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  1. O.K. After reading all that I wanted to see how bad it was so Yes I watched it (pirated) and it really wasn't that bad. I should say that I'm not a stickler for effects so everything I saw was fine, sure some of it could have been better, but the only bit that really stood out was the leap on the roof, otherwise it all looked fine. Now with all of that said did I like it . . . yeah it wasn't that bad I kind of enjoyed it. Am I interested in seeing more? . . . hesitantly, trepidatiously yes. Excited? most certainly not. So what does that mean. Well it's difficult to put into words, but I have this vague, haunting feeling that the plot is going to get very, very complicated ( a-la Discovery) with lots of wondering if this new character or that is good or bad, and wondering what the next big reveal is going to be. There is also the feeling that we are likely going to get a few magic mcguffins along the way to smooth things out. So, while I expect that I'll be watching more episodes, I am also fairly certain that at some point (likely before the end of the first season) it will all become too much for me and I will bail out.
  2. I posted this over on the Starship Modeler thread about this series. Unfortunately I don't like anything Kurtzman has done . . . well, o.k. i have been known to watch the odd re-run of Hercules the Legendary Journeys on a Sunday afternoon, but I'm really not interested in seeing anymore of what this man's idea of Star Trek is. His style and my tastes just don't line up, and I don't think any amount of coaching, or suggestions from Mr. Stewart can change that. It's gonna be a pass for me. If I owned a bunch of Fords over a period of time and hated all of them, then they come out with a new model and I'm in the market, it's not likely that I'd consider it as my next vehicle - regardless of the features and promises. I don't see how this is much different. I'm simply not interested in buying what they are selling. It truly is a shame that two of my favourite franchises have been taken over by 'creators' that, in my opinion, only create schlock at their best, and usually pump out utter crap. Oh well time to move on to other things I suppose.
  3. Yeah, just watching his other videos now. it's definitely the D. So who's gonna get one of these and convert it to a VT-1, or VE-1? any takers?
  4. Is the VT-1 the same as the VF-1D? Maybe he's converting to one of those. If that's supposed to be Misa in the second seat it kinda makes sense, but the canopy of the VT-1 is pretty different from the VF-1D\VF-1, so you are probably right.
  5. Wonder if the 2nd figure is gonna be Misa from DYRL or Minmay from SDF?
  6. Started working on a' retro-future' dio a few years ago and decided to get back to it. Here are a couple of the pieces so far. Pretty messy as I have been trying out some paint techniques. p.s.(Sorry cell phone is all I have for pics)
  7. Yep, it looks like those tabs on the blade are there to provide a means to slide the blades out of the wheel housing once they have been fully retracted. Without the tabs, the fully retracted blades wold have no means by which to be extricated.
  8. About the feet. Way back in 2006 I posted a thread (really a step by step walk through ) of the mods I did while making a kit-bashed Gerwalk fro a Hase. battroid and fighter kit. It was a similar pose as what you are attempting and i went with extending the feet up into the gap.You can check it out here and see what it looked like to judge if you want to try something like it. link
  9. Here's a pretty good review of the printer.
  10. Both points well taken. This is the first sla machine I've seen for less than a grand so I thought it was worth posting about. Prices will hopefully be coming down from here. Fingers crossed.
  11. Just saw this and thought some here may be interested. https://www.banggood.com/ANYCUBIC-Photon-UVResin-SLADLP-3D-Printer-115x65x155mm-Printing-Size-With-28inch-Touch-Screen-p-1267935.html?rmmds=category&cur_warehouse=CN
  12. https://hlj.com/scripts/hljlist?Word=1/15 aoshima ride armor Up for order at HLJ.
  13. From the Google translation of that page they appear to be reissues of the old 1:15 Imai plastic models due in May this year from Qingdao Bunka Tsukuba. The Hoquet is interesting 'cus that's a hard one to find in my experience. https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fhobby.dengeki.com%2Fnews%2F527892%2F
  14. Off topic I know, but it's a shame that those A. S. BSG figures are the Tokyo 2040 Hardsuits only. Got a few ideas for modding the kit figure to proper size and proportions though so hopefully that works out. * Correction it's not the Tokyo 2040 suit it's the Bubblegum Crash suit.
  15. Well they have redone the main gun booms because on the cruiser mode kit they are just the DYRL version with new parts for the front terminus point. I wonder if I bought one of theses and recast the booms if I could make them work on the cruiser kit?
  16. Interesting, that is the SDFM version, but the cruiser mode they released as the SDFM was basically a re-pop of their DYRL cruiser mode with the Prometheus and Daedalus and a few altered pieces. I wonder if they are going to do a new cruiser mode that is actually a true SDFM version?
  17. wider view of the layout of the Dio posted above:
  18. Some current listings on Yahoo Japan for anyone interested. https://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/search/search?fr=auc_top&p=超時空要塞マクロス+ポスター&oq=&auccat=0&tab_ex=commerce&fixed=0&sc_i=&ei=UTF-8&b=1
  19. The text descriptions have been posted at HLJ and indicate that it is a s the good Captain had indicated. Sorry for my brain fart earlier. It should have been clear - I'd just forgotten that these kits, at one time came packaged together.
  20. Tekering already mentioned that in his post with the links above. Most likely just the wrong image used at HLJ.
  21. So they are the old single mode 1:72 kits from Imai? Ok, but the term 'Conversion' is a bit odd 'cus they don't transform at all. For a second there I thought they were some kind of additional parts to allow the building of each kit into either of the three various modes, but I couldn't figure out how that would work. For $25.00 bucks It batter be all three in a single pack A-La
  22. What the hell are these 'Conversion Kits'? Never heard of them before. They are for the old 1:72nd Imai Legioss kits? Anyone have pics of the original releases?
  23. 1:12 and 1:15 are nice, but this custom 1:6 Mospeada blows my mind. I love this fellas blog, Here's a youtube vid to wet your appetites.
  24. Sorry, but I don't get it. Because the gun on the head is cast in gray you now have to paint the whole kit? Why not just buy a few bottles of cheap craft paint and try to mix up a match to paint the head-gun? It's so small you could probably get away with just dipping it. Try painting it white first and then trial and error til you get a colour you are happy with. Seems to me that would be the path of least resistance in this situation.
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