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  1. It was posited when the original was released that Arcadia went with a 'factory' blue and that the toy would look correct with 'salt weathering'. If it's the original blue from the first release, this is exactly what we're getting. I've always been in the camp that they just over-saturated the blue but if the light weathering gets it closer, great. A regular release in a de-saturated blue would also be welcome but seems unlikely..
  2. Probably not... I'm actually debating selling off all my Transformers as I'll be moving soon. I might not be reviewing anything for a good stretch there which would include the time when Unicron hits mailboxes.
  3. I'm still waiting on my Fewture Garland... It's like 3 years since pre-order.
  4. Looks like they tried to make them as similar to Tamashii stands as possible but these integrate with the FEXT display sets.
  5. FromJapan is just a proxy... it's similar to saying you bought something from eBay and it never arrived. That's not because of eBay, it's because of the seller on eBay.
  6. Negative, only the GBP has cavity fillers.
  7. Pretty sure the "1/45" pic is the first prototype.
  8. It's a good bet a few will show up on MW and else where, at this point you're just waiting for release. I'm sure a few people have a couple on order in case one retailer falls through and if both get delivered they'll sell one.
  9. jenius

    Bandai DX VF-31

    It's from a movie a lot of people haven't seen and custom for a valk a lot of people don't own.
  10. So even if I ship the toy and ask for help I'm probably SOL, all the more reason to keep trying with them while they have the toy. I like them as a shop, they were on the verge of being my go to place, but I think I'll keep spreading the line around after this.
  11. Dealing with Anime Export on this has been... not the best. I never shipped mine. I reached out to them and said "I haven't shipped mine yet but there's a well-known manufacturer defect, can I request correcting parts?" They very promptly asked "Yes, we know of this, would you like us to check your toy?" I said "Yes please." That was probably 2 weeks ago and I never heard back. Today I created a ticket and said "Can I return this item and re-order new stock when the issue is corrected or ask to have the correcting parts shipped with my toy?" I immediately got a response that they needed pictures of the problem to get the correcting parts. I pointed out that the toy hasn't shipped so I would need them to check it for me. They responded back "We can give you a refund less a 20% restocking fee." I asked them to just check the toy I ordered and if it needs parts to send them with the toy. After pretty quick back and forth they again went silent. It seems like the only way I would get help from them is by shipping my toy, taking the pictures myself, and then having them ship a second package... that sucks for me because I'd rather be combining orders.
  12. I wonder if the hands included so far are actually a mistake... they were supposed to all be TV hands. We do get two hands that are shown in that "option parts" set (gun holding and open hand). The only thing we didn't get were the TV fists.
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