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  1. DX vs Yammie-148, uhmm, "head-pilot" comparo... "head-pilot"...
  2. I haven't fully transformed my Max-1A out of valk-mode, yet, but the narwhal-laser was a bit tight to move on mine. I actually thought it might actually broke in two while I was initially moviing it away to get to open the front landing gear. Had to hold and move it at the thicker bottom end rather than the usual top end I do with my old yammies. I felt the long length and the seemingly thinner diameter of the DX 1A narwhal-laser makes it a bit fragile to me than my old yammies (1/48 and 1/60v2s).
  3. psst! dunno how long it'll last, but sale on Votoms blu-ray at amzn as of this posting... https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=votoms+blu-ray
  4. hmm those look like JCWings stands: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10386438
  5. Welp! I now joined the DX Max-1A club... Wasn't really planning on getting it since I couldn't get the amz-jp direct pricing and DWC ain't gonna gift me one, but saw a marketplace-seller that was selling it ok enough in total pricing: Marketplace-seller was not DWC, i think...
  6. another b2five review. This time, it's Ben's...
  7. It is not a model kit. It is ready to go battle out of the box. DMZ-03 has nice panel-lining details despite being all-green. It has relatively less detailing compared to DMZ-01, which is very nicely detailed to be kinda weathered and beat-up junkyard dog. How do you mean? It's a quality high-end collectible. However, it's not quite a toy so it can't take the drastic heavy abuse that one can do with the tank-like Yammie 1/12 or even with the original chunky 1/24 Dual Models /DM Revivals tanks. You should take up Jenius' offer for his Turbo Custom DMZ. Those are almost always the most expensive of the DMZs (item and shipping) to import.
  8. treatment

    Hi-Metal R

    There was a po-madness on this? /me checks Still available at Amzn-Japan and ami as of this posting-time...
  9. treatment

    Hi-Metal R

    Yeah. Maybe it'll get fire-sale'd at CDJ just like that HMR Messer-VF1S quickly did...
  10. treatment

    Hi-Metal R

    HMR VF-4 Bizarroy or Bizarro-Roy...
  11. DMZ-04 Guardian Robot Rabidly Dog...
  12. 22.4k-yen is tempting, but i dont really want to have orphaned valks since it'll just be way too tough to get the Roy-1S given the currently ridiculously scalped Hikkie-1S. Already dreading that the Roy-1S will be TWE'ed like the HMR Roy-1S. Bandai nickel-n-diming with the missiles and FPs that also already ludicrously scalped does not really instill confidence. Wonder if the Kaki-1A will get scalped as well. If Bandai even decides to make a Kaki. Possibly as a TWE...
  13. Arcadia never did any 1/48.
  14. Neither Hacchaka nor Wotafa show the T-Bar stuff which was irritatingly and annoyingly detachable-happy on most of our Hikkie-1J. Hacchaka did have this shot; Seems like no improvements on it and still saggy when the gunpod is attached. There are also some shots in Hacchaka-blog showing misaligned wings that some have had with their Hikkie-1J, but not sure if it's just simple mistransformation since his other shots shows them aligned. Hacchaka also have a few new details on the Max-1A that Wotafa just didn't show or pay attention to. I'm sure Jenius will review it better when he gets anymoon-review up soon.
  15. Disappointed that wotafa didn't show any other particular differences between this Max and the Hikkie other than the obvious head and blue color.
  16. I don't think you actually watched it at all. You really should stop with your own fan-fiction'ing of DYRL. It's really bad form and bad taste. Especially here in MacrossWorld Forum.
  17. I only wish that the scalpers who cleaned out the po-supplies and jacked the pricing up on these DXs to not be able to unload any of it for any profit or without taking tremendous losses.
  18. Not sure if anyone posted this, yet, but here's TMan's MP-44 knee-"fix":
  19. whoa! Peaugh recently reviewed some VOTOMS bots, Acid Rain's B2Five Scopedog and Brutishdog: I didn't get 'em since they were rather expensive for SD'ish bots and, honestly, I Like Big Bots And I Cannot Lie! However, these new SD'ish 'Dogs are quite very interesting based on Peaugh's review.
  20. yeah... pic originally from: https://i.imgur.com/ggh3k65.jpg
  21. and in other news, Wotafa reviews the Yammie 1/60 VF-11b...
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