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  1. 14 minutes ago, jenius said:

    Wow, Amazon's shipping has really crept up.

    Yeah.  Quite exorbitant.

    Hope it's just their usual placeholder-po-shipping-fees stuff and changes it back to more reasonable amount before release-day.


  2. MP-51 got delivered today.

    Gotta do some minor balancing to make her hold her neutral stance. Her midriff/torso-section balljoint naturally biases back due to backpack-weight. Maybe apply some Future-polish if OCD.

    A little disappointed her thighs and/or knees do not have some rotation feature.

    edit: Her thighs do have rotation-feature. Just really tight oob.

    Overall, a neat MP release.  TT should've included a stand, tho.












    thigh rotation feature...


  3. Not sure if somebody already noticed or posted about it, but  since I just recently put Roy-1S into fighter-mode for the FPs, I just noticed that the head is not quite as flushed like the Hikaru-1S.

    As in, the visor is more exposed on the Roy-1S whereas it's more hidden on the Hikaru-1S.  Maybe it's due to the new thicker neck or maybe I'm doing something completely wrong.

    At any rate and not sure if ABP, but seems OptimusPrimeSG (CharlesXavier here) has posted his review of his Roy with the TV-FP:




  4. 13 minutes ago, F360 said:

    wow , is that a A-E custom shipping box, looks like it just fit the super parts?


    Sorta ghetto custom, actually.  Not quite like Ami's custom boxes,

    Very thick and sturdy, tho.  Thicker than Ami's.


  5. 1 hour ago, valhary said:

    Why the hell Hikaru is lying down in the fan racer?

    Once again Yamato did better and like happens with this line Bandai try to divert the attention of their mediocre work with the tampo 



    Prolly the same reason as their beloved "100" symmetry shenanigans...



  6. 19 hours ago, no3Ljm said:

    I paid them Y3990 last Nov to ship my Strike Pack. I’m expecting to pay the same or close if the box size and weight are same as Strike Packs.


    You are correct, sir.

    3990y, indeed.

    Paid and already got tracking# for it. 

    Btw, how were you able to track it again? or with who?

    Japan-Post is currently balking at the non-11-digit/13-digit tracking# AE provided me with the link for. 


    AE's tracking# seems to work with DHL, so ok then...



    btw, my order was originally with the April batch like some here, but seems AE got extras to fulfill it now...




  7. 19 minutes ago, MWUser said:

    Is there a particular reason for why the Movie Super Parts don't come with the color tipped missiles, but the TV Super Parts do?

    For reference, TV Super Parts product page linked below.
    Bandai DX Chogokin TV Super Parts Set First Release (December 2020): https://tamashii.jp/item/13358/
    Bandai DX Chogokin TV Super Parts Set Second Release (April 2021): https://tamashii.jp/item/13497/


    You'll figure out the reason when you finally watch the movie.

    It's a great and very pretty movie.



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