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  1. Are you looking for just the parts or the gift set that includes the valk also?
  2. To order directly you need a Japanese issued credit card from what I understand.
  3. That was exactly the picture I was looking for. You really did get them jammed in pretty high! In an ideal world they'd sit flush, like they do on the Yamato 1/60 V2, but that agrees to the instructions and once I have mine pretty close to that level the legs stopped drooping off. The arms also aren't quite flush but oh well.
  4. Hey Sqidd, when you look at the pegs that go down from the back into the leg armors, is there much of a gap there or is the peg almost (or completely) within the armor? Since it is a slip fit, I may just need to muscle the thing up higher than I felt comfortable doing initially. Right now I have a bit of a gap there. EDIT - I looked closer at the picture in the instructions and my gap did look a little bigger than the one they showed. I wiggle/jiggled and pushed and got my leg a little higher and now the toy can be handled without the leg dropping off. It took a lot of effort to get it there so I have some long-term concerns about how tight that connection will stay but at least the thing is playable now.
  5. I'll test it out on my other two tonight but so far, fighter mode is getting a big thumbs down from me. Hopefully I'll figure out a trick. I imagine the old nail polish truck would also work but would need frequent reapplication.
  6. Without the strike parts on the legs also peg into the backpack which helps the whole system to work. When you fold the backpack over you lose that connection point and things just... don't work. What a shame. They added a lip to the nosecone peg... maybe they'll add lips to the other pegs too for the next run.
  7. It's the arms sliding off the pegs on the body of the toy and drooping down. The arm armors don't add much weight but that connection is just precarious enough without armors that the system fails apart with them. Both the leg and arms should have a notch on their connections pegs. The arms slide so they should slide right into a notch. The legs pivot at the knee so a notch would work there too. The vertical peg is nonsense.
  8. I think I must be doing something wrong.... I am not a fan of the DX Strike parts in fighter mode at all. The feet are the heftiest part of the toy. When I put the strike parts on, the legs both pop off their pegs with any sort of shake. The arms go right along with them. I had these on in battroid and loved them but wow, I expected a lot more from how it would all come together in fighter mode. Anyone have a tip on something I might be missing? I love the comically shallow peg that goes from the leg armor to the arm... like that does anything at all and even if it did, the arms are attached in the worst way possible to the back. What a head scratcher.
  9. Ha, now I see i labeled it "Yamato 1/60 version 2 Premium Finish" instead of Arcadia.... I always botch something! Glad you guys are digging the pic and the review anyway.
  10. Treads are big in Robotech, the MOSPEADA dimensions are actually just a bit larger than a Legioss.
  11. While I love the idea of a LowVis, the original Yamato scheme sold poorly and still doesn't sell all that well in the secondary market.
  12. I think the dyad is a thing for the same reason Luke dies. If Jedi could do these things without something special then basically no plot would ever make sense. Kylo and Rey need to be more than normal force users because if any pair of Jedi can do these things then so many past events should have never happened. If any Jedi could project themselves and interact with folks then they would never have flown to Naboo in the first place. So, to keep every previous plot a plausible, Luke dies and Kylo and Rey have a special force bond that only comes around every few thousand years.
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