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  1. I think I recall the Jegan being one of the models they were considering for the Re/100 line. I haven't seen anything about whether they actually will make it, though. In other news, I just snagged a Gerbera Tetra from HLJ! I've been wanting one of these for years, but unwilling to pay $30-45 for an HGUC. I guess Bandai has finally reissued this one.
  2. I'll admit, Claudia looks good in this pic. Roy is Val Kilmer.
  3. Ah, I have the old kit, not the Bandai re-release. I don't think it came with decals. At least I don't remember them. But her face looks a little too chunky with the headgear on. Her face with the baby Ohmu looks much more the right shape.
  4. Wow, great eyes on Nausicaa! I have the 1/20 kit with Kai. Got pretty well along on him, but was discouraged by the face on the figure. Are those decals you're using?
  5. And, of course, the YF-33 that Hayate will undoubtedly get for the final battle.
  6. Hopefully this is a chance to improve on Delta. There was a lot of wasted potential there, as has been discussed ad nauseum.
  7. LOL, I forgot about those!
  8. All the other tech looks ok, so why does the Vf-1 look so bad? and why is Master Chief there?
  9. I'm excited for this. I wasn't ready last time, when the idea of a female doctor was floating around after Matt Smith. For one, I think that having Capaldi be much more reminiscent of the Classic Doctor was great, and satisfied that need. After 2 "dreamboat" Doctors, I worried about going straight to a female Doctor. My other concern, especially with Moffat at the helm, was that it would be too gimmicky, too many "Ooh, he's a girl now" jokes, and "Look how many new flirting opportunities we have to play with!!" I haven't seen Broadchurch, but I've heard it's really good. Hopefully the new show runner can handle this in a cool way that make sense for this particular Doctor and the Doctor as a whole. As I'm not throughly steeped in the BBC tea, the actors that are cast as the Doctor have always been a blank slate for me. I've seen much fuss and rending of garments about each Doctor that has earned the part (except John Hurt, we all knew he'd be good). In each version, after the initial period, he's grown into the Doctor and it's felt right. I feel confident that she will as well.
  10. Oh good! I'm about 1/2 way through Z, and YouTube is much easier to watch than ... other places. I know ZZ is a very different experience from Z, so I'll be sure to keep that in mind. I am appreciating my chronological run through of th UC so far! (except thunderbolt, since that's still in progress)
  11. I loved the original, oh so short, comic book. (I was the Chainsaw Vigilante for Halloween in high school) thought the cartoon was ok. Warburton was good in live action, but the suit and show let me down. Personally, I think this looks awful.
  12. I just happen to have mine sitting nearby: The deck of the Prometheus is 55mm long, including the pokey bits on the front. The hull itself if 53mm. The Daedalus is 53mm long.
  13. Great job, Pengbuzz! Happy to to have helped make this happen!
  14. OMG, What?!