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  1. Funny, I see people say they love Ratchet, because he's such a dick. Especially when he opens the ground bridge right after Jack decides to leave. Great timing.
  2. Three Singapore Airlines A380s have been grounded. They also have RR engines.
  3. Qantas A380s to remain grounded after more RR engine problems Did the Qantas 747 that suffered engine trouble fitted with Rolls Royce engines as well?
  4. I can't find my Energon combiners anymore, so I bit the bullet and got Superion and Bruticus off eBay. They've already shipped, so hopefully my Crossfire Bruticus things will arrive at roughly the same time. I really wish I had bought the Aerialbots Crossfire set
  5. Titanium Scourge sucks, though. As for armour - Rodimus doesn't work like Ultra Magnus. It seems as though he just has a complex, convoluted transformation that's quite unlike the original toy or the movie's two different transformations for Hot Rod.
  6. I think that's just for the vehicle and robot mode chests. The Rodimus Prime vehicle mode hood is shorter than the Hot Rod/Rodimus' Prime's chest. Also, Kurtd the goat on TFW pointed this out:
  7. I for one am very happy. I've always liked the look of Hot Rod/Rodimus in both vehicle modes and robot mode. It looks like Rodimus' gun comes in parts, with Hot Rod's gun forming the base of it.
  8. It was Go, the Chinese board game popularised in the west through Japan.It was never explained where Drift got the concept of the game from, as nobody on that ship had been to Earth yet.
  9. I'll try to see this next week. Hopefully my eye will be better by then. I wouldn't condescend about people's hypothetical interest in Bay if I were you You most likely enjoy Christopher Nolan's work because he is a genuienly good film maker who usually makes intelligent films with weight and depth to them, even when it comes to a mainstream project such as his Batman movies. Well, according to his regular cinematographer Wally Pfister, Nolan loves Michael Bay movies: I'm not saying that ergo you should now enjoy Michael Bay's work, or that Bay's work is now in a better light because a superior film maker is a fan of them. But if Chris Nolan - the internet's poster boy example of a good, intelligent film maker - can seemingly enjoy Michael Bay's brand of popcorn fluff, then so can anybody else, and these people are not any stupider or somehow lacking in taste for it, in my opinion.
  10. High res official pics of Masterpiece Movie Starscream. Nice paint job.
  11. That's a very cool Jet Prime custom. Wish Takara had done a snap-on parts set like they did for that very-delayed Voyager Jet Prime set. I believe Hasbro said at BotCon they threw in some easter eggs for Battle Ops Bee - something to do with pressing his wheel several times will play versus of the original Transformers theme song.
  12. As it turns out, this flatbed was used for practical special effects. The headache rack doesn't make any sense, but it looks "cool" as his truck bling. Hell, his trailer is pretty blinging being largely shiny silver with blue lights.
  13. He's seen hauling two trailers, one proper prop trailer and this normal flatbed rigged for pyrotechnics.
  14. The headache rack is still there. It was only ever used as bling for the prop truck. (not sure what's with this trailer with the equipment here:)
  15. So David, can you enlighten us about the new Optimus Prime movie truck images?
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