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  1. It's weird that it's inconsistent from figure to figure. Easy pass for me. I wish they'd make a highly articulated Spawn
  2. I waited on the original release thinking bluefin was gonna get them, and then eventually had to pay the markup because they didn’t. This time around I jumped on the proxy and import sites right away, then this lol. Collecting is such a crap shoot
  3. 701XXX guys, whats the 4th digit in your orders?
  4. Meanwhile, team 7016XX still standing by, my wallet died for this?
  5. Maybe you could heat the area up a little and try shoving it in?
  6. Mines 71-something and no word.
  7. You werent around for the 31A issue? Basically all the 3rd party shops didnt have enough stock to fill orders, but somehow NY was filling theirs little by little, which spread out across a year. Everyone on here was posting their order numbers and it was clear that NY wasn’t filling them in sequence.
  8. If the vf-31A debacle was any indication, orders aren’t filled in sequence. There were people with higher order numbers filled months before mine shipped. So all us NY orders have that going for us as well.
  9. Got an order in on Nin Nin Games, i’ve heard mixed reviews from them. Also I didnt know their base currency was euro and not yen, so they charged an 1100 yen exchange fee on top. Any other bad reveals about this vendor?
  10. Its not a scam, maybe a shitty website. If you ever see what a clusterfrakk their convention exclusives are, you’ll understand the disorganization of bluefin firsthand
  11. Bluefin has to be the domestic release, so expect a dec/jan shipping date
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