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  1. Star trek, like Star wars, is too long in the tooth, and it's fans too dogmatic. Any new media will trip over itself immediately. Fans want something that is right with the universe but the universe itself was glued together largely if writing convenience of prior shows. That was the brilliance of the first movie time shenanigans... It's just too bad the writing around those shenanigans was so weak.
  2. We're in the window where you should be waiting for the toys to hit shelves... This is the most expensive time to buy as people freak out about not having secured a pre-order.
  3. I ordered one but I imagine it won't be here for another week. Looking forward to it!
  4. jenius

    Bandai DX VF-31

    As I recall, Arad has a flashback of having a custom VF-31A before joining Delta. I think that's our best hope for the time being and not unreasonable given that Arad's 31 toy sold like hot cakes after the armored parts were announced... and the armored parts also seem to have sold very well. Other long shots are that the Macross Delta 2: Paint with the Colors of the Wind will have more 31As in it. Alto got a 171 so I wouldn't put a hero 31A out of the realm of possibility.
  5. jenius

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Ha, this is embarrassing, I scrolled by that pic and was like "Oh yeah, I know that problem" but looking at it closer now it's the front part that popped off so that might be glued on. Disregard my previous comment about popping stuff on... my mistake! Thanks for checking out my vids!
  6. jenius

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Now that your handling your 31E you may have noticed that those parts just pop on and off... The guy throwing it in the box probably grabbed it there and didn't notice he popped it off. If he can get a part it's an easy fix... The problem is getting the part.
  7. If it's at all like the VF-0, the difference will be obvious in hand.
  8. Catch 22, if it sells well, it will get a PF, if it doesn't, it won't.
  9. It is brand new in all respects, like the vf-0 was different than the Yamato.
  10. On the flip side of that, the DX toys are still in production and no GBP is scheduled yet. I bet a DX would generate more demand than the 1/60. Unfortunately, it would need to be more sophisticated with amazing paint to work.
  11. I say make Yellow a woman and then I love Ruby Rose as Sorji. Miley Cyrus as Yellow
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