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  1. I'll add my thanks to the organizers. I had a great time. The way this convention has grown over the years is remarkable. The quality of guests, panels and activities is nothing short of amazing for such a niche convention. You guys really have been in a ton of work into this con and I really would like to express my thanks!
  2. AnimeExpo has put up a musical guest poll. There are a lot of choices but one is Walkure. I don't know how much weight goes into the polls but it wouldn't hurt to vote for Walkure. It was cool to have Kawamori here this year and maybe Walkure next year. https://t.co/41KWmvn10A
  3. Global

    Macross/Animation Cel Collection Thread

    I bought this cel from Yahoo Auctions Japan. It's really big! About 15"x21". I really like it but I'm not sure if it is published or a fancel. This is the envelope it was stored in. Can anyone read it?
  4. I really had a great time at the convention. Thanks so much to the organizers! Run Sasaki was so funny and it was great to have her there. It would be fun to have her back in the future!
  5. Global

    SDFM sketch

    I love this so much! Especially the uncropped image.
  6. Global

    Macross Coloring Books!!!

    Thanks for sharing! I love stuff like this
  7. Global

    The One Shikishi To Rule Them All.....

    Really coo!
  8. Global

    Animazement 2013

    What kind of item did he have in the charity auction that sold for $3200? Did he sketch for anyone or was he only autographing?
  9. Global

    Macross Autographs, Signatures and Sketches

    I've had this cel for a long time. I can't even remember where I bought it. It may have been here or on ebay. I believe the two autographs in black are Tomo Sakurai (Mylene) and Urara Takano (Veffidas and Akiko) I don't know who's autograph is in gold. Does anyone know?
  10. Global

    Macross Fever Animation Materials

    Incredible stuff! Are they yours?
  11. Global

    Macross in the weirdest places

    Looks a lot like a Ranka costume on the Office. The website I found this picture says its Katy Perry.
  12. Global

    Macross in the weirdest places

    It looks like it may be inspired by Macross, but it is actually a poster for a fictional video game made by a printing company. You can see their other posters on their website.
  13. Global

    Chie Kajiura (Mylene) in Concert!

    Looks like fun. Was it a small venue? How many people came?
  14. Global

    Macross Crossover Live

    Is it possible to get tickets outside of Japan? I've been wanting to visit Japan for a while. It would be AMAZING to see a Macross concert while I was there.
  15. Global

    DYRL TV special

    I'd love a copy too