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  1. The most obvious thing I can foresee about this shallow PR-hype "agreement" is that the Macross TV currently streaming on Amazon Prime will just be moved to Funi's own streaming channel.
  2. Whoa! Very nice posing! Great lighting, too!
  3. Kawamori's next Macross project will be singing mascots.
  4. Max took all the spam from the kaiju! Oughta make an awesome wallpaper and/or poster!
  5. Sweet shots as always! The spam is so much better, too!
  6. It'll be so damn HILARIOUS! Hasbro don't even have to pay HG anything regarding it.
  7. Not really sure why either Bandai or Arcadia will even bother. Lots of money required just to set up and to get their Macross toys here Then, have to pay HG a cut? Maybe ET will bother. They prolly still have lots of their unsold VF2SS that are rejected even by the...
  8. Just saw this blurbed over at ANN... https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2021-04-12/manga-entertainment-rebranding-as-funimation-in-u.k-and-ireland/.171632 So, will this mean that we FINALLY get the awesome Nadelman english-subs and Animaze english-dubs with Walter White on all the episodes for the suspected-to-be-US-released Macross PLUS OVA BD US-edition? Or not...
  9. Simple but badass posing and shot! Yet again, Saburo.
  10. Thought Sony and Victor are partners or something? iirc, Victor Entertainment (or whatever they're called these days) used to either outright own and/or have exclusive worldwide distritbution rights and stuff to all of the Macross songs and music. Not sure about the later songs and music from Frontier and onwards, tho...
  11. Pretty much all of what Seto said above. The "agreement" seems to be HG gets to use to get license/royalty-fees for Macross TV/DYRL designs., officially However, none for all the other series (MII, M+, M7, M0, MF, MD) in the franchise. Hope Funi/Sony or whoever else gets the license can get the old Manga dubs and subs if/when they decide to release M+ BD...
  12. Hey, now. That's a different ballgame. The Bionoids bizarro english-dubs is still the most awesome awful english-dubbing ever made! Not Kung-Pow! awesome, of course, but still...
  13. Heck! Remember VO and VOXP? I want them old Bothec games revived for Win10 (or ps4/ps5) ! Those were friggin' FUN! I've been dicking around with my old copy of V0 under WINE, but even WINE eventually don't want to play it anymore...
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