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  1. If they really wanted some $, they’d make a KO VF-31A.
  2. True. If this had come out as planned, prior to their appearances in Rebels, we'd all be wondering if this would be the death of either Maul or Ahsoka - maybe both. If it does overlap with ROTS, I am very interested to see how Rex handles it. (again, another bit of suspense removed, thanks to having his later story filled in)
  3. If any of y'all who are collecting these figures have an extra red-haired head that you're not going to use, it would really come in handy for a custom I'm considering...
  4. Woo! The Expanse is back! Looks like it went live on Amazon Prime a day early.
  5. A couple years ago, I purged some of my old models on eBay, including some of the simple Robotech branded 1/170 kits like this: My kids are now getting into models, and my son really wants a Gerwalk kit for Xmas. He's too young for a Hasegawa or Bandai kit, and I'm realizing this would have been perfect for him. Has anyone on the board got something small, easy, and cheap like this that they'd be willing to part with? Thanks
  6. Yeah, my 6 yo son saw that in the catalog and put it on his Xmas list. And I had to be all "Buddy, we all love you; but it's never gonna happen..."
  7. Finally had the chance to watch the first episode. And while I’d accidentally spoiled the ending for myself, I was not prepared for the cuteness. My kids are gonna lose their crap when they see that... I almost barreled ahead into episode 2, but I need to go to bed...
  8. Yes! I was kinda bummed that they left Leopardon out of Ready Player One, but I understood why. This is the perfect situation to bring it back.
  9. Between this fact, and watching Back to the Future II with my kids last week; there's been a lot of "where are my flying cars!" around our house.
  10. With my daughter now old enough for the Marvel movies, these Star Wars shows, full Disney catalog, and bundling with Hulu (which we already have); it's worth it to me.
  11. Keeping fingers crossed for a 1/12 Milia; or Myria, I guess.
  12. Great job, CrossAir! I forget, are these supposed to be modified X-Gears for regular size pilots? Or modified Valkyries for macronized pilots? Either way probably works... Although, given those eye decals, I'm surprised I haven't seen one painted up as Cattra yet.
  13. I definitely see ships from the same class as: Ghost, Shadowcaster, U-wing, Nebulon-B, Pelta, Hammerhead, goofy E8 star bomber, and various Mon Cal ships, including the one from Rogue One. Obviously, these are all existing assets in their library. Hopefully there are some prequel-era ships in there as well. I'm hoping for a good one. I've mostly enjoyed the new trilogy; 8 did let me down in several ways, but I don't want to get into it. I will definitely be seeing this in the theater. It might be my son's first SW theater experience; and I'm sure he'll love it, if he's not too scared. Fingers crossed that, even if it's not great, this movie will bring the fan reception out of its continual loop of gloom. I think that's what's brought my enthusiasm for the franchise down, more than the films themselves - the fact that EVERY Star Wars discussion thread I've seen over the last 2 years continuously repeats the same cycle of annoyances, angst, arguments, attacks and bickering after about 10 posts. It's just not that fun to share in the community of Star Wars anymore.
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