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  1. Yeah, I was eyeing an Elegoo Mars before this all went down. Kinda wish I’d had the chance, but with the current uncertainty, I’m probably gonna hold off. OTOH, my daughter was just about to start a 3D printing unit at school and seems to know more about it than me. I may be desperate for something new by the end of April! If I’m lucky for the time, I’m aiming to finish decaling my MG Zeta Gundam. Maybe start something Macrossy.
  2. That’s the part that bums me out. Between working from home, parenting, and helping them with their offsite school work, I don’t have any time left! I’m a little jealous of those who do have the time to model; but I realize that I’m lucky to still be earning a paycheck.
  3. So totally stoked that we’ll get her in live action! My kids know her from Rebels, and my wife is aware of the character, but I think I need to come up with an abridged viewing list of TCW to get them all up to speed. I guess we’ve got time...
  4. Scarlett looks pretty good. Wake me when they start releasing the COBRA figures.
  5. I want to be optimistic, but it reminds me of the New Jedi Order launch. "Dozens of story tellers coming together to form a seamless, overarching narrative."
  6. Right, if it’s only 7”, I’ll probably skip this. If it’s 8-9”, I’ll totally get a blank, and might eBay the Bandai...
  7. Looks like they’re offering an unpainted version as well.
  8. Hmm, doesn’t look quite as good as the Bandai, but msrp $20. We’ll have to see how it scales against other figures. I like ~1/12 scale.
  9. If they really wanted some $, they’d make a KO VF-31A.
  10. True. If this had come out as planned, prior to their appearances in Rebels, we'd all be wondering if this would be the death of either Maul or Ahsoka - maybe both. If it does overlap with ROTS, I am very interested to see how Rex handles it. (again, another bit of suspense removed, thanks to having his later story filled in)
  11. If any of y'all who are collecting these figures have an extra red-haired head that you're not going to use, it would really come in handy for a custom I'm considering...
  12. Woo! The Expanse is back! Looks like it went live on Amazon Prime a day early.
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