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  1. Masterpiece Starsceam 2.0 More Masterpiece Starsceam 2.0 photos. Check out that Gerwalk mode. Haha.
  2. obakesan

    Hi-Metal R

  3. obakesan

    Hi-Metal R

    Loving the destroids , managed score a Spartan,wish bandai do more in the line.
  4. obakesan

    Hi-Metal R

    ah missed the Spartan haha luckily I managed to snag a new one from AJ but bit higher price. still happy anyway
  5. obakesan

    Hi-Metal R

    awesome display. damn now I need a monster
  6. Hikaru ready for action. Fully loaded I'm amazed how hefty is he is in a good way
  7. woohoo June missiles finally arrived . Now fully armed and operational Death Star... oh wait I mean Valk haha
  8. obakesan

    Hi-Metal R

    Thanks. I'll I managed to grab that guy from mandrake so yep just keep my eyes out too. I hope Bandai hasn't abandoned the line yet.
  9. obakesan

    Hi-Metal R

    I wished I had picked up the destroids sooner. Loving the defender now I want a Spartan but seems harder find.
  10. On Arcadia twitter. Mentions premium finish.
  11. Haha thanks, I had my eye on for a while pulled the trigger from mandarake, just arrived, first time using and so far so good. Even after bought price went up. Nice glad your dyrl Hikaru is ok. Did you get the ssp for it too?
  12. So after all the failing miserably to secure a Roy in pre order madness I broke down and got me a Hikaru TV instead so feeling better now.
  13. Re watching Macross and kinda want a DX 1/48 Britai and a few other Zentraidi soldiers to fight the valks lol. One can dream. Come on Bandai you know you want to...
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