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  1. In today's world, where it is accepted that women can be fighter pilots, making Yellow a woman makes a lot of sense... The pretense of concealing manhood to not be considered a soldier makes less sense today. Maybe having Yellow be a gay woman might be an interesting take but yeah, could go any number of ways. Ultimately though, it's quite possible Mospeada stays with HG and I'm not sure if that makes it more dead or less.
  2. Agreed, I'd expect them to ditch the heterosexual component before the cross dressing but they could easily play him close to the source.
  3. An animated Macross movie could always be a thing... I can't imagine animated movies require as large a budget so it'd be less risk and would obviously do decently in Japan. Conspiracy theory: the next Macross series is Macross The First, it will be used to spread Macross outside of Japan and allow BW to then export Macross Frontier and Macross Delta fairly easily.
  4. I think he just used the knife to get behind them and then popped them off. A cell phone repair tool would probably do the trick nicely also.
  5. I like Exosquad but it's dead and we know it's creators played nice with HG; seems like a good fit to get both licenses moving while giving RT the reboot it desperately needs.
  6. search for "KC collectible robotech" and you'll find lots.
  7. You know what Harmony Gold should do? Find the rights holders to ExoSquad and pitch a reboot that combines aspects of both shows. Instead of JT Marsh it would be Rick Hunter. Instead of Zentraedi they're fighting Neosapiens. Instead of those awful e-frames they could hire a few talented mechanical designers to make sexy transforming space fighters. What's more likely is that Tatsunoko will let them have the rights to Mospeada and Southern Cross still but pull the Macross deal (maybe sell it back to BW) and Robotech will continue in vain just focusing on the less popular stories and building from them. Now, fortunately, Mospeada was where they left off so building on Mospeada is logical.
  8. I assume it's the same as the regular release, just limited distribution (so $99.99-$129.99). The eBay listings all refer to it as a preorder also so I'm guessing it made its appearance at a show but seems it won't be shipping until late July or early August. I think I may be waiting till the listings start boasting they have them in hand.
  9. I think Titan Metroplex is 66cm ish so not too far off if that's what you're more familiar with.
  10. 70cm high in battroid. For $800, seems do-able.
  11. I mean, a 1/18 scale VF-1 with a full action figure pilot would be pretty cool.
  12. Because it's so minor it's absolutely not worth the molding cost.
  13. So Elsa is going to find the water, fire, and stone witches eh?
  14. No, no, no, what you're failing to understand is that all those drawings are done at various depths!
  15. Oh Mospeada... your interpretation of size is so fascinating.
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