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  1. Remember, yamato non canon variants sold poorly, part of the reason Yamato went the kit route. Bandai does non canon stuff too though.. like their Focker inspired themes on other vehicles.
  2. Looking forward to seeing this develop and the builds it results in.
  3. jenius

    Bandai DX VF-31

    They're joking that that toy will get more reissues before other toys we want get a first reissue.
  4. Find the toy it comes with, buy it, keep the stand and sell the toy.
  5. Same boat... I didn't realize just how much the wheels had come off over there. Since they rolled my order into the second round of parts, my chargeback deadline was eons ago.
  6. Usually it does... but I pointed out in the Arcadia thread that there's currently a worldwide shortage of ferry vessels because unloading boats is taking way long due to Covid. Soooo... right now it may be longer.
  7. I mean right now, I can buy both Arcadia and KC at MSRP... Not that two minutes every three months when I can buy either a dx or KC at MSRP if I'm lucky. So, KC is basically at Arcadia MSRP now, does that make sense? It's a tough call. The Arcadia toy is much nicer from a fit, finish, build, execution and even sculpt perspective. KC has better paint and articulation.
  8. I think it makes more sense to compare KC to Arcadia since they're available at MSRP.
  9. These have been received. Thanks @anubis20
  10. Looks game related. I know there were two pachinko games at least, have you checked those out?
  11. Shizuka was probably checking on mobile where it's not an option.
  12. Yeah, NY not responding to tickets now it's even more alarming then them not sending goods.
  13. I saw John Wick 3, Bumblebee, and Terminator DF this break and I gotta say, Bumblebee was my favorite of the three. Granted, none were high cinema. John Wick 3 was the most disappointing.. I couldn't even stay awake. Terminator DF is Terminator 2 on steroids so... I guess that's fitting. Bumblebee probably benefitted from having the lowest expectation going in. I couldn't stand the Bayformers, never even watched the knight one... Edit: said T4 originally but meant Dark Fate
  14. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice... Shame on me. I think I'm going to settle for store credit, use it immediately, then never go to their website again.
  15. I think Styrofoam is being overly maligned. While I don't doubt that it's not totally inert, and therefore not the perfect storage medium, it's generally seen as being tougher on the paint of the toys than the plastic. Styrofoam is grabby so the toy rocking in the box every time the box is jostled can lead to paint being stripped. As to yellowing, two toys have been mentioned recently in this thread that are absolutely notorious for going yellow, even when not exposed to sunlight: 1) Bandai's version 1 VF-25 toys (particularly the first release 25F/S) 2) Yamato's version 1 1/60 VF-1 toys
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