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  1. So, is everyone who got a cancellation on their ssp orders the result of existing tickets, or did they just drop it on you out of the blue?
  2. I think they’re one of the shops with the shitty alternative shipping options during this pandemic. I have a few things stuck with them.
  3. So they finally gave me a straight answer, they didn’t even have the stock to ship it, lovely. ”We are terrible sorry Sir we have a bad combination of receive our stock a little by little and delay in the delivery center Due to this fact we sent orders faster to slower, quantity of 1 and after 2, 3 ect.. Your order is by ferry and it's 2 products, is not priority Your order will be ship for this moment I cannot tell you exactly “
  4. Amiami is charging me 5100 yen to ship mb freedom 2.0. I shipped 2 mafex and a shf ginyu together for 2500 yen is it really that much bigger?
  5. Welp, about a month and half ago I had my strike parts shipping switched to ferry, and they did that in a day. Still haven’t shipped though. Last message i got said they’d ship soon, that was a month ago.
  6. +1 for @rick.vale, quick & easy to deal with.
  7. +1 for @kkx, fast shipping, nicely packed.
  8. These look great. Have you guys considered using bondo for filler/smoothing? Also, VF-5000 when?
  9. WTH? When did they announce this? https://www.nippon-yasan.com/figures/31677-metal-robot-damashii-side-ms-freedom-gundam.html
  10. I guess I haven't been screwed by them as much as some. I only really buy web shop exclusives from them, and aside from the VF-31A (wasn't thrilled that order numbers way past mine were getting theirs shipped before me) and SSP (I blame this more on covid then them) debacles, I haven't really had any issues. My ticket to switch shipping for the SSP's turned around pretty quick, but there's been no movement on them actually shipping them out, so we'll see how that goes. But yeah, they're definitely shady as hell.
  11. I thought the issue was that they just couldn't ship them due to the JP freeze, not because of a stock shortage. Did they say something about not being able to fill orders?
  12. I switched mine to ferry last week, but they haven't shipped it. I just sent another note today asking if they would ship them out soon.
  13. So NY sold out of Roy's @ 35,000 Yen before Nin Nin @31,000 Yen, that's interesting. I guess NY has less risk stock wise.
  14. I lost out for a weird reason. Paypal wanted me to verify my full card number, then enter a security code provided via text, and then finally reset my password. I have no idea what that was about.
  15. it's gonna be a blood bath, many collectors will be lost tonight.
  16. My Snow White arrived on Tues, bought from Nin Nin, which is nice, but it reminded me that I paid way too much for it
  17. Finally decided to just switch my NY DX SSP order to ferry, at least I'll know it's on the move. They replied in a day, and they gave me store credit back for the difference.
  18. I don't think I've been successful on a DX PO night at HLJ or AmiAmi since they updated their websites. But I'll be there tonight to fail again.
  19. +1 for @VF-1A Cannon Fodder, easy, smooth transaction
  20. I like the engineering updates, and the fact that the cockpit in robot mode doesn't look like it's squeezing a cockpit poop out when viewing from the front. Does Sentinel ever re-release their products? Or is this gone forever?
  21. +1 for @dafob, quick responses, and payment.
  22. Got my standard snake eyes fig from amazon, has a super loose hip joint, otherwise nice fig
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