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  1. Just put out and display whatever you already have. Add others as you procured them later. Not really sure why the unnecessary complications...
  2. Just saw this interesting mag-scan posted up at TD: http://www.toysdaily.com/discuz/forum.php?mod=redirect&goto=findpost&ptid=462993&pid=8121345 Interesting as in they airbrushed out the tail-numbering on the upcoming Kaki...
  3. Well, Bandai made the kite VERY GINORMOUS in the vain and futile hope you won't notice the other mistakes... comparo-pic above courtesy of anymoon: http://anymoon.com/blog/?p=12016
  4. Yeah. Looks like standard Bandai shenanigans. At this point, I really really doubt they will fix the modex-numbering oversight for this DX line. As with their SOCs and HMs, I will not be that surprised if/when Bandai introduces their rather inevitable DX-R line afterwards...
  5. Errr, why would one need to be in a flight tower or something to notice the wrong modex number? I mean, aren't our valks and 1/72 jet models on a desk or a shelf to be displayed after whatever playing one does with them? It will be rather quite bizarre not to notice an obviously wrong detail like that while trying to admire the sight of such a valk or jet on a shelf/desk display...
  6. Here's the old thread: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/32126-post-pics-of-vf-1-broken-shoulders-here/#comments I didn't see you posting a report or a pic there. Graham did mentioned you as one of those who ordered from him.
  7. Nope. It's the smaller and cheaper SRC (Super Robot Chogokin) version.
  8. SOC GX-62 The old Yammie was immensely huge in contrast, iirc...
  9. Yeah. I don't recall any of the Hikaru-1S releases being reported here to have knurled-pins nor shoulder-issues. Iirc, only the original 2008-releases (hikaru-1a and roy-1s with single and FP versions) have had knurled-pins and some reporting of shoulder-issues with them. I can't recall if anybody reported the Hikaru-1J having knurled pins nor have shoulder-issues, either. I do recall the VT-1, VE-1 and possibly VF-1D being reported to have had knurled-pins and some have had broken ones.
  10. Strange. I don't recall the Hikaru-1S ever being part of the original batch that had knurled-pins...
  11. Nagahama Roman Robo Shirizu + Shogun Warriors. Gotta luv the 70's... Raideen's a bit undersized, but it's all good for now...
  12. YF-19's quite an awesome mecha that it got both #1 and #7 spots simultaneously...
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