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  1. Neither Hacchaka nor Wotafa show the T-Bar stuff which was irritatingly and annoyingly detachable-happy on most of our Hikkie-1J. Hacchaka did have this shot; Seems like no improvements on it and still saggy when the gunpod is attached. There are also some shots in Hacchaka-blog showing misaligned wings that some have had with their Hikkie-1J, but not sure if it's just simple mistransformation since his other shots shows them aligned. Hacchaka also have a few new details on the Max-1A that Wotafa just didn't show or pay attention to. I'm sure Jenius will review it better when he gets anymoon-review up soon.
  2. Disappointed that wotafa didn't show any other particular differences between this Max and the Hikkie other than the obvious head and blue color.
  3. I don't think you actually watched it at all. You really should stop with your own fan-fiction'ing of DYRL. It's really bad form and bad taste. Especially here in MacrossWorld Forum.
  4. I only wish that the scalpers who cleaned out the po-supplies and jacked the pricing up on these DXs to not be able to unload any of it for any profit or without taking tremendous losses.
  5. Not sure if anyone posted this, yet, but here's TMan's MP-44 knee-"fix":
  6. whoa! Peaugh recently reviewed some VOTOMS bots, Acid Rain's B2Five Scopedog and Brutishdog: I didn't get 'em since they were rather expensive for SD'ish bots and, honestly, I Like Big Bots And I Cannot Lie! However, these new SD'ish 'Dogs are quite very interesting based on Peaugh's review.
  7. yeah... pic originally from: https://i.imgur.com/ggh3k65.jpg
  8. and in other news, Wotafa reviews the Yammie 1/60 VF-11b...
  9. Apparently inspired by the iphone11-pro's lens-similarity to the Scopedog's, Wotafa puts out a review of the ActicGearNext Burglary Dog...
  10. treatment

    Bandai DX VF-31

    if Jenius' review is not enough, here's wotafa's in japanese:
  11. MP-44... add/edit: now with properly inner-knee panel fold. And Prime wants a sword, too..
  12. moar Wotafa MP-44 video. Transformation review part-2 --> bot-to-truck...
  13. Shelf space? Why don't they just sell directly thru amzn-jp instead to reach a much wider buying audience?
  14. wotafa's MP-44 video-review part-2 with his transformation-skit finally:
  15. wotafa's so-called "first impression review" of MP-44: he didn't show his usual technical transformation process skit. maybe he'll do a part-2 to do so...
  16. SV-262 is about as disco-valk as you can get...
  17. Most of us can barely afford and barely secure a preorder nowadays. You either just camp and wait the DX valks out on release-day, or pay the scalpers' ransomware pricing. Or just give up altogether and find another hobby to afford. It is what it is.
  18. I still don't understand why teh fugazi Amz-JP direct won't sell this particular Arcadia item to a US-address. Still. Every other Arcadia item they offered are not embargoed like this SV-51 Ivanov. The amz-jp reps I talked to about it don't know and don't have a clue about the decision, either. Would've quickly cancelled my MP-44 order in favor of this item if only it ain't bizarro embargoed from Amz-jp.
  19. treatment

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Yeah. 8300y is quite excessive fee for a single VF-31 DX order to be shipped to the US. Unless either you ordered more than one single item, or your shipping location is South America or Europe or even Australia?
  20. GX-87 Getter Emperor review by fellow MWF-member CharlesXavier...
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