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  1. +1 @cypherzero, fast responses, easy transaction. Thank you.
  2. +1 @jorawar_b, he came through as promised. Thanks again.
  3. Looks like the hips on the dynaction aren’t as wide on the final vs the prototype. How much are you guys paying to ship that giant fig?
  4. Dorkside has firestar too. Nice, it comes with multiple heads, hands, and a dog too. https://dorksidetoys.com/collections/marvel/products/marvel-legends-spider-man-retro-firestar-6-inch-action-figure-pre-order
  5. Another +1 for @ssorcam, easy transaction. Thanks again.
  6. Ugh, I bit on this, I'm so weak.
  7. +1 for @RIBFIR, fast responses, quick payment, smooth transaction.
  8. +1 for @ssorcam. Communicative, friendly, and arrived early for our meetup.
  9. SSPs aside, has anyone been getting any kind of shipments from NY lately? I want to use my store cred and be done with them
  10. So, is everyone who got a cancellation on their ssp orders the result of existing tickets, or did they just drop it on you out of the blue?
  11. I think they’re one of the shops with the shitty alternative shipping options during this pandemic. I have a few things stuck with them.
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