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  1. Takara's DMZ-01 from '06 against Hasbro Siege "Jetfire" (should be same toy as Takara SG-26) ... and some AA-size batteries...
  2. Just hope it doesn't have the exploding hips or whatever issues the original 0D release have been reported to have had...
  3. Received Hasbro's Siege-line Skyfire... Quite derpy in whatever Hasbro calls it in armored-mode thingy...
  4. just saw this posted over at hobbylog... https://twitter.com/Masaki_Plus/status/1149935334018260992/photo/1
  5. Ok. Assembled one of mine earlier. It's an ok improvement over the Yammie. Especially the new storage-compartment to store stuff. Fwiw, this Arcadia Launch-Arm does not include the previous baggy of various adapters that came with the original Yamato Launch-Arms. Some pics. Didn't have any of my Strikes available, so I grab my Hikkie-1J instead: Oh, this is the only adapter that came with this Launch-Arm, and it seems to be specific for use with the Arcadia VF-Zero's humongous valk-mode adapter:
  6. Wonder how much it'll be this time. Assuming it'll have actual anime-correct colors this time, of course. At any rate, finally got my launch-arms from DHL. Reckon Genie helped...
  7. Well, yes to both, and more. Let's put this way: ActicGears: -- toys -- you can abuse it. -- tiny/small -- no clicks. -- no springs on ballistic-punch effect -- pilots are not articulated (most are not even painted) -- cockpits are not detailed. -- relatively alot lot cheaper than the DMZs. DMZs: -- collectible. -- have delicate parts that may easily break (tummy handle on the DMZ-01, especially) -- nice paint and weathering details. -- detailed cockpit -- spring-loaded ballistic punch -- lots of clicks -- articulated Micro-Man pilots/figures. -- can be quite expensive. That said, DMZ-01 has alot of issues regarding fit and quality stuff since it was the first iteration. It can be a pain to handle. It does really live up to the junkyard-dog feature from the tv-show, fwiw. Subsequent DMZs (starting with dmz-02) are all comparatively better in fit and quality stuff, and more enjoyable to handle than dmz-01. Fwiw, I think the DMZ-01 is fine as it is despite the issues, but I personally wouldn't get a DMZ-01 for more than 8000y. I think Jenius has an old written review for the DMZ line: http://anymoon.com/blog/?p=5915 However, I'm not sure if he has an actual yt-review for the various DMZ 'dogs, but he does have the DMZ Red Shoulder Custom Parts yt-video. Those RSC missile-parts require lots of Future polish to keep in place, btw. Browse YT for other video-reviews to have a better gauge on 'em.
  8. LRS is still the best OVA entry, and actually still better than the TV show, imo. None of the later "invincibility" or other shenanigans that they later infused with the other OVAs...
  9. welp! Couldn't resist the 10k-yen pricing at sahra, so finally got me Fyana's DMZ-Spacedog...
  10. I'm not really sure how you define "reasonable prices", but I don't quite recall EE ever having "reasonable prices" even without the current scalperpo-rush. Maybe they get their inventory up a bit longer than the usual import-shops and/or maybe their pricing is reasonable only compared to, say, bbts or something...
  11. dhl failed me today...
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