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  1. haha posted seconds before. Personally not a big beast wars fan myself, Arcee is fine but kinda hoping they finish the initial G1 bots, Jazz, Trailbreaker and Mirage.
  2. So seems next Masterpieces are MP 50 Beast Wars Tigertron and MP 51 Arcee. Come on Takara where's Jazz, Trailbreaker, Mirage finish the initial G1 bots please ☺
  3. so finally got around to unboxing and transforming Masterpiece 47 Hound. Initially thought all was well then as tried transforming to robot mode his rear door where the spare tyre sits just fell off. I thought maybe it fell out a socket or something and could back in but alas it seems a clean break from factory or somewhere. The rest is OK and while I'm happy with him in robot mode it does make me think there is a limit being hit now. This guy along with MP Bee 2, Op 3, so many folding panels here and there just makes them feel so fragile and yes quality seems down some how not sure if factory change or too complicated designs or what is just seems these recent one are off bit.
  4. I saw the trailer for the new one, meh, aside from Patrick Stewart, may appeal to some, but ill give it a miss. I quite enjoyed the Drew Barrymore ones and cast.
  5. This up on AE albeit for 139 instead, I went for it since got other stuff pending from them, I missed out on The Yamato, so this be nice to add to my collection hopefully quality is OK, atkeast price is not crazy. http://www.anime-export.com/product/45806
  6. obakesan

    Hi-Metal R

    1 for each mode I suspect haha
  7. obakesan

    Hi-Metal R

    I don't have an HMR roy either so this would be a win win for me
  8. this is pretty sweet indeed but what is the PO madness going be like?
  9. Just received MMP 8 Megatron, man he's pretty massive, stands taller than prime, nice die-cast bits legs and back pack hinges etc.
  10. I just received my VF-1A, pretty sweet, I actually like the box being smaller than the Yamatos and the carboard is thicker then those. Took it out, and swooshed it haha, great fun, now tempted to grab the VF-1J but have a Yammie so hmmm
  11. nice thanks for that.
  12. oh wow is that easy clip back together? Is it by design or design flaw?
  13. hmmm ok thanks was thinking reuse my yamato ones
  14. Awesome photo man I need learn some more techniques like this haha
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