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  1. There are some pics in the main body "movie comic" section of the book I could scan. One of them is a good clear shot of Misa sitting in the Captain's chair twiddling some nobs with H-boy in his VF-4 flying beside. My wife is using the desktop and printer/scanner again so it'l be later tonight before I can post them. Cheers.
  2. O.K. The scans are all from this book (Hope it's the one you refer to in your first post.
  3. I've had that book since the 80's It's not that bad, granted the line art section is a little week for mechanical designs; there are more character {Minmay} images than anything else, but then again, FlashBack was all about her and not really a mech showcase anyhow, so what d'ya expect? I'll have some scans up as soon as my wife is finished working on the desktop -- maybe half hour to an hour.
  4. briscojr84 You are right! However, it is a different jacket, but I do believe it is the same yellow blouse with the stripe down the centre. Thank you very much.
  5. Yeah that's about right. I found someone on ebay who let me have a VF-1S Strike for $30 and a 1/72 VT-1 Super O for $25.00 with $30.00 total shipping (Reg airmail) from Hong Kong. Can't wait to get'em in my grubby little hands
  6. Which seen is it that you speek of briscojr84? I don't recall her having her jacket off in DYRL.
  7. I was wondering what a good ballpark $ figure for these is. Anyone have any idea? Thanks in advance.
  8. Funny you guys should mention them. I've been trying to decide if I want to do Millia or the bridge bunnies next. But first I have to finish Misa, and I don't have a lot of free time so my drawings have been known to take a while. Keep your eyes on the Fan Works Forum in the next few days for the results.
  9. OMG! someone actually replied Well a big THAAAANK -YOUUUUUU! polidread. I'd completely given up. To tell the truth I wasn't too hopefull that any pics like this existed. The reason I was asking was because in the pic I'm drawing I have turned it into a zip-up turtlenek (well more like a zip-down) and I dind't want any canon Nazis to freak out on me if it turned out that they're were pics showing it with buttons or somethimg like that.
  10. As I don't have a copy of Perfect Memory (& haven't seen inside of one since around 1987 or so ) I don't know if you already have these images - they are from TIA 11, Macross DYRL.
  11. Howdy Folks! I was wondering if any one has, or could direct me to, any images of the Macross bridge crew uniform with the jacket opened or off. I need to see what the Tutle-neck shirt that is worn underneath the jacket looks like. It is for a drawing that I'm doing of Misa. It would be ideal if I could get a pic of her in the uniform from Flashback 2012 with the jacket open but I don't think such a thing exits.
  12. O.K. been here a few months, time to post. I just got the FX DYRL before Xmas. (It was the first time I'd actually evere seen it; although I've had a copy of This Is Animation: Do You Remember Love since about 1986 or so) and I would love to fix the subtitles. Here's my problem though - I don't have a DVD drive on my PC. But I do have one on my MAC. So Hurin any ideas as to how I can do this on my G4 ?
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