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  1. obakesan

    The Transformers Thread Next

    PSA - if anyone is after MPM-7 seems to be up for PO.
  2. obakesan

    Arcadia 1/60 SV-51 Ivanov

    ohhhh. could do with some launch arms. wonder if they would support a 1/48 or just 1/60 only.
  3. obakesan

    The Transformers Thread Next

    I was just watching that review last night and saw how the arm ratchet broke, ouch, mind he might have been bit rough I skipped this figure as didn't appeal for me, not much a BW fan, but quite worrying for such an expensive MP. I did PO Megatron (to go with Primal and have the leaders) and this makes me a bit concerned now, I hope the Meg figure is ok.
  4. obakesan

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    It's like being tortured now, seeing all the amazing photos and missing out on that PO. Darn you Bandai!
  5. obakesan

    Macross Collection Display Thread

    Yep!, Yammie 1/48 and the 1S is a Kaiyodo Gashopon
  6. obakesan

    Macross Collection Display Thread

    The VF-1J is a Yamato 1/48, the last of my 1/48 collection The VF-1S is part of a series of Kaiyodo Gashopon figures, had them ages now, some broke, will try dig them all up for a group shot you can see some here http://anymoon.com/blog/?p=995
  7. obakesan

    Macross Collection Display Thread

    So came across a thread and photos about valks throwing valks and inspired to take this shot. Kun Kun
  8. obakesan

    Hi-Metal R

    Has this happened to anyone? I have the VF-2SS Silvie version and was transforming it, carefully into plane from robot. One of the shoulder "caps" decided to pop off in two. I'ts not broken as such, just seemed the two pieces separated. I've put it back on and squeezed it together, but doesn't seem to be holding as it should. It's a bit loosish. Would it be safe to "glue" together or is that asking for more trouble. Thanks
  9. obakesan

    Legos, anyone?

    nice one, got mine the other day too, plus added the Tron set I've got the VW bug, it's a pretty cool set, solid.
  10. obakesan

    The Transformers Thread Next

    I'm wondering, Hound's head connection, seems attached to his missile launcher, so guessing then this folds up somehow into the back of the jeep to position the missile launcher in jeep mode.
  11. obakesan

    The Transformers Thread Next

    found this back shot of Hound. Wondering if he has a visor for swimming gimmick?
  12. obakesan

    The Transformers Thread Next

    some more Mp3 shots
  13. obakesan

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    grrr, it's kinda frustrating, surely more PO's would be better, why close it so soon, don't bandai want my money! haha Guess I'll have to wait for like VF-1S DX first release, or VF-1J GBP first release
  14. obakesan

    The Transformers Thread Next

    I love prime, so would get the v3, also glad to see Hound, definately on the list, all we need now is a MP Jazz, MP Mirage & MP Trailbreaker to complete the original G1 cars cast (well minus the minibots).
  15. obakesan

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    gutted I missed the PO on this. everywhere I checked sold out or freeze, etc. bah!!!