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    Macross figures

    That's Ishtar. There was never a Sivil in the Macross CMs.
  2. As much as I like the new GFFMC Zaku-II, however, it just doesn't really quite rock the double-bazooka look like the Kampfer does to my eyes... I do hope Bandai makes a GFFMC Kampfer soon to correct such deficiency...
  3. Okawara grunts... HM-R, GFFMC, Yammie 1/12...
  4. treatment

    Hi-Metal R

    Not an HM-R. That's a DX Chogokin: https://tamashii.jp/item/10741/
  5. Ok, thanks. I should've mentioned not using any stands and just having it stationary using its own landing gears. I don't like Bandai's rinky-dink stands, as it seems to just sometimes just hide the problem. oh, fwiw and iirc, it was in Jenius' written review instead of his yt-review where he mentioned along the potential for the arms to sag or get misaligned due to the simple pegs that Bandai didn't improve on since the Hikaru-1J.
  6. I've pretty much stop getting SHF and Figmas (even nendos), but is anybody getting figma Batou? https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail?gcode=FIGURE-058257
  7. I don't like screw covers, either. It just gets weird to me with toys.
  8. There was no animation error with Hikaru's valk. There were only two animation errors in DYRL (Max-1A's red/blue heatshield and Roy-1S yellow heat-shield), and both were already corrected by the time the DYRL Remastered-version was released. As for the "red-to-black-and-back-again", it'll just be some intentional shadow/shade effect the animators were doing. Like the glare effect when he did his alpha-strike. ... As such, any body here have had their Strike-FP Hikaru in valk-mode and notice any issues (sagging or whatever...) ? I'm still reluctant to put mine on Strike-FP valk-mode coz of Jenius' findings in his review.
  9. speaking of Chirico, am trying to appreciate this tiny and rather rinkydink 1/28 b2five edition by trying to replicate the old encyclopedia art cover... oh, and Vanilla's afro is always awesome...
  10. As previously announced by various import-shops (hlj, ami, etc) a week or so ago, DHL (and possibly FedEX) is adding new surcharges on top of their usual shipping-fees for most of the regular import-shops. So DHL shipping-fees is currently alot more expensive now than it used to be to ship items out of Japan. It will depend on individual import-shops on how much extra charges to apply on your imports. Interestingly however, Amzn-japan's dhl-shipping is not affected (yet)...
  11. Previously under the SoC SPEC line: https://tamashii.jp/item_brand/tamashii_spec/
  12. just saw these at TD: New Layzner 9月 魂限 魂SPEC x HI-METAL R『蒼流星SPT力士拿』NEW LAYZNER - 日系英雄/機械人 - Toysdaily 玩具日報 - Powered by Discuz! https://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000144536 9/20 14,300y TWE/Premium Bandai and Zakaal 10月 魂限 魂SPEC x HI-METAL R『蒼流星SPT力士拿』ZAKAAL - 日系英雄/機械人 - Toysdaily 玩具日報 - Powered by Discuz! https://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000144537 10/20 15,950y TWE/Premium Bandai
  13. you can watch the review of it to find out:
  14. well, then... VF-4A FB-2012 == ?2020? SV-51 Nora == ?2020? Super Ostrich VT-1 == ???
  15. It'll be nice if Arcadia pivots a bit from traditional re-issue practices and sneaks in some new goodies like DYRL hands/fists as well their standard Option Parts with this upcoming Armored VF-1J, errr, reissue. They'll prolly get to tease and encourage the current owners to re-buy the set again...
  16. Unfortunately, as Jenius mentioned, it is looking like you have gotten a swapped regular Hikky-1J in your Arcadia-box instead.
  17. Very strange, indeed. Unless you're talking about just the Hikky-1J standalone or Fast-Pack edition. Those did not come with gray-goggles. Then again, those are old Yammies, too. Afaik, Arcadia has not released a standalone or even Fast-Pack Hikky-1J. They've only released the Armored Hikky-1J GPB set.
  18. Hmm. That's weird. Can't remember if Jenius/Anymoon had a video-review of it, but here's the RPA unboxing and review of the original Arcadia release...
  19. In space, prolly just eject and grab via manipulator-controls. No air in space to offer resistance. In earth atmospheric conditions, anime magic like below...
  20. Wait, what? Arcadia's original release has the grey-goggles...
  21. I'm not so sure about a PF Hikky 1/60v2. I rather Arcadia (re)do a Weathered-edition rather than a PF of it, honestly...
  22. uhhh, what is that link about???
  23. Just put out and display whatever you already have. Add others as you procured them later. Not really sure why the unnecessary complications...
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