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  1. 25 minutes ago, Sanity is Optional said:

    Probably be available at and after release for MSRP, same as all the other Arcadia releases. Might even go on sale, though I somewhat doubt it (only some of the VF-1 figures really went on sale).

    Well, not saying this Hikaru-4A will, but one can always hope since the Arcadia VF-4G did go down to around 17k-yen at hlj back in the day...


    On 6/12/2016 at 6:15 PM, Cesar Enrique said:

    I´m glad I didn´t buy this before at full price... 35% off offer in HLJ





  2. On 7/31/2020 at 11:30 PM, Major Focker said:

    longshot, but this might be the best place to ask.

    for a few years now, i've been looking for this pair of 1/144 Su-33, part of a series "Aviation Fighters" made by a company named s14. their website s14avfs.com is now up for sale, but they've just released an AC-130 Spooky this july. so they're probably still alive and just moved somewhere i couldn't find. appreciate any leads.

    aviation fighters: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/search?typ1_c=120&cat=military&target=Make&searchkey=s14

    by the way, they also just released a nice looking display stand that might work with HMR and the Tomytec Gimix Macross stuff.





    12 minutes ago, Valkyrie Hunter D said:

    Interesting display stand. At first I thought it was a carrier deck cutout, then maybe a circuit board. Now I dunno exactly what it is. But it does look cool.



    The Aviation Fighters and the stand are in 1/144 scale.

    May work with Tomytecs, but may not with HMRs since the HMRs are 1/100ish (1/90ish, per Jenius iirc).

    Then again, a 1/100 HMR VF-1 maybe the same size as a regular 1/144 F-14.  

    Don't know for sure since I don't have any 1/144 aircraft... :unknw:


  3. 13 hours ago, treatment said:

    so, to recap so far for the non-PF version:

    hlj is at 29,800y  (which is msrp, i think) (shipping unknown)

    ae is at 28,310y  (shipping unknown)

    amj is at 28,343y (as of this posting) (shipping is dhl 3211y placeholder (usually 1600y) )

    ami == ?   31,100y (shipping unknown)

    hs == ?

    cdj == ?




    hs == 28,310y (Shipping unknown)

    Still not listed on CDJ as of this posting.

    No, i'm deliberately not listing n-y.

    Not posting any links on any, either. 

    Let the scalpers figure 'em out if they're interested.


  4. 7 minutes ago, Lolicon said:

    Yeah, taking into account how much time it takes to panel and decal up a VF-4 (having done it myself), I'd rather just pay the extra money. My time is more valuable than that these days.


    Ask Yamato how the volume-profits model worked out for them. :p


    We may jest about it, but it really ain't the reason why Yamato-Toys went under. 

    Pure conjecture, but I believe their VF-1 volume-profits model was actually their only successful venture and the only one that had kept them afloat amongst their various non-profitting lines...




  5. 8 minutes ago, VF-Zer0S said:

    I understand production cost go up and so do licensing fees but this is a straight re paint lol. That’s Premium pricing we are dealing with. That said...I got one from AJ :p

    The Arcadia VF-4G was at 29,700y msrp:  http://arcadia.ac/products/detail.php?product_id=228


    6 minutes ago, slide said:

    Thanks!  Wasn't posted when I checked earlier.

    As usual,  Ami's always adding the Tokyo-Tax with their 31,100y pricing for us importers.



  6. so, to recap so far for the non-PF version:

    hlj is at 29,800y  (which is msrp, i think) (shipping unknown)

    ae is at 28,310y  (shipping unknown)

    amj is at 28,343y (as of this posting) (shipping is dhl 3211y placeholder (usually 1600y) )

    ami == ?   31,100y (shipping unknown)

    hs == ?

    cdj == ?



  7. 30 minutes ago, sqidd said:

    That seems pricey.

    Does it really not come with a pilot?


    It is pricey, unfortunately.

    However, the current listing on amjp is still msrp.

    Hopefully Amazon-jp will apply their usual discounts soon.

    That said with this non-PF msrp, I reckon Arcadia will be pricing their inevitable PF-version around the 12k-yen more and possibly even above.





  8. 14 hours ago, ghostryder said:

    I'm still waiting for the Jolly Roger decal to dry and then dullcoat (thanks Anasazi37 !), but I don't recall seeing any pics of Hikaru's 1S with black heatshield/fastpack symbols. I know red is supposed to be official, but something about that black heatshield brings back those same feelings I had when I first laid eyes on the 1/55 strike valkyrie box art as a kid:




    Nice pics.

    You might have missed it, but I posted my black-heatshield Hikaru-1S back on June-14 both here and in the scale-thread:







  9. 11 hours ago, Chronocidal said:

    See, I feel like that's a stretch, considering all the things they had absolutely no qualms about copying nearly verbatim from the Yamato design.

    I could be wrong, I really have no idea what sorts of individual features may be covered under a copyright, but that still doesn't excuse Bandai's engineers from not coming up with something that at least copies the function, if not the exact design.  There are many, many ways to design a locking tab mechanism.  They just didn't use any of them.

    Otherwise, I need to go remember where I ordered Kakizaki from.. I think that might be the item I'm waiting for to ship my Legioss and extra missile set from Anime Export.

    Perhaps just plain Bandai arrogance and possibly plain disdain for non-battroid modes , then.


  10. It may be that Yamato-Toys/Arcadia holds the patent(s) on the designs and mechanisms/methods.

    Bandai does not want to pay for 'em and just decide to simply Bandai'd themselves and us...

  11. 7 minutes ago, borgified said:

    That I know... However did you know what the text in blue actually means? 

    Blue text means jack crap here.

    Different forum, different traditions.


  12. 5 minutes ago, DewPoint said:

    Leave room for future "innovation"?  Fix it in the next version and advertise it as a "new" feature?  :unknw:  Then make us all buy it again! 

    They'll call it DX-R, with the innovation/fixes being just white landing gears and a 15k-yen bump on the msrp...



  13. You never know.

    Kevin and the other former vendors might just encourage them to restart their old Valk distro-business given the various shenanigans that N-Y, NinNin, or whoever has been griefing everybody else here about the 1/48 DX and parts...


  14. 3 minutes ago, DYRL VF-1S said:

    Ok ok, I love all this nostalgia but what does this have to do with DX 1/48 again?





    ....sorry, I'm gonna be that guy who calls it out.  Notifications are lighting up for nothing.


    Better discussion points than N-Y in this thread...

  15. 18 minutes ago, ErikElvis said:

    Wait was it the Yamato 0A with the disintegrating biceps or the 19?  Or both?

    It was the Yammie 0A who had the self-disintegration issue. At least, the whole shoulders and arms, iirc.

    In contrast, the Yammie YF-19 had a rather challenging bicep-transformation, but it was not really a self-disintegrating part like the Yammie-0A.





  16. 2 hours ago, Slave IV said:

    The oldest Macross I have is the Chunky Monkey and the little crappy transforming one. I can still crack heads with no issue to the toy as far as Chunkys go. The little one did break at one of the arm sliders but only after years of taking it with me everywhere and transforming it countless amount of times. It should still work to this day (if I could find it) but I just need to hold the arm in place. MP-47...I don't know, I heard and seen issues with that so I have been careful with mine but I've let my kids play with it and I'm looking at it right now with zero breaks or disintegrations. Again, I guess I'm just lucky?:pardon:

    Dunno if lucky nor not.   

    Anecdotally, all my yammie 1/60v2s were first-releases, and none of them have shoulder-cracks to this day and I ain't delicate with any of them. 

    Yet various people here have reported and shown pictures of their yammies with cracked shoulders during those cracked-shoulder times.


    13 minutes ago, ErikElvis said:

    Knock on wood I’ve had decent luck with my valks. I even think all my cf 171’s triangles are intact. I backed off the screws when I got them. My Yamato 0A’s biceps never disintegrated although I don’t think I ever transformed it out of fighter. I don’t want to look now. 

    I did have the wrong leg on my 51. 

    Oh yeah. Forgot about those.

    The 0A from Yamato, 0A from Arcadia, and the  CF-171 from Bandai were notorious disintegrating Macross toys.


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