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  1. Japanese kits of that era weren't shrink wrapped. It is still in it bags though, but I got this one cus I really wanted to build it and still do. P.S. Great now I'm browsing Mandarake for old-school anime vinyl. Just what I needed something else to start collecting! Thanks MT
  2. Ha! I've only got about 500 or so records and 4 turntables, some folks have more kits in their stash than that! Yeah that Bronco kit was a nice find. I've heard about it's rarity so often that I'm kinda scared to build it, but I'm going to. . .
  3. Here are my boxed kits, for now. Still growing the stash and about 5 Hasegawa Super/ Stike valks and batroids bagged in storage.
  4. Oops! Can this topic me moved to the proper thread the? Sorry 'bout that.
  5. https://cosmicbook.news/disney-resetting-star-wars-erasing-last-jedi#disqus_thread Take it with a grain of salt, but there it is.
  6. And this VT-1 http://mumumuno53.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-98.html Here's a link to some progress work on these: http://mumumuno53.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-99.html
  7. Love the cell shade paint job on this VF-1D Gerwalk http://mumumuno53.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-97.html
  8. Wait, I am a mess? While my wife and kids may agree with you, I'm curious as to how you found me out! (LOL, autocorrect strikes again? *Chaos )
  9. Chas

    Macross Books

    Don't know if its kosher to post a link to where they are on the web here, but I have them in a .zip file that can be emailed. Fortress, shoot me a pm if you're interested. It's better to have the actual book, but like I said if you wanna have a look before you set out on the hunt. . .
  10. Chas

    Macross Books

    There are digital files of that book available if you want a look before you try hunting it down. I think in the scans there are something like 60 odd scans of genga from DYRL, about 20 or so of which are colour
  11. O.K. After reading all that I wanted to see how bad it was so Yes I watched it (pirated) and it really wasn't that bad. I should say that I'm not a stickler for effects so everything I saw was fine, sure some of it could have been better, but the only bit that really stood out was the leap on the roof, otherwise it all looked fine. Now with all of that said did I like it . . . yeah it wasn't that bad I kind of enjoyed it. Am I interested in seeing more? . . . hesitantly, trepidatiously yes. Excited? most certainly not. So what does that mean. Well it's difficult to put into words, but I have this vague, haunting feeling that the plot is going to get very, very complicated ( a-la Discovery) with lots of wondering if this new character or that is good or bad, and wondering what the next big reveal is going to be. There is also the feeling that we are likely going to get a few magic mcguffins along the way to smooth things out. So, while I expect that I'll be watching more episodes, I am also fairly certain that at some point (likely before the end of the first season) it will all become too much for me and I will bail out.
  12. I posted this over on the Starship Modeler thread about this series. Unfortunately I don't like anything Kurtzman has done . . . well, o.k. i have been known to watch the odd re-run of Hercules the Legendary Journeys on a Sunday afternoon, but I'm really not interested in seeing anymore of what this man's idea of Star Trek is. His style and my tastes just don't line up, and I don't think any amount of coaching, or suggestions from Mr. Stewart can change that. It's gonna be a pass for me. If I owned a bunch of Fords over a period of time and hated all of them, then they come out with a new model and I'm in the market, it's not likely that I'd consider it as my next vehicle - regardless of the features and promises. I don't see how this is much different. I'm simply not interested in buying what they are selling. It truly is a shame that two of my favourite franchises have been taken over by 'creators' that, in my opinion, only create schlock at their best, and usually pump out utter crap. Oh well time to move on to other things I suppose.
  13. Yeah, just watching his other videos now. it's definitely the D. So who's gonna get one of these and convert it to a VT-1, or VE-1? any takers?
  14. Is the VT-1 the same as the VF-1D? Maybe he's converting to one of those. If that's supposed to be Misa in the second seat it kinda makes sense, but the canopy of the VT-1 is pretty different from the VF-1D\VF-1, so you are probably right.
  15. Wonder if the 2nd figure is gonna be Misa from DYRL or Minmay from SDF?
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