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  1. You might want to check if those dvd's are still playable. I've had some of my old dvd's (anime and otherwise) giving me playback issues for whatever reason nowadays.
  2. yup. https://www.amazon.com/dp/6317849846/ 7/23 stupidly shocking expensive po-pricing at US$60??? it should go down in pricing. At any rate, let's see. I do hope these are the native bluray versions instead of the yet-another-sd-versions. 9 episodes should be: -- six for Phantom Arc -- one each for Case:Irvine, Votoms Finder and "Chirico's Return" <-- gotta be the "Alone Again" ova. -- still no Pailsen Files Movie nor Mellow Link. WTF, MaidenJapan???!!!
  3. treatment

    Hi-Metal R

    The Sylvie seemed to have sold fine and still holds its initial-pricing in value. In contrast, the Nexx Hibiki didn't do so well and is the one shelf-warming right now. Maybe it would've sold better and on par with Sylvie if only Bandai released it with the actual Nexx pilot...
  4. Seems that only the Pailsen Files movie have had a blu-ray release from the PF-series.
  5. Yeah. Not sure if there's really any truth in that rather persistent rumor. Maybe only Mellow Link's masters really got lost in a fire or something. Regardless and despite being SD-dumps, "Last Red Shoulder" and "Origin of Ambition" video-qualites seems to hold up and actually still looks good to be watching and stuff. Even Big Battle's video-quality is ok, tho the video-quality looks more similar to a cleaned-up TV episode. Unfortunately, both Shining Heresy and Pailsen Files are where the low SD video-quality shows up and becomes really noticable. Rather ironic since these two were the more recent titles than the 80's OVAs above. We'll see if Maiden Japan will license and release the rest of the later VOTOMS anime. "Alone Again", "Phantom Arc", "Votoms Finder", and "Case:Irvine" definitely have had native Blu-Ray releases in Japan.
  6. Nope. All look like SD-dumps from original/old masters. Were the japanese-versions ever remastered? On the good side, seems like they're at least using Nadelman's translations per the english-credits.
  7. fyi. Just got VOTOMS-OVA Blu-ray dekivered today and here is the menu-content: edit/add: As you can tell, it does not contain: -- Pailsen Files Movie -- Alone Again ova -- Phantom Arc ova -- MellowLink ova (non-chirico/side-story) -- Case Irvine ova (non-chirico/side-story) -- Votoms Finder ova (non-chirico/side-story) Maybe maiden-japan will do a third bd-release that contain these still-missing titles. Or maybe not...
  8. treatment

    Hi-Metal R

    Don't you have the regular Hikaru-1J or CF-1A to swap stand-adapters to try with your VT-1? I've never tried it that way, tho...
  9. could be. amz-jp is listing their release-date as 5/25 now.
  10. Just got this msg from amj: "超時空要塞マクロス 愛・おぼえていますか 1/60 完全変形 VE-1 エリントシーカー Premium Finish" お届け予定日: 2019-06-03 - 2019-06-06
  11. treatment

    Hi-Metal R

    Yeah. Mine's quite tight in the same area, too. Think that's why it can't extend out in my previous posted pic. I'm also reluctant to force it for fear of breakage. Also, the right foot on mine is exhibiting the same issue as my VT-1 and Hikaru-1A where it somehow can't bend further back for proper GERWALK mode. Oy vey...
  12. I think the Bandai made the head laser a bit weirdly too long from these pics posted at TD... http://toysdaily.com/discuz/forum.php?mod=redirect&goto=findpost&ptid=279440&pid=8088640
  13. treatment

    Hi-Metal R

    How did you managed to get the head extended way out the chest/black-collar? Mine can only go so far as below: The head and neck does not extend further than that before dislodging completely.
  14. hmm, dunno. looks like another Arcadia leg waiting to break at the hip-joint. they really should test it rigorously. don't want to see another expensive legless mech after just not even a single transformation from the Zero franchise...
  15. treatment

    Hi-Metal R

    Just got my HMR VF-4. Is it just mine, or is it really tilt-happy when in fighter-mode with the gears? Seems to be a bit rear-heavy to be tilting up easily and often when just on table-top display and accidentally touched or poked at the slightest. The right-side engine/leg also is a bit gappy and won't close flushly unlike the left-side.
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