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  1. Its not a scam, maybe a shitty website. If you ever see what a clusterfrakk their convention exclusives are, you’ll understand the disorganization of bluefin firsthand
  2. Bluefin has to be the domestic release, so expect a dec/jan shipping date
  3. Here’s a weird thing that happened, got my shf vegetas and broly from NY, and all the clear plastic on the boxes and trays holding the figures were completely warped. Looked like they were exposed to heat or something. No denting on the shipper boxes whatsoever. The trays had popped open from the inside and all the hands and heads were floating around inside the packaging. Anyone ever encounter anything like this?
  4. It was like 13% ebay bucks or something, but yeah way harder than the authentic ver, the edge of the wing mounts are stressed from trying to force it on. I just ended up trimming with an exacto
  5. So i took advantage of the last ebay sale and got a hikaru and roy. One came in the plastic tray, but the other in foam. All of the box missles and reaction missiles have thicker pegs that wont fit into the wing mounts though, is that common?
  6. Bit the bullet and got a marked-up 85 on ebay. Turns out the seller was plaza japan under the name tokyo-hobby, so theyre in on the action as well. I feel like this stings more than paying for ny’s scalper priced dx vf-1s, considering that there was ample opportunity to get this figure
  7. Im amazed the rx-93 sold so fast, i didnt think so many people were willing to drop 9 bills on a figure
  8. Gogeta's droopy eyebrow really triggers the OCD in me. I've seen 5-6 packaged (all but one had it), and most of the reviewed copies online have a noticeable droop. It seems like most of the copies out there are gonna have it. Kuma's isn't too bad though.
  9. Mark 85? Wasn't his IW suit Mark 50? How was there 34 more suits in between? Also, wth they just dropped all these POs out of nowhere, what's that about?
  10. HG Blows

    Bandai DX VF-31

    $200 for armor, jeez wasn't the armor parts for the VF-25 only ~$100ish?
  11. Show Z store has the freedom 2.0 up for preorder again, also strike freedom, I guess they're doing another run...
  12. Opened my first ko metal build, strike freedom sapphire color version. Comes with optional red trim parts, a really nice touch, looks better than the sapphire blue. Feels pretty good in hand, quality is just a notch or two below my authentic one.
  13. Wow one of the slowest bandai nights ever. Welp, got my destiny order in, probably should have waited to see who was cheapest though
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