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  1. Thank you again for pointing out the missing section! I also reshot the last two clips to get those intake side walls higher up in the back. Should be good now
  2. Yes, Dobber pointed out a clip was missing so i took it down, will insert the clip and repost.
  3. They delivered my dx missile sets.
  4. Bummer, I failed to edit in one of the clips then. I'll have to take it down and repost :(., Thanks for the heads-up!
  5. jenius

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    This has been precisely my concern with them, especially when they pulled the "we need your funds now" on the delayed Arcadia VF-0D toy. My sensitivity toward a store's customer service becomes heightened when they demand up front payment, like they do on more and more toys, and then fail to deliver after the toy has been out FOR MONTHS. Something fishy is going on over there. I'm 100% done doing business with them once my remaining orders come through, or they go out of business, whichever comes first.
  6. The guide took a bit longer to pull together but it's up! LMK if anyone sees any screw-ups
  7. I placed one and it was cancelled so... I'm guessing yours didn't go through. I'm also guessing stores will be listing them tonight.
  8. Yeah, it felt more to me like a pivot than a tilt. Like the back of the cover pivots inward a little bit to create more space.
  9. Nope, but they're not including the pilot figure and the toy does say Docket on it so it seems a logical conclusion.
  10. The pandemic certainly didn't help and AE didn't do anything to help. NY had other shipping options... But they don't respond to tickets and sometimes don't even seem like they have your item to ship.
  11. They haven't delivered super parts to people that ordered and paid more than a year ago. Their communication was never good and has gotten worse. Basically, last resort territory and don't use them at all if you care about getting the product any time soon after release.
  12. I think they're putting Delta aside for the moment and will push on it again when new media is available.
  13. I think you just put in the URL and request a quote.
  14. As was pointed out, no Hikaru pilot figure because they'll make a VF-1S that says H. Ichijo on it down the road. Always gotta save that double-dip potential. Think of it as good news if you couldn't grab a Focker.
  15. I still haven't had a response asking to upgrade my shipping and my SSP are still in prep in process. Live chat is nice but they just say to open a ticket.
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