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  1. Do they ever show it without the FPs in Akihabara?
  2. meh. netflix or amazon or yt or yet-another-online-streaming-channel/platform-as-rich-as-those-three just might pick VB up if sufficiently interested.
  3. saw this over at TD yesterday as something that maybe some members here might try to do (lolicon? wm_cheng?) if they own a copy... http://toysdaily.com/discuz/forum.php?mod=redirect&goto=findpost&ptid=462993&pid=8134436
  4. hacchaka-blog pictorial of DX DYRL Kaki-1A: http://hacchaka.net/archives/52061340.html samples:
  5. so this is coming stateside, right? is it VR only? https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B08H8GKVNS/
  6. It's the same VF-1J. However, the armored loadout is special: Hence, the specific grey-goggles instead of the usual white coz armor: snapshot from from my old Animiego dvd (disc-3)...
  7. Sure. Next time, just try watching SDFM and DYRL. It'll provide answers to alot of your own questions and stuff regarding canon and whatnots.
  8. Err, if you'd watched the episode, then you would know that the coloring-mistake was actually the "white". Animators forgot to color it properly due most likely to being rushed and stuff back then...
  9. You need to re-watch SDFM again, then...
  10. Nah. People bought the original Yammie and the original Arcadia releases with the same pic. We got reviews out of the wazoos over the years showing what one gets with the original Yammie and Arcadia versions.
  11. So it ain't meant for those folks who actually preordered this set expecting the grey goggles (since they don't have one) and are now super disappointed that they ain't getting the grey goggles with it?
  12. The white-goggle promo pics are as old as the original Yamato 1/60v2 release. Both Yamato and Arcadia never bothered to correct them for whatever reason. It'll be nice if Arcadia does include the grey-goggle as a separate plugin accessory with this re-release, but that'll make too much sense. Only a few import-shops actually bothered to help out on the foot-issue with the Ivanoff SV-51. Doubtful they'll be more helpful this time. I'm just guessing Arcadia's having some issues with their factory(ies). Maybe the factory's asking additional fees for the grey-goggles. Maybe the grey-goggles part didn't make it in time due to covid stuff and would've delayed overall production schedule. Maybe that one factory-dude who's one job is to grey the goggles just quit or something. Too many maybe's already...
  13. Nah. Why even bother. Arcadia now wants to compete with Bandai's own idiotic symmetry shenanigan by putting the white-goggles shenanigan on this GBP-set re-release. Just don't enable their idiocy by buying this set. And/Or just return this white-goggle GBP-set and get a refund. En masse...
  14. HLJ got some early, huh. Still, dunno why Arcadia would change this re-release with the white-goggles instead of the usual grey-goggles.
  15. Where did you order yours? That's a really very fast shipping to the US since it was just released yesterday in Japan.
  16. errr, the box-art of both the old Yamato and the Arcadia all featured non-grey goggles, while the second pic is the old promo-pic from both Yamato and Arcadia that does not have the grey-goggles for some odd reason.
  17. Bandai's obsession with battroid-"symmetry" is getting a bit out of hand. or in this case, out of shoulder...
  18. not mine, but saw this at hobbylog earlier... https://twitter.com/ufjmFR0BF7t5Jq7/status/1298579782993494016? think it's the WAVE 1/100 kit check out the video: https://twitter.com/i/status/1298824936560025601
  19. ROFLMAO!!! Bandai's pure arrogance or unstoppable tonedeaf shenanigan? Maybe both...
  20. Yeah. Amazon-jp has 8/31/2020 (next week) release-date for the Arcadia 1/60 VF-1J GBP Armored-Valkyrie.
  21. Just saw this comment over at amzn: https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R3EN23THIVI06R/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_rvw_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B089TXGNL2 Is that true?
  22. http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/41210-list-of-online-stores-where-to-buy-macross-toys/
  23. Well, fwiw, there was no Meltrandi (rogue or otherwise) found in Macross Plus. Unlike the comical fangirls in that M7 Encore "Fleet..." maybe-maybe-not-canon episode...
  24. Kinda funny. The Yammie Kaki's only went up to ludicrous-level scalper pricing rather recently. Prolly about after ten years or so of being continuously bargain-binned in every import shops since original release. I expect somebody/ies will be hyping up this Kaki-DX as some sort of a "must-have grail" soon. To unload their multiple Kaki-buys at a significan profiteering...
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