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  1. Even if they didn't know, they keep asking earlier and earlier and are making pay up front the only way to get more and more orders. Really seems like they're desperate for cash... Or they're trying to stem a tide of pre-order cancellations.
  2. Does anyone know how long G1 Optimus is supposed to be in vehicle mode? That is to say, how long is a FL86?
  3. Or for people who didn't like the other outfit and passed on it. The sad thing is that a second Minmay will probably sell better than any other character they haven't done or isn't in the works yet (Roy, Lisa). Don't be surprised if the next releases are all second flavors of the first releases.
  4. I have a set of the Robotech Action Figures from SDCC 2018 new in the Minmei sleeve. Looking for $100 shipped to the continental US. Ping me!
  5. Yeah, I've barely handled the Fewture but the lack of ratchets in the feet where the toe and heel move freely reminds me of the V1 Yamato Scopedog. Lean it forward and the toe gives and the thing falls forward... but lean it back and it falls backward. It comes with a stand though so maybe that's the way to go.
  6. I don't think they can rush anything... the items are probably on a boat heading toward Los Angeles before they'll hop on a train to somewhere in the central time zone (I forget where they are) before getting boxed up and shipped out to everybody. All this considered, it's really amazing how quick they go out considering the journey they go on.
  7. I don't know that a liquidity crisis is even happening, just that NY's behavior is getting suspect. A liquidity crisis ends one of two ways... the company either eeks out survival or it doesn't. I'm paranoid though, I've seen too many retailers go out of business over the years... seems a very tough market to thrive in.
  8. That wouldn't make sense as the price they charge (with buy up front) still exceeds what they could get stock for locally. Just the same, they're giving off every indication of a business that's trying to overcome a liquidity crisis.
  9. NY keeps getting shadier and shadier.
  10. I told Sentinel that the bonus they include with the green or red Legioss should be Jim and his jeep. I don't even know that they're sure they'll do a green Legioss yet (probably depends on sales of the blue one), but I'm trying to plant the seed. Very nice 3D printed Jim there! Could make for some pretty amazing CM's dioramas.
  11. It's really close.... I don't have a problem with either but I prefer the reduced fuselage protrusion around the neck on the DX.
  12. Good catch, I wonder if that will help Guardian mode not be so frumpy.
  13. The issue is the change in Disney's business model. They have reduced their annual releases (no longer pumping out tons of straight to video sequel/side stories) and instead make bigger bets on fewer films. So, Star Wars was an easy business, not creative, decision. It's a perfect match for their model AND created the opportunity to create some revenues the way the company used to work. So yes, buying Star Wars was a purely business move and the thought was that they could throw talent at it and things would work out. That's why the franchise is constantly showing up in headlines associated with the newest hot names in Hollywood. On paper it was a sound strategy. What they didn't realize is how impossible the audience would be to please. Even if they produced the greatest Star Wars film (not that they have), it wouldn't match some kid with a Youtube channel's preconception of what was SUPPOSED to happen and discontent would be fomented. Fortunately for Disney, it's easily making back its money and even Solo wasn't a loss. Star Wars as a franchise has always had problems with premature resolutions. Blowing up the Death Star only happens because no one thought there would be a sequel. To solve this.. they made another Death Star. Replacing Darth Maul with Count Dooku traded someone over-the-top imposing for a remote grandfather. Bringing back Maul just points to the notion that he was wasted... just like the Death Star.
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