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  1. Thanks for the heads up, but sold out again... Womp womp But I did sign up for notifications.
  2. It's the cost and the giant unbuilt stash behind me that are making me waver...
  3. Daaaaaamn, I might have to get this one. I’ve had a painted S.D. of this on my desk for 15 years!
  4. Meh, never been a fan of that Zaku. Now, how about a Gelgoog Jaeger?
  5. If you look at this page: https://www.gundamkitscollection.com/2019/02/p-bandai-mg-1100-dwadge-zz-ver-release.html It looks like there have been a couple of updates. Seems they've added some posability in the hips, thighs and shoulders. I have an old Rick Dom on my desk that has fixed ball joint hips. I really like this version better, but not enough to drop the P-Bandai $$ on it. Maybe I'll just paint mine like this one.
  6. Just got back, great movie! I still like the first one best, but this was a very good follow up. I swear I had the exact same Lego Space planet fantasy when I was seven... And that song’s totally stuck inside my head.
  7. Yes! The movie had its times of corniness and predictability, but the story & characters were so much more likeable and relatable. These felt like the same characters I watched when I was young, and the movie had a lot of heart. I’m excited that they’re moving forward with the soft reboot.
  8. Wife & I are taking the kids to see this tomorrow, can’t wait!
  9. I still think a BB live action would be better than another vanilla Batman movie. With the obligatory Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne casting. Although, it would be kind of amusing if they cast George Clooney instead...
  10. So apparently Gundam NT will get a 1 day theatrical release in the US, Feb 19: https://www.fathomevents.com/events/gundam-nt And of course, it’s on a damn Tuesday...
  11. Just got home from seeing this. It felt like it was very much the same story as the 07 film, but told in the way that it should have been in the first place. A few more tie-ins to the Bay movies than I’d have liked, but it was pretty good overall. I had to look in the background of Memo’s room during that second. Saw models of the BSG Viper, Enterprise, and a few Tom Baker Doctor Who posters.
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