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  1. I think either or both that listing and/or that pricing by AJ-marketplace scalpers vendors have been there since even before actual the Hikaru-1S release-date. Still high scalper-pricing, regardless if the 10% tokyo-tax gets taken out. Wonder if Bandai will decide to re-release it if the upcoming Roy-1S does not have the "100" shenanigans...
  2. so, Shawn... ...do we get to scream now?
  3. Maybe they'll finally do a full-engine this time to compensate. To contrast with the wtf-half-engine with the current DYRL FPs...
  4. Btw, no Hikaru pilot on the TV-FP set. Bandai will prolly charge another 10k-yen just to add him separately...
  5. Yeah. So just TV Super-FPs as a separate add-on set. No complete Booby-Duck set just yet.
  6. Yeah. Defintely TWE. Your pricing estimates are about right. For the FPs and red-tipped missiles only, tho. Will not even contain the Hikaru pilot. DX Hikaru-1S valk sold separately. With the Hikaru pilot, hopefully. This is Bandai, afterall...
  7. Remains to be seen if Bandai will issue a "new" 1J with the grey-goggles for the GBP like they did with their HMR 1J-GBP. They could continue doing their nickel-n-dime thing and make the GBP armor a more expensive TWE standalone accessory like the missiles and FPs, but to surprisingly include an extra 1J grey-goggle head. Or both. As for the TV Super-FP, possibly the same tactic.: Another 1J with Super FPs. (but that would be copying yamato-toys.) 1S Booby-Duck edition with Hikaru pilot. Standalone TWE Super FPs with extra Hikaru pilot.
  8. Honestly, guys. Try not to oversweat it nor succumbed to the scalpers/scalper-pricing coz you didn't get a po with the Roy-TV. Really think this DX Roy TV-1S will be available aplenty after release-date and at msrp or below, just like the DX Max-1A and the DX VF-31E Chuck.
  9. Like the Yamato-Toys pre-ordering days?
  10. To get an idea of the diffs, just go to http://anymoon.com/blog/?p=8895 and see it. That's fir the classic Yammie/Arcadia 1/60v2 versions, tho, as Bandai has yet to release their TV super-packs for the DX. They'd only released the DYRL super/strike-packs so far.
  11. You should ask for a refund. It might have been like that a few years ago, but not really anymore. Bandai's been capping stuff across almost their entire high-end desirable toys in the last few five or so years now: Metal Build Gundams Metal Build Mazingers Metal Build EVAs GFFMC Gundams SOC GoLion SOC Mazingers DX Chogokin Macross VF-1 As such, even when they do cap stuff, some (or possibly more) of their toys do become shelf-warmers and unwanted stuff, anyway. That said, I think we're all just competing against the scalpers these past few years. Both old scalpers and new scalpers. Both here in the West, and alot more over there in Asia.
  12. oh! oh! scalpers lowered their pricing at AmJ! ¥34,790
  13. Shieet! I still have 4500pts I am still unable to use coz they've gone HobbySearch-mode during po-nights like this...
  14. heh! I was completely shut out everywhere on the Hikaru-1S the last time. Can't remember if AmJ even region-blocked me on it or something. This Roy-1S TV po was alot better. At least, to me.
  15. Just to note: The current 35k-yen pricing at AmJ is scalper 3rd-party/Marketplace. The actual amz-jp direct pricing was 18k-yen. Try to wait a bit and maybe Amz-Jp direct will do a restock at non-scalper pricing...
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