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  1. Lol, how did you get your E=X to stand on its own securely enough to display?
  2. jenius

    Hi-Metal R

    I saw the summary of that comment on my phone and got all excited thinking the Tomahawk was finally announced
  3. jenius

    Bandai Hi-Metal R: Dougram series

    If the standard was TWE, this had to be right?
  4. jenius

    Question for 3D drafters/printers

    I was gonna try fusion 360
  5. Agreed, I added that pic in the last update and wasn't happy with the red either. Whenever I get my Arcadia Anniversary valk I'll update to make the red brighter and add a footnote about reissues that were made in the same box but I think all the reissues in the same box were of valks that were already known to be safe. Another thing worth noting, no Yamato V2 (or probably Arcadia toy) is truly SAFE, all of them have probably cracked at that shoulder for somebody. It's a fairly poor design and caution should always be used.
  6. jenius


    That's a previous prototype, it may be different now. I heard a lot of changes have happened... But that may mean they just tightened up tolerances
  7. jenius


    Sentinel confirmed scale on their Legioss is 1/48, said they had a typo issue at the show. Again, at this size those scales are pretty interchangeable. Good to see the little VR041s with the ET.
  8. jenius


    I was thinking/hoping the same but I don't see any hinges.
  9. jenius


    It does seem they were pretty far along but then it no-showed at the next SDCC and hasn't been heard from since. I'd like to see it be made but if I were a Toynami exec (LOL, think I'm making that company sound way bigger than it probably is), I'd probably shelve it with both ET and Sentinel already in the market. What they should be doing is trying to ink a deal with Sentinel to start bringing stuff over but that boat already seems to have sailed.
  10. jenius


    I think they saved Houquet for summer since they already had two products from this license to display.
  11. jenius


    Not likely, Evolution Toy doesn't advertise a scale.
  12. jenius


    Yes, though I don't know that this particular mock-up is transformable, the end product will be.
  13. jenius


    The scale is almost certainly backed into. My guess is they wanted it to be the same size as the Riobot ride armor and the 'scale' is just the math derived from that size. besides, at these sizes there's almost no difference between 1/45 and 1/48.
  14. The FEWTURE Garldan is also at WF with a July release date... but same old prototype from years ago. Will this be the year it really happens???