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  1. I thought the South American fan was a pretty talented cg artist... Kinda seems mean to lump him in as part of the reason Academy was dead on arrival. I think the bigger issue was that the plot sounded recycled, they didn't address the issues with IP and who would be in the show from other generations, and that we had shadow Chronicles so the audience knew where things would go and also wondered why HG wouldn't just make a second Shadow Chronicles episode.
  2. jenius

    Hi-Metal R

    the "VF100" toys are among the worst toys ever pooped out. They are unwanted and should not be mentioned in the same breath as the Hi-Metal line.
  3. jenius

    Hi-Metal R

    LOL, I feel like no matter where I order something from, I'm the last person to have it shipped.
  4. I have the pre-built but never got the kit version... Unfortunately, I don't think I even removed mine from the box. I love Patlabor but since I don't review them (yet) they have a tendency to go straight into a box and then into storage.
  5. jenius

    Hi-Metal R

    Got a picture?
  6. All this Sentinel talk got me to pull out a bunch of my Robotech The New Generation products. I put up a review of the Toynami MPC Alphas and even started playing with my Betas again. My KitzConcept 1/72 fast packs just arrived so I'll probably switch back to Macross now. In the meantime, here was a fun group shot:
  7. jenius

    Hi-Metal R

    Macross Mecha Manual is an awesome source but the color line art isn't official in regards to color.
  8. I just pointed out Cap's warning. I haven't actually handled mine yet.
  9. I was surprised by how much I liked the blue one, I liked it more in person than in pics. That said, I definitely had more of a connection to the white Ingram's.
  10. I wish I could be more help but all my Patlabor toys have been in deep storage for eons. For those two I suspect it is a pretty aesthetic decision.
  11. jenius

    Hi-Metal R

    Mine hasn't shipped from Amazon yet.
  12. I got em all, though one had a scuff mark if I recall, probably toppled over from the loose waist. I think I own every Patlabor toy except one vinyl CMs. Maybe after votoms I'll start putting those on anymoon.
  13. People do this frequently, put an item up in their collection at a price that's really high just because they would sell at that level of someone really wanted it.
  14. Captain America included normal visors in his motorcycle freak kit for the Sentinel ride armors.
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