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  1. Lol! Yeah. This Roy with the yellow arrows is Bandai matching what's seen onscreen on the TV version... while watching DYRL...
  2. Yeah. From time to time, AJ will get region-locked with toys from Bandai, Takara, and Arcadia. For no apparent logic or reason at all. some examples, -- got region-locked with SOC GX-86 from AJ. -- got region-locked with Arcadia SV-51. -- got region-locked with Takara MP Artfire and some other MPs, iirc. The only consolation for me is that these delivery-restricted toys turned out to be damn duds, so it was a blessing that it kinda saved me some money and headaches. Especially with the two left feet of the Arcadia SV-51 when it was released. That said, some third-party/marketplace vendors sometimes do offer the item(s) with no delivery-restrictions unlike AJ-direct. You'll just have gamble on trusting these third-party/marketplace vendors dont send you crushed boxes or whatever. Your mileage may vary, of course.
  3. treatment

    Hi-Metal R

    Hey, now. Hbiki pilot for the iconic blue VF2SS was totally anime accurate! in some alternate headcanon of the parallel universe that is MII, according to Bandai...
  4. Just to be consistent with their standard nickel-n-dime strategy from across their toy/model lines, Bandai will most likely and gladly offer the Black Jolly Roger heatshield as a TWE/PBandai standalone add-on for at least 5000y...
  5. Since that particular item has been released back in 2018, I will reckon you got that from a third-party seller over at AJ. So, caveat emptor when dealing with them. I know my original direct AJ order for that HMR Hibiki wasn't smashed like that.
  6. definitively moar badass this way...
  7. treatment

    Macross figures

    That's Ishtar. There was never a Sivil in the Macross CMs.
  8. As much as I like the new GFFMC Zaku-II, however, it just doesn't really quite rock the double-bazooka look like the Kampfer does to my eyes... I do hope Bandai makes a GFFMC Kampfer soon to correct such deficiency...
  9. Okawara grunts... HM-R, GFFMC, Yammie 1/12...
  10. treatment

    Hi-Metal R

    Not an HM-R. That's a DX Chogokin: https://tamashii.jp/item/10741/
  11. Ok, thanks. I should've mentioned not using any stands and just having it stationary using its own landing gears. I don't like Bandai's rinky-dink stands, as it seems to just sometimes just hide the problem. oh, fwiw and iirc, it was in Jenius' written review instead of his yt-review where he mentioned along the potential for the arms to sag or get misaligned due to the simple pegs that Bandai didn't improve on since the Hikaru-1J.
  12. I've pretty much stop getting SHF and Figmas (even nendos), but is anybody getting figma Batou? https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail?gcode=FIGURE-058257
  13. I don't like screw covers, either. It just gets weird to me with toys.
  14. There was no animation error with Hikaru's valk. There were only two animation errors in DYRL (Max-1A's red/blue heatshield and Roy-1S yellow heat-shield), and both were already corrected by the time the DYRL Remastered-version was released. As for the "red-to-black-and-back-again", it'll just be some intentional shadow/shade effect the animators were doing. Like the glare effect when he did his alpha-strike. ... As such, any body here have had their Strike-FP Hikaru in valk-mode and notice any issues (sagging or whatever...) ? I'm still reluctant to put mine on Strike-FP valk-mode coz of Jenius' findings in his review.
  15. speaking of Chirico, am trying to appreciate this tiny and rather rinkydink 1/28 b2five edition by trying to replicate the old encyclopedia art cover... oh, and Vanilla's afro is always awesome...
  16. As previously announced by various import-shops (hlj, ami, etc) a week or so ago, DHL (and possibly FedEX) is adding new surcharges on top of their usual shipping-fees for most of the regular import-shops. So DHL shipping-fees is currently alot more expensive now than it used to be to ship items out of Japan. It will depend on individual import-shops on how much extra charges to apply on your imports. Interestingly however, Amzn-japan's dhl-shipping is not affected (yet)...
  17. Previously under the SoC SPEC line: https://tamashii.jp/item_brand/tamashii_spec/
  18. just saw these at TD: New Layzner 9月 魂限 魂SPEC x HI-METAL R『蒼流星SPT力士拿』NEW LAYZNER - 日系英雄/機械人 - Toysdaily 玩具日報 - Powered by Discuz! https://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000144536 9/20 14,300y TWE/Premium Bandai and Zakaal 10月 魂限 魂SPEC x HI-METAL R『蒼流星SPT力士拿』ZAKAAL - 日系英雄/機械人 - Toysdaily 玩具日報 - Powered by Discuz! https://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000144537 10/20 15,950y TWE/Premium Bandai
  19. you can watch the review of it to find out:
  20. well, then... VF-4A FB-2012 == ?2020? SV-51 Nora == ?2020? Super Ostrich VT-1 == ???
  21. It'll be nice if Arcadia pivots a bit from traditional re-issue practices and sneaks in some new goodies like DYRL hands/fists as well their standard Option Parts with this upcoming Armored VF-1J, errr, reissue. They'll prolly get to tease and encourage the current owners to re-buy the set again...
  22. Unfortunately, as Jenius mentioned, it is looking like you have gotten a swapped regular Hikky-1J in your Arcadia-box instead.
  23. Very strange, indeed. Unless you're talking about just the Hikky-1J standalone or Fast-Pack edition. Those did not come with gray-goggles. Then again, those are old Yammies, too. Afaik, Arcadia has not released a standalone or even Fast-Pack Hikky-1J. They've only released the Armored Hikky-1J GPB set.
  24. Hmm. That's weird. Can't remember if Jenius/Anymoon had a video-review of it, but here's the RPA unboxing and review of the original Arcadia release...
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