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  1. Not sure if anyone posted this, yet, but here's TMan's MP-44 knee-"fix":
  2. whoa! Peaugh recently reviewed some VOTOMS bots, Acid Rain's B2Five Scopedog and Brutishdog: I didn't get 'em since they were rather expensive for SD'ish bots and, honestly, I Like Big Bots And I Cannot Lie! However, these new SD'ish 'Dogs are quite very interesting based on Peaugh's review.
  3. yeah... pic originally from: https://i.imgur.com/ggh3k65.jpg
  4. and in other news, Wotafa reviews the Yammie 1/60 VF-11b...
  5. Apparently inspired by the iphone11-pro's lens-similarity to the Scopedog's, Wotafa puts out a review of the ActicGearNext Burglary Dog...
  6. treatment

    Bandai DX VF-31

    if Jenius' review is not enough, here's wotafa's in japanese:
  7. MP-44... add/edit: now with properly inner-knee panel fold. And Prime wants a sword, too..
  8. moar Wotafa MP-44 video. Transformation review part-2 --> bot-to-truck...
  9. Shelf space? Why don't they just sell directly thru amzn-jp instead to reach a much wider buying audience?
  10. wotafa's MP-44 video-review part-2 with his transformation-skit finally:
  11. wotafa's so-called "first impression review" of MP-44: he didn't show his usual technical transformation process skit. maybe he'll do a part-2 to do so...
  12. Most of us can barely afford and barely secure a preorder nowadays. You either just camp and wait the DX valks out on release-day, or pay the scalpers' ransomware pricing. Or just give up altogether and find another hobby to afford. It is what it is.
  13. I still don't understand why teh fugazi Amz-JP direct won't sell this particular Arcadia item to a US-address. Still. Every other Arcadia item they offered are not embargoed like this SV-51 Ivanov. The amz-jp reps I talked to about it don't know and don't have a clue about the decision, either. Would've quickly cancelled my MP-44 order in favor of this item if only it ain't bizarro embargoed from Amz-jp.
  14. treatment

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Yeah. 8300y is quite excessive fee for a single VF-31 DX order to be shipped to the US. Unless either you ordered more than one single item, or your shipping location is South America or Europe or even Australia?
  15. GX-87 Getter Emperor review by fellow MWF-member CharlesXavier...
  16. btw, from that distance, that 0D-PF's blue-ness seems to still be the not-anime-accurate...
  17. Welp! I'm in, even tho the battroid-mode is still fugly as heck. as well as the more recently released HMR VF-4, too, right?
  18. ~you get to burning...~ oh wait... just airing them out at this time of the year...
  19. Yeah. No idea why an M7-license is required for an Isamu valk...
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