a Gundam Mk-V...
  2. If I didn’t have the first GM DO, I’d be slathering. But meh. I agree on the Pale Rider, though...
  3. Hah, that Goose is pretty awesome!
  4. I was just wondering if it was the old Quel kit with new heads & backpack; or if it had been improved, like the Re-GZ custom and Dawadge before it. Hmmmm.
  5. Ultra-super big news! I've been wanting the 1/100 Glaug for a long time, since it's effectively 1/144 anyway.
  6. The question is, will they explore that concept beyond just being the setup for Superboy torture-porn? (rhetorical - it'll most likely just be torture-porn)
  7. Found more info: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/05/10/bandai-and-warhammer4-our-powers-combinedgw-homepage-post-2/ Apparently it’ll be a 7 inch pre-painted action figure. Obviously Ultramarines will be first. I might hold out for a Space Wolves one.
  8. Hmmm, depending on size or price, this might supersede my 1/12 custom marine that’s currently on hold.
  9. While I enjoyed Ant Man & the Wasp and Captain Marvel, I do wish that they'd done a movie in between Infinity War & Endgame that actually took place during that time. You could have still set it after the first act of Endgame without spoiling that.
  10. Drat, missed the preorder for the Cold District. But, looking at the differences more closely, I think I can adjust what I don't like about the Command's head very simply. And for about half of the overall price... The only thing I wonder is whether it would have a Type C head packed in, like the GM-II did.
  11. I knew it!! https://www.gundamkitscollection.com/2019/03/p-bandai-mg-1100-rgm-79d-gm-cold.html?m=1
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