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  1. Happy New Year, I don't post much but probably should do so , MP Arcee arrived, and thus couldn't resist a few photos with spike and hot rod. Come on Hot Rod, we have to get to the fight... Move it... Hey Arcee , race ya... Daniel wait... Initial thought seems nice car mode, I'm not a perfectionist as others so I'm happy, need transform her and just worried QC issues. Was bummed when changed MP hound and is rear door panel just fell off , didn't touch it, just had been broken from factory or something.
  2. Nice, ya mine was about same, approx 30 GBP but as things kinda mental in UK who knows when will arrive. Hope yous get there soon and safely.
  3. bah I wasn't planning on more valks, but saw the 1D pop up on AE, saw the fan racer etc, had buyer remorse missing out on 1S so bit bullet. In other news the Dec batch of TV super packs I had on order from AE are in stock and shipped.
  4. ok prepare your wallets and get ready for pre-order christmas madness all over again for the VF-1D:
  5. yeah that makes sense. oh well. thanks
  6. yeah that makes sense. oh well. thanks
  7. So bizarre thing, tried my go to score as Roy from AE. Placed order and it was confirmed and showed up my orders. Left it and today was going pay then noticed the order vanished. Now it's out of stock again 2nd time. They say pay in 48 hours but was cancelled before. The odd thing it doesn't show in my orders at all not even cancelled. Hmmm anyways
  8. Masterpiece Starsceam 2.0 More Masterpiece Starsceam 2.0 photos. Check out that Gerwalk mode. Haha.
  9. obakesan

    Hi-Metal R

  10. obakesan

    Hi-Metal R

    Loving the destroids , managed score a Spartan,wish bandai do more in the line.
  11. obakesan

    Hi-Metal R

    ah missed the Spartan haha luckily I managed to snag a new one from AJ but bit higher price. still happy anyway
  12. obakesan

    Hi-Metal R

    awesome display. damn now I need a monster
  13. Hikaru ready for action. Fully loaded I'm amazed how hefty is he is in a good way
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