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  1. I think it's going to be GBP 15K¥ and separate Gray Goggle VF-1J 18¥. Maybe that's just what I'm hoping as the idea of including a head with the GBP is a turn-off.... although maybe that explains why Max was shown with a separate GBP... they would include paired heads with each custom like they did with the wings on the 171 and its super parts.
  2. Hey everybody, I acquired this item many years ago from a fellow board member. It's an amazing toy, unfortunately, it's missing the small bar that goes into the knee (something I didn't discover until much later). I'm sure that this could be easily replaced with a rod or 3D printed but I never had the time to do it so I'm letting it go. The toy is otherwise in phenomenal shape having spent the vast majority of its life in climate-controlled storage. Here's the ebay listing if anyone is interested: https://www.ebay.com/itm/233974574551?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l264
  3. The "launch edition" moniker implies reissues. I think it will be standalone with a reissue announced at the same time for the following month. A gray slip cover would have been great for dressing up future M&M 1Js... Not sure how a reissue would handle the visor.
  4. What makes you say that? I know it was never finished but I understood that to be related to the difficulty of keeping Mikimoto's attention rather than not generating any interest. Apparently there was enough interest for it to survive moving from one publication to another.
  5. I feel like that needs to be Photoshopped to change "25% LESS SODIUM" to be "Itano's Original, 1000% more missiles" or something similar
  6. Maybe this means Macross the First is the next animation project.
  7. It doesn't sound great... but it does sound preferable to more Shia!
  8. Knowing nothing about Gundam... I was like "cool, live action robot fights!" Then I came to this thread and became very apprehensive.
  9. Harmony Gold doesn't make video games or comics. I don't know how the comic book industry works but I imagine it's like other merchandise where someone says "Hey, can I use your name and characters and give you a cut?" HG then says "Sure" and can either insist on the project being some level of quality.. or not. They're probably NOT specifying how REMIX or any of those other comics should play out... they're probably just scanning them to make sure there's nothing offensive. If that's the case, those are their mediums of choice because they're nearly zero effort all profit endeavors.
  10. Which is honestly, how all scifi universes should be. Look at all the people that get rankled because Star Trek or Star Wars takes liberties or seemingly forgets elements from previous movies. Kawamori's "none of it is actually what happened" is a perfect way to deal with this.
  11. I'm at lease excited to see some names I haven't seen in eons on the forums again. Welcome back folks!
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