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  1. Maybe Bandai just totally forgot that they were actually marketing the wing-flaps feature on their DX VF-1...
  2. You never know. Maybe they'll number 'em 1-1500, include some kind of "certificate of authenticity" thingy, and make the box like a book or something with some Hikaru drawing by somebody else other than Mikimoto. Oh, and add a ladder, too...
  3. In DYRL, Max 1A has the Super-FP on since they were in space, but his Max-1S did not have it on since they were on earth. There was a goofy-looking "Strike Max VF-1S" having the FPs on in M7, tho...
  4. Maybe it's flippable/reversable the same way Hikky's Super-1A later glamour shots in the movie had the prominent red skull emblem...
  5. can't find the old gray reveal/model pics during some tamashii-event stuff but... is/are the micropods solid piece or does it have the removable cover gimmick to show the micromissiles? where there micromissiles shown at all on that tamashii-event thingy? The leg-pack has removable covers, right?
  6. Anybody here getting a VF-31A vibe with that? Hope they can fulfill with the Strike-Hikaru. lol! Are they charging up front with these? The exchange-rate is currently really lousy to be paying imports these days. Anyway, with N-Y somehow being able to get more units to scalp offer, I like to be optimistic and say Hikky-1S stocks will be aplenty by release-date time.
  7. Not with the Yammies, but Bandai started this same shenanigan with the Frontier DX-v2 valks. So it wasn't as unexpected. Just continually disappointing since more of us prefer the VF-1 than the Frontier/Delta valks.
  8. Iirc, the 1/60v2 (around 9000y) were cheaper than their 1/48 (around 14,800y) during introduction. At any rate, one can speculate that Bandai just doesn't want the DX VF-1 to be like their DX SV-262 in terms of (non?)sales, hence their limits on shops' stocks.
  9. Yup. It's a generic Amz-JP reply when they can't explain why certain items (macross, non-macross, gundam, etc) they sell somehow suddenly cannot be shipped to the US.
  10. The only way to stop scalpers is to not buy from them. Scalpers will scalp as long as there are people that continue to be willing to pay scalper-pricing.
  11. I reckon if people are still interested in this or the Max-1A, they oughta just wait until release-day to get one at MSRP. Try not to reward the scalpers by preordering at their ludicrous scalped pricing now or even after release-date. Just let them suffer inventory-glut, I say.
  12. It was at 19,800y.
  13. Why not just go directly with the MIL?
  14. Always speculated it's their regular SOP since from a long time ago to make sure they're the only ones with stocks so they can jack their pricing. And not just with Macross items...
  15. Reports about it here and elsewhere seems to indicate they let you know pretty quickly if/when your order gets cancelled due to whatever reasoning they can conjure up. Be positive, tho. They may have fixed at least that feature/issue.
  16. ya know? not really trying to be THAT GUY, but you guys who got it from HLJ better be prepared to get their cancellation-email shenanigans. hope they don't and that they got it all figured out, but it's been an ongoing HLJ-feature since their redesign.
  17. roflmao! think that's the first time ever I got cart-jacked at CDJ earlier. already at checkout and stuff, then after the circle-of-blank-page-of-wait, got the red notice that it was unable to proceed due to no more availability. amz-jp was stupid. got it in my cart and checking out, then "does not ship to your location" crap popped up. oh, well. not sweating it since I already got the original yammie and the pf from arcadia that includes all FPs and missiles, but this was certainly quite an amusing experience. just hope you guys don't buy it from the scalpers who got this and that they get stuck with it unsold. maybe just hope Arcadia re-issue their PF to get your version of the Strike-Hikaru with all the needed parts included already...
  18. It's not just Macross items that has become challenging to preorder from Bandai. Almost certain popular toys from Bandai have become very tough to preorder recently. Metal Build Gundams, Eva, and Mazingers, Soul of Chogokins, and even SH Figuarts. I reckon it's mostly a combination of Bandai limiting production runs and the scalpers (local and overseas) hoovering up local japanese inventory.
  19. I don't have the yammie, but they're a pain in the ass to try to remove on my Arcadia. I just leave them on for now. Maybe I can use a blowdryer to soften 'em up a bit for successful removal later.
  20. fyi for those (still) interested in getting this valk. just saw amz-jp listing this valk for around 24k-yen shipped to the US in two-to-three days: https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B07MZ68RY9/ dunno how long it'll last there.
  21. Either that, or maybe ET's really diggin' and intensively studyin' your video of their stuff? Translating your english to nippongo or mandarin or cantonese and back to english, and then back again into japanese/chinese takes a bit of time and tries, I'm guessin'...
  22. Yeah. Mine has the amz-box a bit crunched, possibly due to some thing(s) being stacked on it during deilvery. Got some minor tear on the lip of the flimsy Arcadia box where the amz-box was crunched. Good thing the toy itself is undamaged and the option-parts were still secured in the baggie.
  23. Heck, it'll be even easier for Arcadia if they do a Booby Duck PF...
  24. I like to think that Arcadia's gonna do a silent release of their VT-1 PF as a followup to their VE-1 PF. It'll be much more acceptable than their expensive SV-51.
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